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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sundays in My City, Welcome to Chico!

Unknown Mami

It's day 20 in my new neighborhood.
                   Welcome to Chico, CA!   I'm so glad you came by!

Butte County Sheriffs' Department. It appears the sheriffs drive tractors 'round these 'ere parts.

This is my living room. Mojo's considering his strategy for getting out to drive a tractor too.

This tour would be incomplete without a visit to beautiful Bidwell Park.
It's always serene here because:

Thanks for joining me in California's true north.
Enjoy the rest of your day. xo Robyn


  1. I wish `no glass' was a rule for our public parks too. Lovely photos.

  2. If you could just add "No Rednecks. No Idiots." to the sign, it would truly be Paradise. lol

    Great pictures Robyn.

  3. Are those tractors for putting prisoners to work or chasing down the illegals? :)

  4. I live in So. Cal - I think I may have driven through Chico.. not sure... Enjoyed reading your blog.. I am visiting from The Scoop on Poop.
    I've Become My Mother
    Kelly's Ideas
    Amazing Salvation

  5. Yeeeehaw! I love it! My kinda place.

  6. Hey there! Love your site! I'm following you from the blog hop. When you get a moment follow me back at, I's really appreciate it!


  7. Gobetween's, I agree. Apparently a very generous woman donated that 26-mile long park to the city under those conditions. I think that's great. xo

    OT, good idea. I'll stick a post-it to that sign when no one's looking. Thanks. ;0)

    Ames, yes. lol. xo

    Kelly, I'm from So Cal too. The North works better for me, though. Thanks for the visit and follow. <~;

    MsA, it is a Yeehaw kinda place. Thanks. xo

    Marcy, thanks for the visit and follow. I'll be right there. =o)

  8. So, no alcoholic, glass dogs with BBQs, huh? That's strict.

  9. The S.O.s have to drive something to work.

    If they didn't allow redneck or idiots, the park would be underutilized.

    I have always wondered what Chico would be like without the university... probably like Oroville or Gridley? It's interesting to speculate.

    Note: It seems most of the parks in the cities here in the Real Northern California have implemented a no glass policy

  10. your city looks amazing peaceful just the way i like it I am your newest follower find me at

  11. Hey, I was here a little while ago for the Saturday Centus post. Good to see you.

  12. That is a really pretty park.

    Love the sign.

  13. You are livin' on the edge, baby!!!

  14. Love seeing your little city!!

  15. Now that would be something...getting picked up in a tractor! Heehee!

  16. Love those tractor cops! How cool is that!!

  17. Alex, yeah, where will those fragile drunken canines go now? xo

    IT, no wonder we have such clean, peaceful parks. I agree about Chico State. I think it's brought a lot of liveliness to the area, though people like to complain about increased crime, etc. =o)

    shopannies, thanks so much! xo

    Gaelikaa, twice in one weekend - I'm lucky. {-;

    Whispering, it really is gorgeous. Thanks. xo

    BB, I'm telling you. Don't let me drink and drive a tractor. =~]

    Gayle, thank you. xo

    Marlene, that would be an adventure, almost worth getting arrested. {-:

    Sarah, it's pretty funny. xo

  18. Really?!?! Tractors. That's actually kinda cool.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  19. I want John Deer Hat!!! I never had enough money to buy a Tractor just to get a hat!

    Beautiful tour.

    That last sign? Did it say NO LOOKING at the bottom? LOL.

    Great tour!


  20. Love seeing a part of your city.
    Happy Monday!
    B xx

  21. I love it!! It looks so beautiful there!!

  22. Add "No Drunken Teenagers" to the sign and it would be perfect!
    Have a great week Robyn...

  23. Shit, does this mean I can't take my glass dog to the park to barbecue him?

  24. Like I said before. Looks like a place where bad zombie/vampire/wereworld/octopus related things happen. Keep yourself and Mojo safe.

  25. Sounds like you are doing well Robin! I am so glad!

    Love the name Mojo...that's your kitty?

    Have a great week!

    Love ya, Lisa

  26. JJ, thanks. Glad you came by. xo

    Baygirl, nope. No glass, and look how pretty it is. =o)

    Marnie, thanks. I keep taking pics. xo

    John, I'll send you one of 'em hats. There're plenty 'round these 'ere parts. LYMI. <~;

    Betty, thanks. A good week to you! xo

    Babysis, there are some lovely spots around here. Thanks. =o)

    Pat, good addition. I'll stick another post-it with that one on it. Thanks. xo

    Cake, no and especially not if he's had a drink. Sorry. [-:

    Kal, thanks for the warning. Stay tuned for my next Woman on the Verge post. xo

    Lisa, yeah, Mojo is a great name for him. Hope you're well, and love right back at ya, sis. =o}

  27. Every place in America has rednecks and idiots, as well as pussycats and sweethearts; it's just that in some of our cities the rednecks and idiots are very, very highly educated and teach university seminars!

    You'll find the good people where you are, and you'll do a lot of great writing. Your cat finds the place interesting, so will you!

  28. That sign is too much are they serious? Haha, here in MD we just have more signs spread out, Cali is more efficient, just say it all at once! No dogs? Really that seems kind of sad! :(

  29. your neighborhood looks totally wild, Robyn, well sort of....

  30. I bet robbers get away with NOTHING in Chico.

    No BBQ's? What is this Chico?! Oh right, it is Chico.

  31. Nice mix your neighbourhood has and mojo looks way to keep a clean park...enjoy your time there. :)

  32. I find the thought of getting pulled over by a cop in a tractor quite amusing.

  33. Love the tour Robyn :)
    I think Mojo needs a good tractor ride, maybe he would chill, or drop him off at the park! The sign doesn't say anything about cats, ah ha ha

  34. Margaret, you're great. Thanks for a wonderful comment. xo

    JD, it is pretty unusual for California, though not so much for the true North. A wealthy heiress donated the park to the city under those conditions. ;0)

    David, maybe a tad wild on rare occasion. xo

    Cheeseboy, I hope that's the case for robbers. We know they won't have much luck trying to steal a bbq grill from a park. [-:

    Rek, he's a beauty, but he's a handful. Thanks. xo

    UnknownMams, it does sound fun. Doesn't it? =o)

    Gigi, that's a great idea. I'll send Mojo on a tractor ride and ask the farmer (driver) to drop him off at the park. Thanks! xo

  35. Love the uber polite sign! Cracked me up