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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Final Pizza Delivery, Part V

Part IV is here. This Pizza Delivery series, written several months in retrospect, loosely stems this post. Hint: pizza represents something else.

Enjoy this and/or good pizza. Wink.

We sat on his couch, where we’d shared our first pizza a few months earlier.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I told him. “Without hope for a future, it just, it hurts too much.”

“Okay," he said quietly. "I mean, I don't want this, but I understand.”

I leaned over and rested against Delivery Boy’s chest. He wrapped his arms around me and tenderly kissed the top of my head. Then, he moved down to my forehead. Gradually our lips met. Soon, we were having breakup pizza. And then some more.

After the final serving, hungry for real food, Delivery Boy suggested a bite at In ‘N Out. I’d never had a breakup lunch (or breakup pizza), but I wasn’t ready to say “goodbye.”

So there we sat next to a sweet elderly couple that sipped milkshakes and grinned at us. I felt jealous of both their coupledom and the fact that I didn’t order a milkshake. Note to self: he paid; you should’ve ordered a chocolate milkshake. Note in response to note to self: I know, damnit. This is weird, I thought. They think we’re another loving couple, yet we just broke up.

I put my burger down and looked into Delivery Boy’s brown eyes. “Do you see the irony in us having our last meal at In ‘N Out?” He paused for a moment, before we burst into laughter.

“Let’s not lose this, Robyn. I want to keep you in my life.”

I couldn’t talk and felt a tear inch down my face. I watched it drip onto the darkened end of a french fry. Loosening my hand from his, I picked up the fry, pressed it between my lips, and slowly munched.

In retrospect, I savor the aftertaste of a lot of good pizza…and one extra salty fry.

I’m left wondering if it was all worth it, knowing that it was.

Now, back to pizza-for-one.


  1. So very sad. Never cry on a perfectly good French fry. How could you?

  2. That is so sad that you have to give up pizza....I'm sorry!!

  3. Afraid I'd lose my taste for pizza completely.

  4. Okay, now I'm all caught up. In and Out?! You should have ordered the shake and a huge side of onion rings too. It sucks when it's not a yelling match and you get to slam the door in DB's face. But memories of great pizza stay with you always. And it's good that he wasn't a tool.

  5. Oh, what a sad ending! Delivery Boy certainly values his regular customers, you've got to give him that. Pizza for one?

  6. I'm proud of how well you handled yourself, and it's nice that you ended it like you began with junk food! I'm sorry, but I know you'll meet another DB who truly deserves you. Julie

  7. Aww man, am I a complete and utter weirdo for feeling like breaking down and crying after reading the last bit? Him saying he wanted to keep you in your life was sweet but it's his fault if you aren't in it anymore, not yours. The fact that he wasn't willing to commit with somebody so lovely is his own fault, you handled this just perfectly. Loved this series.

  8. Aw, Robyn. This was sad. But so beautiful. Hang in there, sweetie.

  9. Alex, thanks.

    Stephen, it's better than crying on a perfectly good milkshake. Maybe it's good I didn't order one.

    BabySis, thank you.

    MsA, and so it did.

    Melissa, you're right about all of it. Thanks so much. Yes, I really should've ordered onion rings too.

    GB, pizza for one has no string cheese. Wink.

    EmptyNestInsider, you're so kind. I appreciate your regular support.

    YW, you are the sweetest. Hugs for your support. Thanks so much.

    Dawn, thanks dear friend.


  10. Surely not the ending you'd find in so many movies, but that is what makes life, life I suppose. Poor french fry hahaha

  11. Sorry about your lost route; a good Delivery man is hard to find.


  12. Oh how could you forget the milkshake!! Was it cosmic pizza??

  13. I feel sorry for that soggy fry.

    In retrospect it will seem worth it. A bit of distance heals everything.

    Glad to got some pizza in. In'n'nOut.. lol


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  15. The In and Out double entendre reminded me of a big fight I had with Mrs. Penwasser. After I pounded my fist on the dash, I demanded that she drop me off (hey, it was her car). She pulled into a mall parking lot right in front of a (similar to a 7-11) store called "Hop-In."
    I started chuckling and, leaning into the car, said, "So, I'm going to hop out at the hop in?"
    I got back in.
    That was 27 years ago.

  16. Great post Robyn! It was such a great moment when you ate the french fry. I'm glad you didn't eat around it, or put it in a locket. You are so funny!

  17. Pat, true, my stories don't end like fairytales.

    AFare24Get, ain't that the truth! I feel understood. Thank you.

    Chuck, I don't know how I could forget. The pizza was cosmic for him, not me.

    Thanks, Anthony.

    Al, you're hilarious. Great story. She's a very patient woman, that Mrs. Penwasser.

    Thanks, Pat. Love ya.


  18. I really dislike your Pizza guy. He reminds me of my own. I miss my Pizza guy, ---typing even that, made my eyes well up. Despite how much I miss him though? I made the right decision of getting rid of him. And so did you. TRUST ME.

  19. Pizza is always worth it – but trying to enjoy it with no strings attached? Difficult to do. May I suggest you change toppings next time? :)