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Friday, March 18, 2011


I am so very grateful to the amazingly generous and talented DramaMama for featuring my blog today and voluntarily creating this fabulous button! Here's a little poem inspired by the prompt she provided  for the guest post, "divine." 

PS Happy birthday weekend to my sweet spunky nephew Jeremy!
Auntie Robyn loves and misses you, chocolate cowboy! xo Robyn


A child with a lisp

An awkward first kiss

Laughter that hurts and

Hiccups in spurts

A teen who's been jilted

A pink rose that's wilted

An 'ole clunker that runs

Hot dogs without buns

A surgeon who smiles

A friend who's in need

A spider that scurries

Once it's been freed

A kid who asks "Why?"

A mommy's bold cry.

The last piece of chocolate

Left in the box

Polka dots and plaid garments

And Tevas with socks.

A Dixie cup filled with low-end red wine

Goosebumps up the arms

What could be more divine?


  1. Knew you'd work chocolate into that piece!

  2. Loved the way you worked chocolate in! What a great poem!!! :)

  3. I can answer the question. This blog post can...
    Really nice button and poem Robyn!

  4. This is absolutely Divine and Divinely inspired,

    HUGS to you Sweet Robyn,



  5. Beautiful! Loved it ... especially the Tevas with socks though I rarely wear either. I grabbed your new button for my blogroll.

  6. Outstanding poem, Robyn!
    Now, if I may...
    A boy with a boner
    is sure to be a loner.
    Except in the gym
    when he's looked at by "him."
    But, never you mind
    as he fears for his behind.
    Though afraid, he says it,
    "Not that there's anything wrong with it."
    The End

  7. That's pretty cute, Robyn. It reminds me of My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music.

  8. Really nice button and such a sweet poem, Robyn!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  9. What sweet and whimsical poem. Love it.

  10. I liked the poem...a lot!~ Ames

  11. Alex and Yvonne, you know me too well. Thanks. xo

    OT, thanks. =o)

    Pat, that's very sweet. Hugs to you. xo

    John, I love you. Thanks. [o:

    Beth, thanks so much for grabbing the button! I wear socks all the time, not Tevas though. xo

    Al, you make me bust a gut - in a really good way. Thank you! =->

    GB, thank you. I love that song. xo

    Betty, big hugs back to you for a great weekend. Thank you, friend. [~:

    TS, glad you like it. Thank you. xo

    Ames, I'm honored. =-}

  12. That button is perfect for your blog. Love the poem too. Hope all is well in Paradise!

  13. :)
    this is wonderful.

    so happy!

  14. That is indeed divine!

    Have a wonderful weekend my Jewish sis!


  15. This is it and let him savour it when he is older....happy weekend. :)

  16. I want to throw caution to the wind and go after a chocolate bar like a kid again... Why do we feel to eat it cleanly as an adult? Does it increase the enjoyment? I think we need to learn how to be messy again...

  17. You are a very talented poet Robyn. Well done!

  18. Aw, Happy Happy Birthday Jeremy :)
    Robyn, that poem is FANTASTIC! I LOVE it!
    I want to make a copy of this for you, well more like create something on photoshop with your poem. Whatcha think? I could email it to you!
    here is my email
    gi gi

  19. Sarah, thank you. Drama Mama is amazing. xo

    Margg, I'm glad you like it. ;0)

    TIS, thanks dear friend. love to you. xo

    Lisa, happy weekend to you too. Big hugs. [-:

    Rek, definitely. We have so many fabulous pictures. His parents are also really good about keeping them. This one is the best of all. xo

    Dr.Heckle, I agree. The more mess that was made, the more fun that was had. This holds true for chocolate as well. ;0)

    Aw shucks, Chuck, thank you. xo

  20. Happy Birthday to Jeremy!! I love the picture on your button. I'll be adding it to my blog. So cute!! xo

  21. Happy Birthday Jeremy!! I loved that poem!!

  22. CUTE CUTE CUTE Poem! Happy Belated to your Nephew!!!