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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wherein I Get Dissed and Tell, part III

Needless to say, my New Year's Eve was incredible. See last two posts.

I awake on Wed, January 1, 2014 to this text message from Woody:

Good morning. I'm feeling a little hong over. How about you?

Hong over? Is that like being hung over in Asia? 

I respond:

:) I'm still waking up, tired and feet are sore. I only had a lil champagne so I'm okay.

No response. I text Woody later in the eve/early night:

I hope you're feeling better. Good night.

No response.

Thursday evening, January 2, 2014 text message correspondences:

Woody:              Hey

Me:        Hi

Woody:        What are you doing? 

Me:                      Not much. About to make dinner. You?

Woody:              Empty frige. Need to go to the store. 

Me:                      I know how that is.
                            Are we still on for dinner Friday night?

I expect an enthusiastic "definitely." Instead, I get this:

Woody:      I hate to disappoint you but I have my 
           kids tomarrow.

I didn't know he has kids. I like kids. But he has "to marrow" them? Geeze, that sounds painful. I wonder if it's similar to a spinal tap. Well, I understand why dinner wouldn't fit into the equation. Still, I'm hurt, disappointed, and irritated.

Me:         K 

Woody:               Need to reschedule. Maybe we can talk
           on the phone.

Whoa! Talk on the phone? Slow down, tiger! What kind of girl do you think I am?

I call Woody. "I've tried dating single dads before, and it hasn't worked out," I explain. "They've said they want to date, but they don't actually have the time. If that's your situation, I'm not going there. I'd just get hurt."

Woody: "Yeah, that's my situation. I don't want a relationship. I guess I just want friends. With kids, anything can come up, and I messed up with the custody for New Year's Day, so I have them this weekend."

"Well, it's Thursday. We were supposed to have dinner tomorrow," I add - with extra emphasis on the second "o". "When were you going to tell me this?"

He chuckles. "I was just about to text you when you texted me. I just found out today." You were going to cancel on me through a text message? How sweet, mature, and respectful.

We're silent for a moment. I don't know what to say. I'm thinking that I don't tend to stick any portion of my tongue into my "friends" mouths. Thus, I don't want to be "friends." I'm also realizing that I liked him a lot better when he liked me a lot better because he was drunk.

"I guess we'll leave it at that," Woody states.

"Okay," I reply. "No hard feelings."  F*cker! "I did have a great New Year's."

"I did too, Robyn. You're really fun."

"Thanks," my voice quiets. "Goodbye."


 I close my phone, feeling very sad and wishing that I hadn't fallen so quickly from such a high. Was that it for my excitement for the year? What a teaser.

I do have one idea, though, that boosts my mood...stay tuned for one more post to end this series.


  1. Hey, that was still lame of him to do that. At least you found out relatively early.
    Although hopefully something good did happen! Waiting for part four...

  2. Since i married young and remained married, this is all a strange world to me. I can't imaging dating these days. Take care.

  3. sorry things turned out this way Robyn :( But he doesn't sound like he's worth another thought. Not a very sensitive or organized individual.

  4. Awww I'm sorry. :( Russell told me that when his kids were little & he was freshly divorced, he refused to get close to any woman and broke it off the first time they said they wanted to meet his kids. You never know, your paths may cross somewhere down the line when his kids are older.

  5. I'll certainly stay tuned although I was hoping this one was a winner, not a wiener.

  6. Booo, that sucks. What a moron! But seriously, the spelling alone would have bothered me! ha! It's ok hon, disaster averted. Plus, not even he can take away what an awesome NYE you had!

  7. Our expectations and our reality don't always coincide. Those stars need to be in alignment. . .

  8. Just think, if you only talked to men in person, or on the phone and no spelling was involved, you might be able to have a few more choices, provided they have some organization with their kids visitation schedules.

  9. 'Hong Kong Phooey' is all I have to say to Mr Woodhead.

  10. Well, there are plenty of fish in the sea. It's a shame that so many of them act like chum. But hey, perhaps the next one will be able to spell, or at least learn how to utilize the auto correct...

  11. Just caught up on all three posts at once, so I'm still hung up on the midnight kiss - that's a smooth way to do it!

  12. Geez what a douche, but at least you caught it early.


  13. Life can be hard, Robyn.
    Men with children want a mother for them, and older (much older) men want to be mothered.
    They should all come with a label - it would be easier when it comes to the washing process!
    It'll work out one day - stay cheerful.

  14. Bummer. But still -- 2 kisses at New Year's! I think 2014 is going to be your year!

  15. It's ALWAYS better to find out early.

    I am sorry that you came off of that high so quickly, but I am still hopeful that your 2014 will be SO MUCH BETTER than 2013. I feel that way about my year, too.

    Let's shake on it. I just did. Did you???

  16. yay Robyn - if that's the highlight of your year you could be cruising coma boulevard (metaphorically speaking) sure it will look up - a bit xox

  17. It's better that you found out sooner than later, that he is such a poor speller.

  18. Ugh. It's best that you found out early on. What a disappointing creep.

  19. Hey Robyn,

    You've gone all prolific. I can barely keep up. I shall backtrack to your other postings.

    From what I'm reading, you are, so to speak, playing second fiddle for this guy. I think I just typed an idiom.

    I hope part four turns out for the even better for you, Robyn.

    Gary :) x

  20. Sorry, that you had such a let down BUT thank god you found out what a turd he was before you got involved.

    I am still keeping my fingers crossed that there is good heading your way.

  21. Man, Pat beat me to calling him a douche! Who needs Woody anyway? Get yourself a nice chocolate bar and count your blessings you didn't get in too deep with this guy. And any guy who doesn't bring up his kids on the first day, is a double douche in my book.

  22. Thank you, all. Your supportive words really help.

    Love ya,


  23. Rude, rude, and rude. Not nice. Guys can be such terds!! I'm anxious to see what's coming up though...

  24. He's shallow and sucks and probably doesn't even like chocolate. I have a bucket of tar I can nuke in the microwave. You got any feather pillows you can rip open? I'm there for you.

    Blech-- as Alex says, he sounds lame, but I'm sorry he made you sad. I can't wait to keep reading the installments. You have me hooked.

  25. Thanks, Julie. Yes, I love the plan.

    You're all great. With friends like you, how can I still be sad? Plus, maybe Kiss will see my next post.


  26. Ah the dilemma of dating after thirty I guess - we all got baggage!
    Alcohol brings the fantasy world - daylight pulls it into hard cold focus.

    Things are always going to be tough when theyre are kids involved - its the nature of the beast.

    Ah all men are TERDS



  27. I'm sorry that happened to you. Oh well, the DB couldn't spell anyway!