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Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome back to Paradise, Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami

Thanks for coming back to Paradise! There's more I'm excited to show you, and I've been standing here in the Town Hall parking lot since Sunday, but Photo Editor wasn't cooperating. Alas, it kicked in. Thanks for your patience.

Paradise Town Hall, where all (two) important decisions are made.

              The COZY DINER felt pretty cozy, once I asked for a booth instead of a stiff wooden chair.
I dined on a tuna melt and fries. Not bad, not great, adequately cozy.

Kind of makes you wonder which came first - the car or the sign - and where's the driver? Gulp.Please note: This is not my car.

Alrighty then, this concludes today's tour of Paradise.
Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Haha, you're cute: All (2) important decisions.

  2. Yep, that's my kind of town! I'm a little envious.

  3. Now I see why they called the place 'Paradise'. Did the front wheel of that car tread in some dog shit?

  4. What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hmmm, not much traffic around :-)

  6. tuna melt sounds delicious!

  7. It looks like a very quiet town, but a lot to offer in the way of simplicity and frankly that can't be all bad!

  8. I'm glad you didn't get too xoxo Great pictures.

  9. Well it's a clean little town. Not riddled with tons of culture but quaint is charming!~Ames

  10. LOL you should cross out the "Ammo" and write "Free Candy"

  11. Looks like a quiet little town. Well except for when there is an ammo sale.

  12. Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed our little jaunt around town!

  13. Shan and MsA, thanks. xo

    GB, I didn't get close enough to look into that one, though it's highly likely. :0)

    ADSL, you don't have tuna melts in South Africa? It's basically a grilled cheese sandwich with lots of tuna. It's pretty good. xo

    Magnolia, thanks for coming by. [-:

    Ca88, it's really nice not dealing with traffic anymore. xo

    Margg, it's a good comfort/cozy food. =-b

    Terra, I agree. I need to keep reminding myself of that. xo

    Marnie, nah, the people around me prevented me from getting too cozy. They were a bit strange. <-:

    Ames, thanks. Quaint can be charming when no ammo's involved. xo

    Cake, I love it! I'll bring a big marker for my next trek. Thanks. =o}

    OT, true. I need to follow the ammo sales so I can stay far away. xo

    BB, thanks for joining us. do:

  14. Two?
    What were they?

    Thanks for the tour.
    Have you found it curious that the local TV news in Chico is broadcast by the same folks?
    No, wait... tell us about Cinderella's Closet in Paradise.

  15. Only 2 decisions...let me guess: who hosts the annual tea/beer party....and who wins the bi-annual rifle cleaning tender.
    The sign should read "free for taking, dent and all"...lovely snaps...have a keen eye too.

  16. The two decisions to make at Town Hall:
    1. When to put the flag up.
    2. When to take it down.

  17. Do those important decisions revolve around yearly parades?

  18. I could handle the whole "small town" atmosphere these days. I'm so sick of living near so many people. Ugh. I would love to be out in the middle of nowhere (but close enough to a metropolis, just the same...heehee.) Is that asking for too much?

    Hope you're settling in, doll.

  19. Happy Wed. Rawkin Robyn's Gone Blog Wild!
    I do think you brought the Wild to that lil town. Now you just need to get yourself a gun and lots of ammo and you'll fit right in!
    I love to read everyone's comments, funny stuff!
    how cool you went to Israel! I bet you have some great stories!
    Love ya
    gi gi

  20. I think the two decisions were:
    (1) where to put the Ammo sign
    and (2) what color paint to use for the letters.

    Al could be right too. They might be making 4 decisions. ;0)

    Then again, Alex is onto something too. Ok, maybe 5 vital decisions. xo

    Mar, no, not at all. I'm sort of in a place like that, and I definitely moved from one. [-:

    Gigi, thanks hon. It was a memorable, mixed trip. xo

    IT, I'm on it. Will find Cinderella's closet and take pics. xo

    Thanks, all! xo

  21. I feel like I just went on quick, fun vacation! Thanks, Robyn! :)

  22. Oh man, you totally live in the boonies. Road signs for ammo? I don't think I have seen that in years. An ACTUAL diner? It's like Little House on the Prairie, but without Nellie I hope.

  23. Are you sure that's not your car? Too funny.

  24. Thanks for coming along, Kelley. I hope you liked the tuna melt. Sorry I gave you such a small piece. I was really hungry. xo

    Cheesboy, you're right. It's like Little House. I haven't run into that mean, mean Nellie Olson. I'm staying away from the swings, just in case. ;0)

    Unknown, well, I do have a dent or two or three, but my car is -well- in worse shape (minus any ammo). Thanks. You host a great weekly party. xo

  25. That sounds like Paradise! or a Pair of Dice where it's a crap shoot on the decision making and car body shop/ Town Hall. As for the Diner--I think I would love it!!!!



  26. Thanks for the little respite from the big city. The best part of road trips for me is going into little diners like the Cozy Diner, drinking coffee from those diner mugs, listening to country music playing in the background and watching the locals come in, sit at the counter and gossip all afternoon. - G
    PS- I lurrrrve tuna melts!

  27. My two questions are 1)where are all the rugged mountain men and, 2)what's their pickup lines?

  28. It looks like a sweet little town!

  29. Dude! Everything looks so quaint and beautiful. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  30. Kinda quaint.. though the Ammo sign scares me greatly.. take care up there Robyn!

  31. thanks for the tour. your town looks so sweet and quiet.

    b xx

    i'm on a blog break; i just wanted to pop over to your blog and say hi!

  32. Aww, it's cute! I love the diner! I'd take a diner over a 5-star restaurant any day of the week!

  33. I love your posts on Paradise. :)

  34. Paradise is good any way you slice it. :)