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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sundays in My City and Weirdness

Unknown Mami hosts a picturesque worldwide blog tour on Sundays. 

As the sun sets this Sunday, I welcome you to California's true North. 

Los Molinas or thereabouts

Deer on a golf course in Chico
Happy Fall to you from Deer Creek Falls, Lassen National Park

Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Fall.
Have a great week!
                                                                 II. WEIRD AWARD

Alex J. Cavanaugh gave me this weird Daisy Award, even though he has 1,646 other (non-weird) followers. Thanks, Alex! I'm to list seven weird things about me. Here goes:

(1) I haven't owned a TV in four years, and I don't miss it.

 (2) Some people dream about sex. I dream about chocolate, and the title of my blog came to me in a dream. 

(3) I like liver and cilantro and the two in combination.

(4) I've cleared the room with my karaoke rendition of Barry Manilow's Copacabana.

(5) I used to hate to read.

(6) I like short men, none in particular (and not Tom Cruise), just short men in general.

(7) Except on very rare occasion (e.g., when invited by a cute short man), and no more than once a year, I'll go see a movie in the theater. 

(8) The weirdest thing about me is that --- oh, I'm supposed to stop at 7. Never mind. 

I'm passing this award onto a woman whose talent, spunk, and humor I truly admire: Melissa Bradley. No need to follow through if you don't want to, Melissa. It's just that you're always fun, so I chose you. ;-)


  1. Robyn, that's not so weird...except for the part about the liver and cilantro, yuk on the liver and double-yuk on the combo...I do like cilantro on normal cilantro seasoned things.

    And you are a daisy, sorry I'm tall!

  2. Looks kind of picturesque North California - although not like a whole heck is going down.

  3. Lost it on the Karaoke one!
    You've been one of my best blogger buddies for two years now. Of course you would come to mind first.
    And great photos,

  4. Were you golfing, or just shooting deer? (with the camera)

  5. That sunset is beautiful. :) I don't know how you can eat liver, but I sure am glad, for your sake, that you got over not liking to read. :)

  6. I like cilantro but not even cilantro can make liver taste good. Congratulations on this award.


  7. I lost count and I was all set for #8, you stinker!

  8. I don't know what I dream, about. I never remember. Love cilantro but, not the liver. Taste is OK, but I can't get past the texture.
    How short is short?

  9. I like the look of your national park. Are campers allowed?

  10. Beautiful photos! I'd love to hear you sing Copacabana! I'm picturing you with a Jeremy Piven type. Am I warm? No wonder you're able to accomplish so much without TV as a distraction. Julie

  11. I love how in California you can see deer just randomly on golf courses, I really do love your state! Great job with the weirdness award too, the fact that a woman actually isn't put off by short men (Tom Cruise aside) is good news for me because I've got a bit of a height complex.

  12. The deer could be going for a hole in one, no TV, geez the cat wouldn't like that haha

  13. Hi Robyn!! If you are weird, sign me up for more weirdness, baby!

    I miss northern CA!

  14. If that deer let you play through, would that be passing the buck?
    Yes, I realize it's a doe (Doe, a deer, a female deer...Ray, a guy who cuts my hair), but 'buck' works better for the joke.
    They have a new snack food out: 'Deer Nuts.'
    They're delicious and plenty cheap.
    Just under a buck.

  15. Chuck, thanks for saying that's not so weird. And I don't understand cilantro haters.

    David, that's an accurate description.

    Alex, glad to make you laugh. And thanks again for thinking of me.

    MsA, I was driving through. I'm not a golfer.

    BabySis, I'm glad I got over the book thing too. Have you tried chopped liver on Ritz crackers? It's yummy.

    Stephen, see above question to BabySis.

    Keetha, ha ha. Yeah, 7 questions went by quickly. Thank goodness.

    Ruth, I rarely remember my dreams. Short = under 5'10" but not shorter than 5', I'd say.

  16. GB, there's lots of camping in Lassen. It's gorgeous.

    Julie, I just looked up Jeremy P. Aw, yes, I'm sure I'm his type. I mean, I'm sure he's my type. Thanks. ;~)

    YW, yes, there are women who don't mind a non-tall man. You've nothing to worry about.

    PatH, I didn't think I'd ever give up TV, but it was an easy "giveaway," even if the cat here is upset with me.

    Betty, do come visit. We'll be weird and weirder together.

    Al, doh! Oh deer. I'll have what you're having. You're relentless, in a good way.

    Thanks, all.

  17. I liked hearing all of those things about you. And besides, none of us needs a TV when we have computers, right?

  18. Ha! That is a great "weird" list and a very fun award. Congrats.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  19. I climbed Mount Lassen once but don't remember such beautiful scenes up there - just COLD SNOW! Great pix! W.C.C.

  20. Alex and I hit 100 followers at the same time a few years ago. He has surpassed me by a long shot!

    And you are so not weird! You're lovable!

  21. I'm still waiting for the "weird." It all sounds pretty normal to me! ;)

  22. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet you! :)

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  24. Liver and cilantro? oh gag me with a spork! I do seem to semi-liking fried liver, but can't remember what they did to it, to make it edible. Your end of the state is so different from mine, but equally beautiful. Being somewhat weird, is a good thing!

  25. Love love love cilantro, but liver makes me gag...I think that is because my mom would take me along to the butcher's and I would see it there through the glass. I feel the same way about tongue and tripe...UGH!
    Blessings, Joanne

  26. Gina, right. I get all the latest news and inane gossip from AOL.

    Joanna, thank you kindly.

    WC, you must have gone in the winter. I've only seen it in the summer. It's incredible.

    Beth, aw, thanks. Alex has surpassed everyone by a long shot.

    Beth, good thing I had to stop at 7. ;-)

    Karen, great to meet you too. Thank you.

    Pat, that liver must've been deep fried. Anything deep fried is yummy, right?

    Joanne, that's a good reason to react negatively to liver. My mom used to fry it with onions, so I started liking it as a kid and haven't stopped.


  27. take your cilantro and stuff it where the sun don`t shine! like trying to eat soap, for me... at 6foot4 :P

    liver is good, done right...

    i got rid of my tv some 7 years ago, like you, could care less ;)

    google killed my old blog... and some 3 gig of my writings and collectibles GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  28. we are all a little weird in our own right aren't we.

  29. Laughing, sorry google killed the blog but you're not telling ME to stuff it where the sun don't shine, are you? I have nothing to do with google or your hate for cilantro. We've been following each other for a while sporadically, so I'll assume we're still ok with each other. =)

    Terra, if someone isn't weird, they are weird for that.


  30. You have an enchanting place here, so many friends and interesting bloggers :). Happy writing :)>

  31. Thanks for joining, Unikorna and Karen!

    Be well and eat fair trade chocolate, all,

  32. I find your #3 horrifying, the stuff of childhood nightmares.