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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Support for Roland & I know, I think

This post is a sad one.  But we're here for each other, and that's a glorious thing.

I'm tearful for one of our blog friends, Roland Yeomans. We haven't been in close correspondence, and I rarely pay visits to his blog. But Roland is a precious soul, who donates book earnings to charity and is relentlessly generous with support and advice. He's faced more than his fair share of hardship, including surviving hurricanes that devastated his hometown of New Orleans, loss of a home to vicious fires, and depletion of his savings to keep his cat alive. Through it all, Roland perseveres with faith and unmeasurable kindness. Now, he's facing a fight for his life: cancerous skin growths. Surgeons won't operate until four weeks from now. 

The treatment is ridiculously expensive, but Roland won't accept money. Instead, he says "Your prayers mean a lot to me. 
You might mention my book, DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE, on your blog. If it is Sam's last adventure, I would like it to be seen by a few folks. "
Before Indiana Jones or Allan Quartermain

Roland is one of those writers whose every phrase leaves you wondering how he works such magic with words. It appears this man has published somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 books. (Do I have that right, Roland?) He's probably the most brilliant author in blogland. 

If it's your practice to pray, please include Roland in your prayers. 
If not, love and support go a long way to lift someone through darkness. Thank you.

Next, I'm joining with dverse, the poetic clan Pat Hatt raves about. This week's task is to write about something that comes with a flipside. My related thoughts parallel the dynamics of blogland. While we rejoice in each other's milestones, we're saddened by each other's traumas. This got me thinking about love (one in particular) and loss. Here's a dark-ish poem. Sorry. I'll cheer you up in upcoming posts. I promise.

Worth the Sad

I think I know
It’s worth the sad

The taste of bliss
That I once had

Playful madness, tickle fests
My trusting cheek against his chest.
A lovers' cove, a future planned.
Wedding vows, the world in hand.
I lived my dream.
With faith, I flew.
To him my all
A promise true.

He snapped and shredded
Us apart
Confusion, tears
A fearful heart

From glee to dismal
In a blink
It’s worth the sad

I know

I think


  1. Sending warm and loving thoughts to both you and Roland. Be well my friend.

  2. Thoughts and prayers to Roland.

  3. If everyone purchased one or two books, it would really help Roland. Praying hard for my friend.

  4. sending thoughts and prayers to roland.


  5. Sending good thoughts to Roland! And to you for being such a good friend.

  6. My sincerest thoughts and prayers and well wishes to Roland and his family.

  7. Ugg to cancer, damn stuff is all around. Hoping for a speedy recovery and that cancer gets beaten back. Nice verse too for the dVerse zoo

  8. Your poem is right - love is worth the sad. What you said about Roland is very touching. I'll look at his blog more today.

  9. Martha is right. You're a great friend to write this way and take on your blog to ask for prayers for me.

    That is such a lovely poem. Yes, "Love is worth the sad." In fact, that is probably the theme of my last novel.

    I hadn't realized that I had written 30 books until I counted. I've been at this for a few years, and they sneaked up on me. :-)

    What did Corrie ten Boom write? “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

    Your friendship means a lot to me, and it brings to mind the words of another courageous woman, Helen Keller -

    “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

    Thank you for your fine poem. As the ice storm swallows the deep South, I may be parted from the internet for a few days with downed power lines and me slipping on icy roads bringing rare blood to rural hospitals -- but this act of friendship will keep me warm in the heart, the most important realm of our spirit. Thank you and may the Father keep you close. Roland

  10. My prayers to Roland. That is so sad but I pray that things go well for him. (plus it's very kind on your part to let everyone know)

    Really, like the poem.

  11. I am unfamiliar with Roland's blog, but that doesn't really mean anything. It seems like cancer is rearing its ugly head everywhere. So, of course, I will send up a prayer for him!

    As for your poem... yes, it was a bit dark, but it was also lovely. Frankly, I think it's one of the best I've read here. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. My thoughts and prayers are with Roland. He's truly a giving man.

    I love your poem, Robyn. It's actually kinda nice to see this side of you. (Hope that doesn't sound weird)

  13. Sending thoughts and best wishes to Roland.

  14. That was a great post for Roland, Robyn. I'm glad to see more support for him. He is one of the most prolific writers I know. I love his writing, since his books are like no others.

    The book I'm reading now is 'Death in the House of Life', and I'm heading toward my last third of the book! It's one of his best, IMO.

    I liked your poem, it shows how fast a bubble can burst. . .we learn, yes, at a price. Well done.

  15. This breaks my heart... I ADORE Roland... he's a unique soul and he's done so much for this community and for the art itself.

