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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Naive Spock, A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock
The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words, based on a prompt. I encourage you to jump aboard. Just click on the graphic above. It's great practice, and I've met wonderful peers this way. Plus, Jenny's our favorite teacher. I'm continuing the sci-fi series, with apologies to anyone who doesn't appreciate some Spock spoofing. This is a sequel to my last centus right here. The prompt is bolded. Enjoy.

A Naive Spock 

"Let's do it!" Spock instructs, bills launching at his mid-section. "Utilize your instrument, Natashialovarita."

"Patience, Spock." She pivots, her backside now facing him. Natashialovarita slides her hands up along the sides of her body and then appears to navigate her cosmological cellulitic asteroids. She spins back to face Spock and struts his way.

"Here," Natashialovarita says, offering Spock her Promiscuity Instigation Neutralizer (PIN) card.

Dollars smack his face again, as Spock receives the implement. "Wh-wherein and h-how do I insert this thing?"

He had never been accused of being intelligent in this arena.


  1. Very good job !
    I am now officially hooked on on your continuing saga. Poor Spock, he is so clueless most of the time, but every 7 years ( Pon Farr time ), watch out !!!

  2. How you manage to continue this from week to week is beyond me, but I'm impressed! Poor Spock, that guy needs to use some of those dollars and buy a clue. Kat

  3. omg! Robyn, you are soooooo funny!!! Hope you are all settled in your new place!

  4. Good job, you brilliant woman!

    How are things in Paradise?

  5. Spock should have invested in some books!

    Great job on continuing the story!

  6. Cellulitic asteroids?!! OMG...I'm laughing my cellulitic arse off!!! You're something else!

  7. I'm not into sci-fi at all, but did get a laugh out of this!

  8. My asteroids are getting more cellulitic than most.


  9. oh what Sue said!!! same here! not a sci-fi fan but you make it fun!!!

  10. Nonna, I am honored. Thank you. xo

    Kat, lol. He really should buy a clue. ;0)

    Judie, thank you. I'm always happy to make you laugh. I'm pretty settled in here. xo

    BB, so far, Paradise is Paradise. Thank you. [-:

    Alex, it's about time someone's cruel to Spock. Don't you think? Then again, I do kind of feel sorry for him. xo

    June, true, and powerpoint presentations and all. Glad you enjoyed this. =o)

    Marlene, your comment makes me laugh my cellulitic arse off. xo

    Ca88, I'm not either. I'm glad to entertain with this. [~;

    Sue, oh my, me too sister. Me too. I see that Jo and Marlene can commiserate. You're in good company! xo

  11. Good old sci-fi! Hope he learnt his lesson!

  12. Robyn,

    You have done it again! I so admire your way with words and your fertile imagination. I could just see the expression on Spock's face - utter puzzlement. Great Centus.


  13. Oh you crack me up. You're doing a great job with this!!

  14. Poor Spock....maybe he should start with something more his the asteroids for later...maybe Tardishain comet showers first??

  15. Keep hangin' out with the folks at Culture Cafe and they'll corrupt you. ;-)

  16. Deb, thanks so much. ;0)

    Gaelikaa, we hope so, but he's kind of slow in some respects. xo

    CJ, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the praise. <-:

    Babysis, thanks. I just hope I can keep using the prompts for this. xo

    Rek, tardishain comet showers? I think YOU need to continue this one for me! =o)

    Marnie, thanks, friend. xo

    IT, I survived LA and the SF Bay without corruption. The folks at cafe culture have their work cut out for them. All they need to do, tho, is tempt me with special brownies. They're bound to have some of those there, wouldn't you say? {-;

  17. Wonderful Robyn. I absolutely love this continuing story and you make me laugh out loud each and every week! Brilliant!

  18. You are so funny and talented Robyn! What an imagination you have!

  19. Too funny, Robyn!
    and what a delight to read!

    Hope you are all settled in your new place.


    B xx

  20. Michelle, I'm honored. Thanks so much. xo

    Pat, your compliments mean a ton. Thanks. ;0)

    Gautami, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you. xo

    Betty, thank you, sweet lady. <-:

  21. You absolutely, totally and completely slay me with this writing.

    First I have to try to pronounce the names in my head...then I have to say them out loud, then I have to try to interpret your words...and then I laugh like a crazy woman.

    You're amazing.