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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spotlight on my Weirdness

First, a really, really creepy picture that I drew at age 11.6-ish (1978). His identity will remain confidential.
Second, I GUEST POSTED today at a greatly hilarious blog buddy's site. Please visit Powdered Toast Man for more weirdness. I need help over there. Lots of it.
Find your weirdness this Wednesday, in a good way! xo


  1. I quite like his nose, but his antenna needs trimming.

  2. I hate to say this twice in one day but you got mad skills girl...

    makes me want you.... *smiles*

  3. Yes you do have talent, and at a young age

  4. Hmmm, he has a Mr. MGooish quality, no?

  5. Why is he looking at me that way? Do I have ketchup on my forehead again?

    I love guest posts!!

  6. that picture is what nightmares are made of. Off I am for some Powdered Toast.

  7. an interview AND an interview in the same day... love the weirdness

  8. I love reading your blog... keep up the great work!
    Swing by my blog to pick up an award for being awesome!

    All the best,

  9. I've never been able to draw that well my entire life! It is an odd looking little creature...

  10. Why do all your artistic gems stop at 11.5 years. Was there a specific day of the week when your dream died? Did you ever get better - I mean more technically proficient? I want to see what the 18 year old Robyn drew besides 'I Love You David Hasslehoff' on her Trapper Keeper.

  11. Love this guy, I think I was married to him, only the one in your picture has shorter arms...

  12. He looks exactly like my 7th grade biology teacher, Mr. Jessup, except not as strange as he was.

    And also, you do got mad skills, yo!

    Tgo out!

  13. GB, good point. Please pass the scissors. xo

    Sir Thomas, that comment makes me kind of mad for you too. You don't look like the cartoon guy. Do you? ;-)

    Kim, thanks so much! xo

    Copyboy, I wasn't going to reveal who this is. But let's just say he might be Mr. McGoo's son. That's all I'm sayin.' [0:

    PTM, I think it's the comments I made about Uranus. Sorry, buddy. xo

    Cheeseboy, so true. LOL. ;0}

    Baygirl, the weirdness is pretty weird. Isn't it? xo

    Kimberly, really? You're awesome. Thanks so much! I'll be by soon. Hugs. [-:

    Pat, yeah, I don't usually produce such realistic pieces. xo

    Kal, you are too funny. The only art pad I've salvaged is from 1978, when I was 11.5 or .6 ish. I have no idea how to scan some of my more recent stuff - including my portrait of David Hasselhoff (nude, of course). Does anyone really read my comments? This was THE test. :->

    TIS, don't tell me we have the same ex husband! xo

    Dan, thank you, in a good way. (-:

    TS, you crack me up too! It's all coming together now. Your Uncle Tom is Mr. McGoo's son and also the ex husband of both me and Seductress! What a small world it is! Then again, I'm sworn to secrecy. Let's just consider this a hypothetical hypothesis. Shall we? xo

    Tgo, hey wait a minute, you're adding another genetic thread to this mutant. Mr. Jessup was your bio teacher? Do you know that he's the son of Mr. McGoo and my ex and Seductress's? Hypothetically speaking, of course. ;-D

    xoChocolate kisses,

  14. PS, Tgo, he's also TS's uncle Tom. Can you believe all these coincidences? Hypothetically speaking, of course. xo

  15. Oh my... great drawing!! Very funny!

  16. This picture is amazing! Such wonderful zany humour and creativity, especially for such a young age. Well done! You should create more and post them here!

  17. Heeeheeheeeee!!! I'm tellin' ya - one of these days, I'm taking one of your drawings and turning it into a card! :)

  18. This by far is one of my favorites :0) I love your humor!

  19. Great sketch. Is his head so big because you complemented him because he is hot? Rose

  20. I read it today Robyn and it was great funny stuff. Thanks for getting me hooked on the pretzel M&M's from your last visit to Just The Cheese. Haha