    Lovely poem, <3

  16. Roland is in my prayers, he is not only an awesome author, but A friend to many.

  17. I love your sweet compassion. Thank you. I will definitely pray and look into the book.

  18. Darn that Roland, I can hardly read his comment without getting tearful. How does he do that? How can we not all love this man?

    Thank you all so much. You're the most kindhearted group I know.

    For your comments on my poem, thank you too. It's all worth the sad, isn't it?

    David, welcome. Great to have you here. Thanks.

    Love and chocolate,

  19. Robyn, your love and friendship makes a cold season (in more ways than one) the warmer.

    Optimistic Existentialist, I have no family but those friends I have made -- who are all having their own hard times right now. But thank you for your prayers - they mean a lot.

    Cheryl, things are going better for me with the well-wishes of you, Jacqueline, Alex, Betty, Ms. A, Pat, David (both of them), Debra, Robin, Elsie, Morgan, Suzanne, and Julie

    D,G,, of course, has long been a great friend.

    Julie, if you do decide to try my last, I hope you get a laugh, thrill, and fun out of it. With Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain sniping at each in 1895 Egypt, it is at least different!

    Robyn, once again, let me thank you for this great kindness.

    Only the phoenix rises and does not descend. Everything changes. Yet nothing is truly lost - especially the memory of a great heart like yours.

  20. Thoughts and hugs to Roland. I will share his book across my social media :)

  21. Best wished to Roland. I hope he can recover from this.

  22. I also had mohs surgery, and I hope that Roland's will be as successful as mine was. I'll continue to send thoughts and prayers his way. I'll also check out Roland's latest book. Loved your poem, Robyn! It's a keeper for your next poetry book.


  23. An outstanding tribute to an outstanding human being.

    My love and support for Roland is indeed hurtling through cyberspace.

  24. Looking for a link to purchase his books right now. Sad to think that he's hurting. :-(

  25. Prayers for your friend Roland.

    Your poem is very moving and well done even if it is sad.

    Hugs to you, Robyn.

  26. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for me. Herman Turnip: here is the link for my last book:

    If I had your email address, I would send you a copy. Have a safe ice storm. :-)

  27. So sad about Roland!! I will definitely keep him in my prayers. Your poem is beautiful. I loved it.

  28. Thanks, Baby Sister, for your kind words. Wasn't Robyn's poem lovely and evocative?

  29. Thanks for posting the link, Roland. I found your book on Amazon immediately and didn't think to do that.

  30. Sad story indeed, Robyn.
    Roland is in my prayers. I think even God, who I suspect is hacked off at me for this reason or that (can't really blame HIM), would listen for such a good reason.

  31. I have read Roland's blog on and off for years, but only recently became a friend and learned about his generosity. I didn't know about his skin cancer until right now, from D.G., who referred me here. And I had no idea about these other things he went through. I am reading his latest book now. I absolutely love it and mentioned it in the post I will put up tomorrow. With links to his amazon page and his blog.

    Thank you for doing this for a very kind man. And what a writer!

  32. Hi Robyn,

    Roland is a thoroughly decent human being. The very ethos of altruism. My thoughts are that Roland will have a successful operation. I believe that the collective thoughts of positivity can go a long ways.

    Your poem of opposite emotions is thoughtful and poignant.

    In hope,

    Gary x

  33. Al:
    I believe the Father listens to all His children when they speak honestly to Him ... even to my short prayers as I drive in blinding rain which usually consists of "Help. Help! HELP!"

    Happy Wisk:
    the story is not yet finished. Say a prayer, huh?

    You are very kind to write such things of me. The ghost of Mark Twain just swatted me with his hat to make sure I knew he had my number!

    Thanks for mentioning my book in your post for tomorrow. It makes me happy that you enjoyed my last book. Sam tips his Stetson to you for that. :-)

    Glad you're my friend.

    I believe The Father listens to each prayer, and I believe that thoughts of love and concern can cross the ether of life in ways we do not presently understand. Thanks for the warm words. May your New Year hold happy surprises for you.

  34. Sending more thought and prayers to Roland.

  35. Rhonda, thank you. Prayers make me feel not quite so alone, naked against the dark.

  36. Thanks for stopping by. As a retired UCLA administrator, chocolate, and, above all, book lover, I know we will be friends.

  37. I will definitely be praying for Roland.

    Robyn, your poem touched my heart.

  38. Hello. My name is Bobbybegood1 and I found your post via Debra of "She Who Seed." You have such a wonderful blog that I choose to follow you. I hope we can become blogbuddies. I will chant for Roland. Cheers!!

  39. Oh - Robyn! What a sweet, sweet heart you have.
    And Roland! I'm thinking and praying for you!

    Also - FREAKING AMAZING poem, Robyn. Truly.

  40. Dawn, wasn't Robyn's poem evocative? LD, thanks.