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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dearest Monday

Dearest Monday,
Come, sit down. No, not that close, darling. Yeah, over there, where I can’t see you. Thanks. So, let’s talk. How are you? I really don’t care. Listen, did it ever occur to you that you are not welcome here – as in, anywhere in the universe? You are loud, you’re obnoxious, and you're gender confused - not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just more challenging to know what to do with you. Honey, you're always so darn ready to make an entrance. Like those people in line for Costco samples, you just keep coming back. You don't miss a beat. Do ya? I, for one, do not appreciate this. Would you kindly consider moving back into the week, say, to Thursday? Okay, I’ll take Wednesday, hump day. I think you’d like that one. Vavoom, vavoom. Ya know? Now, I know I don't have to spell that one out for you. I do like you, but only when you’re a holiday. Even then, if you would kindly dress it down a bit, I’d appreciate it. Then we could all take this Monday thing a bit more easily.

I hope it's a mellow Monday for you! xo


  1. aren't we all a little gender confused? Why do I have these damn nipples!?!?

  2. so who isn't loud and obnoxious these days?

  3. Ask Monday why it loves to have rain. Grrrrrrr.

  4. Monday is the love child of a long friday-sunday sleep over.

  5. you just said every single thing about Monday I have been feeling!

  6. I ditto everything that was written.

  7. Since Ive not been working outside the home, Mondays have become my Saturdays. Everyone is back to work or school and I can finally hear myself think. Don't hate me, please.

  8. I have to go get a new tire and then help a friend pick up a fridge. Sucks to Monday.

  9. Amen to that, sister! I wish they would get rid of Monday altogether and call the day Blogday instead so I could have time to visit everyone's blogs or write posts.

    Now that would be a day I could look forward to!

  10. I never realised Wednesday was hump day. It makes sense though - allows enough time for the sap to rise after the weekend debauchery.

  11. Just another Manic Monday....blah blah.

  12. Monday is only dreadful if you have to work. Oh wait. It's dreadful either way. Never mind.

  13. I so with you but I only like Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and vacation days...oh and teacher workdays cause I take those off too.

  14. At the moment my weekends are just as hectic as my weekdays, so Mondays just seem to blend into every other day!

  15. Hahaha wow somebody really doesn't like Mondays! I think you said what most people would. My favourite part was, "How are you? I really don't care."

  16. Monday IS gender confused. This Monday was the worst... Who the hell does he/she think she is?!

  17. PTM, good point. In fact, I was wondering the same thing (ie "Why does Powdered Toast Man have those damn nipples?"). xo

    Baygirl, yeah, it seems to be the way to fame. Thus, I keep upping my game. :-]

    Copyboy, I asked and was told it's because he-she is Bi(coastal). He-she is now headed to the West coast to bring the rain in exchange for some sun out your way. You'll see. xo

    Larry-lilly, thanks for the visit! That's the perfect definition of Monday. It must be involved in some pretty ugly custody issues (nobody wants him-her.) (-;

    Tracy, thank you. I hope it was still bearable for you. xo

    BabySis, thanks. Hope you're Tuesday beats the Monday thing. ;oD

    MMH, how could I hate you? I've been following your blog, and I know how much you deserve a Saturday-Monday! xo

    TS, a classic sucky Monday indeed. Sorry to hear that. (-:

    TIS,yes. And Saturday's and Friday's. Hugs!xo

  18. Tgo, I vote for you! PS What are you running for, and do I get an "I voted for Tgo" sticker? If so, I'm solidly behind you. :0)

    GB, I never quite thought of it that way, with sap rising and all. That's for the interesting re-frame. xo

    CalGal, I love the Mamas & the Papa's (they're the ones who sing the song, right?), but I hate that one. Perhaps that's because I hate Mondays. {o:

    Marlene, wish it was Sunday. Nah, Saturday.xo

    Sarah, anyway you slice it, it stinks. ;->

    Gayle, teacher's schedules are great, but only during the non-working days. xo

    Ca88, sorry you don't have a break at all. Hang in. [-:

    Loveable, thanks. I love your spunk. You are loveable! Monday is not! xo

    Cheeseboy, he-she was thinking about a gender transformation today but didn't know what gender to transform from or two. It set everything off kilter. :>)

    Chuck, so true and so well put. xo

    Hang in. It's almost Tuesday as I type this.

  19. Grrr Monday! My computer was acting up and everything I tried to post on my site wouldn't work. I gave up. Of course it's working now as I'm about to go to bed!Will try tomorrow...because it's Tuesday! Whoot whoot!

    I now feel better :0) Had to

  20. Very cute letter. I once had a job where I would put in for personal or vacation days on Tuesdays after 3-day weekends because it was so hard to return to work even after a 3-day weekend!

    Hope you're well, Robyn.

  21. Robyn..totally agree with you! Monday Monday go away..!;)

  22. Monday Monday, can't trust that day...
    Did Monday ever write back?

    oh yeah, that negative "Costco" reference is stepping all over my pre-post buzz. I have a "Costco" post scheduled for tomorrow morning...Did you see me in line or what?

  23. Brilliant post!
    What an imaginary! I too don't like Mondays either.

    Have lovely day!
    B xx

  24. Rainy Days and Mondays always....what..?..Oh yeah get me down...Ill have to remember to visit here to cheer me up...Have a great day...what do you say for Wednesday..?

  25. Maybe you could try counseling? Monday isn't so bad sometimes. Especially when your weekend at home is so nuts you can't wait to go back to work on Monday so you can rest.

    That never happens to you? Just me? Hmm. Maybe I'm the one who needs counseling.

  26. BB, tell her Wednesday put me up to this. xo

    Marnie, I'm sorry you had a Monday minded (i.e., stupid) computer. Glad it's on track with the rest of the weekdays now. :-)

    Ally, I like that. Only, isn't it even harder to go back on a Wed? Then again, not really, since you have so little of the week left. Hugs xo

    Sarah, yes, "and don't come back another day." Thanks for that. ;o>

    Pat, Monday never wrote back. Stupid day! I saw you in line, yes, wearing many different outfits. You went to aisle 12 to change after each sample. xo

    BettyM, thank you! I'm starting to feel sorry for Monday - such an unlikable day. Wait, I'm over it and back to hating Mondays. :-}

    SmArtee, Wednesday are just boring. Kinda pointless, actually. We should just omit Mondays and Wednesdays from the calendar. Don't you think? xo

    Jason, but Mondays are my counseling days. Hint, just between you and me: you really might consider it too. ;-}