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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Promiscuity Instigation Neutralizer Card, A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock
The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words, based on a prompt. I encourage you to jump aboard. Just click on the graphic above. It's great practice, and I've met wonderful peers this way. Plus, Jenny's our favorite teacher. I'm continuing the sci-fi series, with apologies to anyone who doesn't appreciate some Spock spoofing. This is a sequel to my last centus right here. The prompt is bolded. Enjoy.
The Promiscuity Instigation Neutralizer Card

Dollars launching at him from every panel of the Sirius Chamber, Spock maximizes bodily storage space.

He pauses, placing his right index finger on his chin. “A thought enters.”

With that, Spock retrieves the Sirius Seduction Emergency Back-up Kit. Star-studded Galactica-strings of various glow-in-the-dark hues fall out.

Determined to bundle and wrap the bills, Spock’s efforts prove fruitless. He is clearly uncomfortable manipulating the strings, and dollars continue to smack his face.

“Abort! Abort!” he shouts, peering at Natashialovarita.

“The Alternative Temptation Matrix (ATM) can only reverse with my Promiscuity Instigation Neutralizer (PIN) card, Spock.”

It all depended upon this single card.


  1. You are DEFINITELY back and adapted! I love the way you've been able to continue this fun story from week to week. Now you just need to get them in a cemetery... Kat

  2. LOL!! Very neat take on the prompt:-)

  3. ROFL...sure didn't take you long to jump right back in the saddle! Beam me up! LOL!!!

  4. WooHoo, Excellent job !!!

    A wry sense of humor, SciFi slant and a continuing story...Resistance is futile !!!

  5. Amazing job of continuing this sci-fi spectacular.


  6. Sci-fi card...interesting. I wish I knew more about Spock's world, but will let you lead in this area!

    Thanks for Following too, by the way! Glad you are in the computer game again.

  7. Somebody needs to beam me up because I am lost! Are the dollars shooting out of Spock? Well if the dollars are smacking his face I guess not. Unless he is bending over. :O Oh boy, I don't know. I guess I am too old and out of the loop. :D

  8. Dying to know about your move...How are you doing my sweet sister from a Jewish mister?

    Been sending you blessings from Maui....


  9. Kat, that's a great idea: hm, a staship cemetery. Thanks so much for all of your cheerleading. xo

    Jabblog, I'm glad you enjoyed. Thanks. ;0)

    Nonna, that's a great comment. Thank you! xo

    Sue, I appreciate it. [o:

    Bookie, thanks. It'll be like the blind leading the blind on a silly journey. xo

    Ames, this was cont'd from my last centus.
    The dollars started shooting out of the Alternative Temptation Matrix (ATM) and then from the panels all over the Chamber room. Don't you hate it when that happens? :0)

    Lisa, you are a sweet sister. Thank you, and be good to you. xo

  10. Ha! Absolutely loving your cleverness!

  11. This was good Robyn. I love these posts.

  12. Robyn you are genius! I can't believe how you have able to adapt all of these prompts (that are all so different) around this story. Goes to show your writing abilities, really well done!

  13. Great interpretation of ATM & PIN. Don't I know that temptation!

  14. All this, and you're settled in your new place? I am in awe! Not only are you clever, but you are sooooo organized!. Hahahah!!!!

  15. Judie, thank you. LOL. I AM embarrassingly, annoyingly hyper-organized. In fact, I just finished unpacking! All the chocolate I got as goodbye gifts has kept me buzzing. xo

    Sarah, thanks. We all know the money temptation. And other temptations. I'm just referring to chocolate, of course. ;-)

    Michelle, thanks so much. It's not a fearless process. I'm already apprehensive about next week's prompt. xo

    Thanks, OT. [o:

    5th sis, I'm so glad you're enjoying this. xo

  16. Hope you are all settled after the move. What a great post to come back to. Natashialovarita sounds like a tennis star.

  17. Spocks sounds unusually agitated, shouting "Abort!" like that. And he shouldn't peering at Natashialovarita unless it's Pon Farr.

  18. A great job! I would still be thinking about the prompt and figuring out what to write!

  19. Right on a sci-fi moment....this went in a marvelous show me direction and you your thinking process! It just amazes me at all the brief takes everyone gives!

  20. Cheeseboy, you're right and she's trying to score some love. xo

    Deborah, thank you. ;0)

    GB, Spock likes to be in control but he's clearly not interested in Pon Farr. xo

    Margg, thanks. [-:

    Betty, thank you. xo

  21. Hilarious. These are true gems. xo

  22. This is fabulous...poor Spock...what has he gotten himself into....not everyone is good at stringing , are they?? :0]

  23. Spock shouts "Abort! Abort!" No Robyn, keep giving birth to these glittering beaming baubles of fantasy, I like to watch them whizzing around!

  24. oh Spock .... Robyn, this was so freakin' out there! loved it!

  25. Lol. You're amazing. Well done, indeed!!

  26. Marnie, thanks. xo

    Rek, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't know what to do with a galactica-string either. Thanks so much. ;0)

    Marg, "Glittering beaming baubles of fantasy." I love it! Will you be my agent? xo

    Jo, thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed. [-:

    Babysis, thank you kindly. xo

  27. Ha! What a great idea. I'll have to check out the site you mentioned. That was a wonderful take on the subject, Robyn.

  28. Robyn glad your back :) Hope you are all comfy cozy in your new place!
    Loved your sequel, keep it coming :)
    gi gi

  29. ooh i little bit of sci fi. i didnt see that coming with the prompt. nice one!

  30. Your imagination continues to amaze me, Robyn. Writing good sci-fi is tricky and you have mastered it - and with a sense of humor. It's good to have you back.


  31. Robyn, I am totally laughing my butt off here at 6:12 AM. My husband asked me what was so funny and I told him he'd just have to read it for himself.

    You are a nut!

    I love your writing.