My Story, Yours Too.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wherein I Kiss Again and Tell Again, part II

A vigorous, funky groove pulsates through me. Between the music, half a glass of champagne a bit earlier,* and the fact that an adorable man had planted his lips on mine at midnight, I buzz ecstatically into 2014.

Donna shifts further from me and closer to the stage again. My attention strays to a tall, slender man bouncing by my side.  He's cute, in a young Woody Harrelson kind of way. With a beer bottle in one hand, he offers the other for an introduction.

“Happy New Year. I’m Woody.”**

I knew it! “Happy New Year. I’m Robyn.” 

Woody abruptly finds a nearby table on which to unload his beer and returns, determined to focus on dancing with me. I'm elated by another dose of male attention--more than I got all last year. This guy's fun too, probably a 30-somethinger. I like to get down low (when I’m dancing) and Woody keeps up just fine, mimicking my movements, and taking my hands sporadically to spin me around.

“You’re fun,” I spout.

“So are you. You’re great, Robyn.”

“Thanks.” This is going well. Really well. But I feel off-balance. Damn heels. I hate them. I hope I don’t fall. I’m probably not completely sober. Oh no, I’m slipping. Woody grabs me by the waist and steadies me. Phew. We keep grooving, as though it never happened.

His hand grazes the side of my body, and Woody tells me he’s been in Chico for 17 years.  He’s working on his Master’s in Psychology. Pretty good, I think, admiring his soft blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and marginally innocent smile.

“What do you do, Robyn?”

“Social services. I’m a—” I stop myself from saying that I’m also a writer.  And I write humorous snippets about my non-romantic romantic life. He’ll likely be the subject of my next blog post, especially if he proves himself a jerk or a dufus—“I’m a social worker.” That was close.

We chat and keep dancing and time floats by. Woody pulls his phone out and asks for my number.

“Sure,” I say. He types it, as I enunciate each number, digit by digit: 8, 6, 7, 5, 3, 0, 9.***

“I’m going to call you. I am. Can I take you to dinner sometime?” he asks.

“Yeah, that’d be nice.” I try to look cool and hide my excitement.

Woody leans closer and wraps his arms around me in a tender embrace. He pulls back slightly,  gently strokes the side of my face and kisses me, with fervor and a teaser of tongue.

Am I dreaming? I don't think so because my feet hurt like hell. Wow. Kisses from not one but two men! That only happens to other women like Carrie Bradshaw.

“You made my New Year’s, Robyn.”

“You made mine too.” Well, the other guy did first. He was a little cuter and younger too. But your kiss was just as good. Almost. He edged you out due to his timing and boldness. Otherwise, it was a very close race.  
As I clumsily approach my door at 2am, my phone rings. It's Woody, already. We speak briefly, sharing that we're glad to have met, and confirming a date for dinner Friday night.“But what day is it?” I ask. “I think it’s Wednesday. Or is it Thursday? I’m all mixed up. Maybe it’s Tuesday. Hm, why don’t we make exact plans after a good night’s sleep? Friday's good though.”

“Okay, I’ll let you get some sleep. Goodnight, Robyn.”

“Goodnight, Woody.”

Stay tuned for part III.

*I'm such a lightweight. Let's keep that a secret. Thanks.
**Not his real name. Woody is a euphemism.
***I gave him my actual number, not Jenny’s. For you youngins, I’m referencing Tommy Tutone’s 1982 hit single, Jenny.


  1. I remember Jenny's number.
    We have to wait for part three? So unfair.
    And don't tell anyone, but I'm also a lightweight. Two beers and I'm asleep.

  2. I used to not be a lightweight, but after so many years of not drinking, one and I'd be done. Oh the woody jokes that could come due, but I'll reframe, at least until part 3 lol

  3. Now I have 867-5309/Jenny stuck in my head. But don't worry, I know from past experiences that it should only last for several days.

  4. I didn't even make the Jenny connection when I read the number. Duh. lol I can't wait for the next installment!!!!

  5. TWO guys were chasing you on New Year's Eve? Wow, Robyn, you're becoming quite a siren! I hope Woody didn't make the first one jealous. If worst comes to worst they can arm wrestle for you!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderfully fun time. Looking forward to hearing about part three! :-)

  7. Now I have to go back and read part one, then wait for part 3.
    Dang... I haven't had a drink in so long that just the smell would probably put me under the table. I sure do miss a toasted almond.

  8. You hot thing! Two kisses in one night from two different fellas.

    Now you've got me singing 867-5309. I hope this ends soon.... the song in my head. Not your story. Loved that!!!

  9. Robyn, this is great! I really liked the "marginally innocent smile." The phone number was good too. But the best part to me is the "feel" of it. It puts me right into the dating scene. It is very real and fun reading.

  10. I can hardly wait to see how this progresses. Two men welcoming your New Year awesome. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Woody didn't turn into a giant douche.

  11. Dang, girl!! Talk about the best New Year's ever!! I can't wait to see how this turns out. Hopefully it won't be too horrible.

  12. In college I was know as a "easy crash." One or two drinks and I was gone.

  13. ha! i STILL give out jenny's number, but only to the ones i don't want to call, of course. look at you! TWO men in ONE night! i'm super jealous!!! hahaha

    can't wait for the next installment!

  14. Sorry, Christian and Robin. Can you imagine how the person with that phone number felt? I wonder if that phone number is even given out - since that song.

    Terry, never had a toasted almond, but it sure sounds good.

    David, thank you.

    Cheryl & BabySis, sigh...part III will be here soon. Let's just say the story is almost over.

    Yvonne, I LOVE that you actually give out Jenny's number. You're hilarious.

    Stephen, one half a glass of anything and I'm done for the night (either that, or I'm just getting started).

    Thank you, kind readers.
    You are the best.

  15. I'm wrapping things up for the night and now I have that Tommy Tutone song echoing through my head. Is this the way you treat all your new readers? ;-)

  16. I also remember Jenny's number! What a fun night you had! Now I'll be singing Torn Between Two Lovers, and thinking about Herman staring back at me all night long!


  17. Julie, you're a riot. I know, that Herman. I just discovered what a riot he is -- kind of creepy too.


  18. It would have been funny if you gave him that number and he wrote it down.

  19. A young Woody? If I were single, and you weren't interested, I'd have you pass him my number! Hope this one is a keeper ;)

  20. Oh my my my, be still my heart. I'm living vicariously. I can't wait to hear about the first date. Don't leave us hanging. I certainly hope Woody lives up to his name. (blush) And I caught the phone number. Does that make me really super old? This is so fun, Robyn!

  21. And the suspense keeps building!

    Robyn, I am old enough to know the single Jenny. :/

  22. Ah, Robyn, the joys of youth. We'll be waiting for part three.

  23. Are you calling me young, LD? I sure do love you.

    Thanks, all. I love you too.

    Keep a smile,

  24. I bet I know why you called him Woody haha Sounds like he gave the female equivalent of!

    Can't wait for the next instalment... What a brilliant start to the year! Got to be a sign right?

  25. I KNEW that was Jenny's number!
    Oh what a night... Things are looking good and I'm going directly to the next one.

  26. New Year's kisses from TWO men, my girl I am so proud of you!