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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy September, Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami hosts an extraordinary weekly party. Visit her site here to appreciate scenes from across the globe. It's a small blog world afterall.

Welcome to California's true north, where you can't miss

                                                                      beautiful sunsets,               

      murals that tell stories, 
                                                     extreme efforts to stay cool. 

Thanks for visiting, and happy September!


  1. North California looks incredible with a clearly defined character from these photos Robyn, I love the mural.

  2. The fan put a huge smile on my face! That is humor.

  3. Love the mural and sunset and that fan on the side of the rode is funny. How out of place!

  4. Nice photos Robyn! Lot's of character up there! Love that fan.

  5. All the fans in the world don't help when they are just blowing hot, humid air!
    Can't wait for winter here...

  6. I Love sunsets and murals too. i am even a fan of the fan

  7. Wow - that is an extreme place for a fan...

  8. The fan at the side of the road made me chuckle.


  9. I actually like September. Even though the "fun" of summer has melted away like a Snickers on the hood of a car (an odd metaphor, I know), I like the fact that it is sort of a new beginning.
    Remind me of my optimism when it's January and my boogers are freezing.

  10. Hmmm somehow I don't see that fan working haha

  11. I didn't think it even got warm enough in NorCal to turn on the A/C let alone have fan stops for hiking trails!!

  12. Ya'll obviously don't have the smoky conditions down your way. But you're right most of the time it doesn't get any better than this.

  13. That sunset is beautiful!! I'll have to set up a fan outside sometime and see how it works.

  14. Oh, I just love that wall and the fan! Extreme steps indeed! Love it. happy September to you, Robyn!

  15. YW, it IS scenic around here. I miss the ocean, though.

    UM, I laughed aloud when I practically ran into it and took several pictures for SIMC.

    MsA, yeah, the plug was in plain view too. But I couldn't find an outlet to test it out.

    Pat, character's the right word. I think there's more of it around here than anywhere else I've lived.

    Alex, true. Sorry, you're probably dealing with humidity (i.e., misery).

    Retired, lol. I'm a bewildered fan myself.

    Heather, I have no idea why it was there - in the middle of our big park.

    Molly, me too. Thanks for visiting.

    Al, um, you're supposed to eat Snickers, not place them on the hood of your car. Silly man.

    Pat, you're right. I couldn't find an outlet for it.

    Chuck, you'd be surprised. Three-digit temps are the norm during the summers.

    IT, we actually do, though it's not as bad as it's been further north. But our air is smoke-infiltrated. There was a small fire pretty close to me. Stay safe where you are.

    BabySis, let me know how it works.

    Happy September, dear Vidya.

    Be well, friends.

  16. Happy September! It feels like mid-summer up here in Canada too. Hot and humid. At least the nights are beginning to cool off a bit :)

  17. upbeat post ..... thanx for sharing

  18. Yeah, we Missourian's have fans like that too outside to stay cool, but we are a lot smarter because we mount them to the hood of the car and when you drive really really fast - they work amazingly well. W.C.C.

  19. haha - love that fan shot.

    Good work.

    Nice mural too.


  20. dear robyn,

    these are great scenes of your city, my friend! beautiful photos, too:)
    that fan is...priceless!

    love and hugs!