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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finding the Way, Sundays in My City

UnknownMami hosts an extraordinary blog party on Sundays. Visit sites from across the globe here. It's a small blog world after all.
Welcome to Northern California.

Here in Paradise, three deer dashed by,
and the middle one kindly paused for this photo.

When every move gets you nowhere fast,

 think about this:
                                            posted in an office building in Chico

Have a great Sunday and new week.


  1. How great that you got a pic of the deer!

    Love that sign!

  2. Deer have such a good life. They can go wherever they want and there are no wolves left to hunt them. Is it legal to keep them as pets?

  3. These photos are awesome, I agree with what you have to say about the caterpillar thing, that is all too true.

  4. i so love graceful deer!
    the photos are great, my friend!

    happy sunday!


  5. Wonderful sentiment, Robyn! You have an awesome week as well.

  6. I loved your cool blips of happy inspiration!

    Made me smile! :)

  7. It was very nice of the deer to pose for your camera.

  8. What a deer picture. In Canada the signs you show is what we call summer since there are only 2 seasons in Canada - Winter and Construction!

  9. Deers are such dears, except when they feast on your garden.

    Nice photos - summer time is construction time - everywhere it seems.

  10. Yeah friggin construction is everywhere it seems, and great deer shot.

  11. Okay ~ i love your think about it today. I've been in a terrible mood - It's time I became the butterfly or else someone's going to step on me. :) So glad the deer stopped for you.

  12. MsA, yeah, I just wish I'd taken a clearer shot. But I got all 3 in one pic. Thanks.

    GB, good question. I'm guessing it's illegal.

    YW, thank you, friend.

    Betty, deer are beautiful, interesting animals. Thanks.

    Alex, yeah, I really like - and need to remember - that sentiment.

    Cheryl, so glad to spread smiles.

    Tara, it is nice that at least one wasn't camera shy.

    Retired, that's funny. I'm sorry to hear it. Construction is more dismal than winter.

    DG, yeah, they look innocent but they really are not.

    Pat, construction does seem non-stop. Sorry you've gotta deal with it there too.

    Lisa, think butterfly. Think butterfly...Thanks for visiting.


  13. Those deer must fear nothing...especially not the road signs!

  14. We have those darn construction signs all over too...

  15. I love that quote and saw it as part of a very beautiful tattoo on someone once.


  16. It was so nice of that deer to pose for you! Have a great Sunday!

  17. cool to have these deer in town...and I like the quote you added....

  18. We live surrounded by deer, as well. We remain fascinated by them though -- they are just amazing creatures. I love that one posed for you.


  19. That is a very nice deer!! I am so tired of road construction!! But I do love that quote. I think I'll have to find a spot to hang that in my home when Fiance and I are married.

  20. We frequently see deer just north of us. They're never that photogenic! Or cooperative!

    I wanted to let you know that I have finally found my way back to blogging although I have a new "home." Would love it if you would come visit me.

  21. Nice quote! It's great to see that all the deer in your town aren't anti-social. Nice post Robyn!

  22. Deer always pose for my pics too. Bears get very angry about being photographed.

    Did you get my email about your anonymous spammer?

  23. Wait, wait, wait, I'm confused. Which became a butterfly? The world or the caterpillar?
    And isn't a good thing that deer wasn't taking a dump?
    Come to think of it, I've NEVER seen a deer take a dump.
    Or a bear shit in the woods.
    But, they must.
    Have you SEEN those toilet paper commercials?

  24. Chuck, two out of three appeared to fear being photographed.

    Heather, it sends you in circles. Doesn't it?

    Molly, that's neat. I really like it.

    Stephen, me too.

    Sherry, I thought so too. Thanks for visiting.

    Unknown, you know just what to say to warm my heart. Thanks.

    Joanne, it's always fun to see deer.

    Star, they are beautiful creatures.

    BabySis, it's an inspiring quote.

    Beth, I'm lucky one of them stopped to pose. And I like your new blog.

    Thanks, Pat.

    PTM, and then there's Yogi. We won't talk about what he does in the presence of cameras.

    Al, the deer became a butterfly. The caterpillar took a dump, and the toilet paper commercials feature a bear in the woods.


  25. Great photos and a catchy proverb! Happy and healthy New Year Robyn! Julie

  26. Thanks for those lovely thoughts.
    Dont think I've ever seen a deer. How nice.