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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Signs and a Patriotic Horse: Sundays in My City

UnknownMami is hostess extraordinaire of the blogosphere's only Sundays in My City.  Click here to visit a scenic mix of bloggers' hometowns.

Thanks for making the trip to Chico, CA, where you will find...

                                               signs that spring is just around the corner, and

...a "FOR LEASE" sign on this grassy dirt patch with a smashed Red Bull container. [Everyone's trying to make an extra buck somehow.] No reason to fear, though, because...

           our beloved town mascot, DuPont, is still dressed for President's Day.

Have an excellent Sunday and new week!


  1. The Yellow Rose of Chico. Well, it's not a rose, but what a heavenly climate you have to be enjoying Spring in February.

  2. I've been keeping my eye out for our first flowers, but they've have peeked out yet. Lovely pictures.

  3. I think it will be a few mor weeks before we see signs of Spring. Yellow flowers are always a cheerful sign. I like the horse, does he get dressed for other holidays as well?

  4. Awww I love your mascot so much Robyn, your city seems almost paradisical at times, love getting an insight into it every week.

  5. Enterprising at least, not sure red bull would agree though.

  6. I feel for poor DuPont.
    No spring here yet, although I think the pollen has begun.

  7. My azaleas have already bloomed, but are a false sign of spring. I'm looking for daffodils here too, then I'll believe.

  8. Is that a daffodil? Glad to see signs of spring.

  9. hi robyn,

    love your daffodil photo.
    simply beautiful!i really like your town mascot.

    wishing a good rest of your weekend.
    happy sunday!


  10. Wish spring would umm spring, stupid snow has to go and with a red bull at least ones tummy may seem full.

  11. Oh! That daffodil gives me hope! Although our ground is not snow covered, there is not a wink of green to be found. Just brown, brown and more brown. I hope you have a beautiful week in your beautiful town! Love, Becky

  12. GB, I am lucky. Thanks.

    T.Decker, soon. Keep looking.

    Karen, yes, this flower made me smile.

    Yeamie, I'm glad he wasn't dressed in Valentine's garb. He's a good mascot.

    John, you can't blame a person (whoever it was) for trying. But the Red Bull does make it look less appealing.

    Alex, DuPont is a good sport. Hope spring springs your way soon.

    Tara, I hope they appear soon.

    Wayne, apparently so. I don't know flowers, but my other followers do.

    Betty, always great to see you. Hope you're great.

    Pat and Becky, I'm sorry you're both in the snow. Sending some CA sun your way.

    Be well, everyone.

  13. I love the horse!!!

    Happy Sunday!

  14. Yay... the daffs are out in the North Valley...

    ...and they seem to be early?

  15. Dupont must be embarrassed to be wearing a dated outfit. He should already be outfitted in his Easter finest.

  16. Dupont's beliefs and determination are strong. Pretty great mascot!

  17. Signs of Spring in America means signs of Autumn here (New Zealand). Glad to report for now, there are none and summer is still in full swing.

  18. People are starting to lease grass spots now?? What is this world coming to...Well, at least we have spring to look forward to!! Lots of money to be had on leasing all of that green grass. :)

    DuPont looks as smashing as always.

  19. Happy Sunday and new week, Traci!

    IT, it's nice. Isn't it?

    Stephen, he does go all out for Easter, but he's restrained enough to not dress yet for it, not publicly at least.

    Keetha, absolutely.

    Chuck, yes, long live DuPont!

    Rhonda, I am jealous!

    BabySis, desperate times and all.

    Qandlequeen, he's got spunk and keeps our spirits up.


  20. I want to see beautiful flowers and the coming of spring. Right now all I see is a foot of snow and dead plants everywhere.

  21. That DuPont is really quite the clothes horse.

  22. DuPont has become such a welcome sight.