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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Confusion, For Japan

photo by me, 3/11

At a loss for words, I turned to the writing of a young adult -- me. I wrote this at age 18 or 19, shortly after my mom died in March of 1985. I'd like to dedicate this to the beautiful people and country of Japan, with my tears and prayers.

I'm outside in the sun. It's so beautiful. The sun, the air. It feels so good; so good to be here. It's really confusing though - like a joke, a puzzle or something. There's so much pain to endure while a person goes through life. So many times of hopelessness, loneliness, loss, agony, disappointment, defeat. I've been through so much pain. And there's so much missing from my life right now - But I'm here sitting outside. Oh - The sun's rays - it's a high. It's such a great feeling. I'm on earth. The trees, the breeze, the birds chirping. The sun's rays beating down on my face. It's wonderful. But bad things happen now; people suffer; tragedy occurs on this earth. It's really confusing. We struggle to understand. Perhaps I should not waste my time. Perhaps I need to figure out, instead: How can I, as a single person, matter?


  1. I had the same feelings of hopelessness lately and struggle with what I can possible do as one lone goof in the cold. First do no harm comes to mind. As for the rest, I am just winging it as usual.

  2. It's times like this that I also wish I had a warm person to hold close. The cat's tolerance for so much afffection is limited and always comes on his terms.

  3. I empathize, Kal. I let Mojo in here to keep me company, until he started tearing apart my bed. If a being is going to tear apart my bed, it better be a human being. xo

  4. Those were beautiful words Robyn XO

  5. I agree with this.

    All we can do short of going over there is to donate money.

  6. You wrote well even then! I think we are all looking for why we matter.

  7. really poignant Robin, and fitting for the occasion too

  8. Very profound. You've shown us all then as well as now, what our ideals were for all humanity, should be those we strive for to enrich the planet.

  9. Thank you, Marnie. xo

    OT, I agree. Thank you. I forgot to post links for donations. --->

    **PLEASE SEE FOR A FIRST HAND ACCOUNT OF THE DEVASTATION (Thanks to Jen and Judie - for pointing us to Jen), ALONG WITH WAYS WE CAN HELP. Thanks. [-:

    Ca88, thanks so much. xo

    David, I appreciate it. =o)

    AFare24Get, I'm touched by your words. Thank you. xo

  10. It's a profound mystery of life. Birth and death, beauty and ugliness, tragedy and joy, all going on at the same time. Maybe we just have to embrace of all it.

  11. Love that what's happening overseas stuck such a personal chord with you.

    And let's not kid ourselves...we ABSOLUTELY matter...I do believe that what we do on this side of the ocean...our prayers, our monetary gifts, no matter how all matters. A lot.

  12. Aww, Sweet Robin. I know the confusion you have faced. I too, wonder how I can make a difference on the planet.

    So sorry about the loss of your Mom. That must of been terribly difficult.

    Prayers to all of Japan. I can't even imagine the pain and devastation that country is going through. Let's hold them tight in our thoughts and send love.

    I felt the fear, but it was relieved when the tsunami passed us by.


  13. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother too, I can't imagine how difficult that must have been. That is a beautiful piece of writing because you do feel like somehow you shouldn't feel great on a beautiful day but your body just does. I have been struggling with so much sorrow and worry for the people of Japan myself as well.

  14. GB, that's beautiful. Thanks. xo

    Babysis, thank you. ;~)

    Sue, I appreciate the reminder. You have the right perspective. Thanks. xo

    Lisa, thanks. Big hugs to you and stay safe. [-:

    JD, thanks for your sweet words. xo

  15. Peace and love to Japan...and to you too. Following. Sandra

  16. We, individually, matter as we reach out to each other in kindness and compassion! And YOU are good at that!

  17. Very well written. Brought a tear...yes you did. xoxox

  18. Very touching and tender !
    Enjoying the beauties of nature while enduring and overcoming obstacles and deep pain is a good way to begin the healing process,whenever and whatever any of us is going through in this life. Every person has real power to change things in their own sphere of influence and everyone has great value and do matter so very much !


  19. Sandra, thank you kindly. Peace and love (and a follow) back to you. xo

    Beth, that's so sweet. Thank you. ;0)

    Alex, that means a lot. Thanks. xo

    Marlene, wow, that's even more complimentary than making you laugh. Hugs & appreciation. [-:

    Yvonne, thank you. xo

    Nonna, what a rich and sweet message. I appreciate it and you. Thanks so much. =o)

  20. Very touching Robyn..

    and sorry to hear you lost your mum at such a young age..must have been very hard for you..

    not forgeting the people of Japan.. a shocking time for them...