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Monday, January 13, 2014

Wherein I Kiss and Tell: NYE 2014

My New Year's date, Donna, is the type of gal pal a woman both loves and hates to hang out with: a sweet, outgoing, gorgeous blonde who can fit into a size zero with room to breathe. She disappears in the swarms of people close to the stage, all following the band's lead as we ready ourselves to welcome 2014.

The band breaks to announce the countdown. Anticipation cuts through the cement walls of the boisterous nightclub. Champagne makes rounds. Beer is chugged; joints, puffed; and the time, eyed. I end up on the fringes of the commotion.


A raucous crowd surrounds me with an intoxicating energy -- to my right, and in front, and...


I glance left. Whoa. Cute guy. Standing close.


Mm. Dark hair. Young. Handsome. He glances at me and...


moves slowly closer and closer to me and...


I think he's going to kiss me. Nah. He probably just...


wants to look at my watch to check the time or something but


his lips look nice and closer and full and closer and...


juicy and closer and I can almost...


taste them as they come even closer and

"One!" YES! His aim and timing are perfect. So are his lips - moist, gentle, assertive, not aggressive or slobbery. They press against mine for one glorious moment, lingering sweetly as I pucker in response. Then they lift, easing away slowly.

I freeze, wide-eyed. Happy New Year to me!

Donna stammers through the crowd, arms extended. "There you are, Robyn. Happy New Year!"

"Happy New Year, Donna! It's going to be a good one!" What a start!

Funny that I didn't think to watch him walk away. I wouldn't even recognize my kisser if I saw him again. I mean, he was cute and approximately half my age and maybe 5'8" or so, give or take a few inches. I was in heels, so I don't know. None of it mattered. Kisser made my night.

As thrilled as I was, I never imagined my New Year's could get even better. But it would.

Stay tuned for part II.


  1. Who is this mysterious kissing bandit? I just read that kissing is good for your teeth, so your brush with the stranger was mutually beneficial, and recommended by two out of three dentists. Looking forward to part II.


  2. Kissed by a stranger to start the New Year. Good start!

  3. This was good. Can't wait to hear what's better! :)

  4. At least your kisser wasn't twice your age and balding. That's not the way to start the New Year, although it could only get better from that point.

  5. Kissed by a stranger! What a great way to start the year...

  6. Kissed by a stranger - actually that sounds quite romantic!!

  7. We all like spontaneous kisses. A stranger kissed me once, but I think he was after my bar of chocolate, on reflection.
    I can't wait for the second installment. Have a good week.

  8. OH MY!!!!!! Can't wait to hear part 2!!!

  9. Glad things only got better on New Years Eve!

  10. Woohoo! What a wonderful, captured moment. Happy New Year, Robyn! Looking forward to part 2. :-)

  11. Ohhh the delicious thrill described with perfection. What a way to get the heart racing, awaken the body and start the year! Take THAT, 2013!

  12. Started new years off with a bang, as you kiss and tell lol

  13. That same guy kissed me here in my time zone an hour earlier, so I don't know how special I'd feel. I think that guy's just a serial kisser.

    Kidding aside, that's pretty awesome! A great start to a great year!

  14. I was shoving grapes into my mouth while my husband and kids and my son's date did the same. It's a weird stroke-of-midnight thing we do every year. One grape per stroke for a total of 12, and we were all choking and chewing and sputtering. I think your moment makes for a better story!

  15. I knew that I was going to enjoy this one simply from the title. Kiss from a handsome stranger. Awesome start to 2014. Yay you!!!

  16. Now that is an awesome party!! Way to start the New Year right. :)

  17. Empty, "kissing bandit" - I like it. And it's great to know that kissing makes for good dental care.

    Alex, thank goodness I wasn't standing next to the one you described.

    Fanny, I wouldn't give my chocolate to anyone - no matter how good the kiss.

    Julie, yes, take that, 2013.

    ABftS, you mean I got sloppy seconds? Oh well, I'm not complaining.

    Cheers, all.
    Thank you.

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  19. Great. I go around kissing strange women and Mrs. Penwasser gets all hacked off at me.

  20. Oh! That's so sweet. I can't wait to hear part deux!

  21. Eeee!!! That count down really worked to amp up the tension---I loved it! And I just read your interview with Britney below... totally hilarious... :)

  22. Woohoo! Now THAT'S a great NYE story! Can't wait for part two!

  23. Robyn, you wrote this so well, it was as if we were all kissed. Happy New Year! Sorry so late :)

  24. Tell me more so I can live vicariously through you!! MORE I SAY!!! MORE!!!!!

  25. That made me moist. Love ya and I'm a tiny bit jealous..but hey....He made his move and beat me too it! Bastard....



  26. Stephen, it was you? I knew he looked familiar.

    JB, I'm still awaiting your visit. Wink.

    Thanks, all.
    You're making me laugh. And blush. And this is fun.

  27. Robyn... I have seen pictures of you and I think you are explaining Donna's looks but meaning yourself.

  28. That has to be an omen of a great year to come!!!

  29. My New Year's was so bland in comparison. I was sleeping when midnight came.

  30. Woah, that dude had cajones! Thankfully you weren't offended by the kissing bandit. He might have walked away with some smashed cajones if you were ;)

  31. Proof that we should hang onto certain memories and forget most other ones.. lol.
    Ah if only life worked that way.

    A Midnight to Remember!


  32. Now THAT is the way to start the new year! I'm now going directly to part 2.