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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Montage, Three Quickies

I. Today, the lovely L. Diane at Spunk on a Stick has given me the spotlight. Feel free to visit her, and read what I have to say about self-publishing.


II. Reminder: We're only one week away from the silliest blogfest in the history of silly blogfests, The Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest!

Thanks to those of you who already signed up! If you don't know Gary, he's a very nice guy, despite the prison-lineup shot above. You can find him at Klahanie. Gary hates blogfests, so this one's in his honor. It's going to be packed with playfulness, and it may even be therapeutic for many. (Gary's not the only blogfest-hater.) So even if you don't know him, I encourage you to join the party.

The rules: Create the titles of three PG-13 blogfests you would never join, and then add a descriptive sentence or two.

Hosted by: Mark “Madman” Koopmans,Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh, "Life is Good" Tina, Morgan "The Morg" Shamy, and me, Rawkn Robyn at Life by Chocolate.

Sign up here!
  Ssh, Gary's coming. Pretend I had nothing to do with this. Thanks. Wink.


III. A Brilliant Kid Story

I admit, Reality TV has merit. At least it did once. At work, I sometimes get have to watch TV with my clients. They were watching a reality show called House of Joy. On it, the woman (whose name I assume is Joy) was teaching her daughter to sing "Jesus Loves Me" as a surprise for the girl's brother's birthday party. The little girl was adorably bubbly and sang beautifully, while Joy played the piano. Though Joy didn't seem impressed, she told her daughter she'd practiced enough. Then the girl wanted to change things up.

"How 'bout we change the words," she said to her mom. "How 'bout  'Jesus loves...chocolate?'" She beamed with pride at this suggestion. I wanted to swoop her up through the TV screen, hug, and then adopt her. Joy, however, was worried that her brilliant daughter was going to ruin her son's party. Lighten up, lady! It's just chocolate!

On that note, may Monday offer sweetness.

Again, I'm guesting over here if you'd like to visit. Thank you!


  1. Jesus created chocolate, so I'd have to assume he loves it. You're right, lighten up lady!
    Silliest-blogfest-ever. And it will be awesome!!!
    Off to visit Diane now.

  2. Honestly I don't know what a blogfest is. I suspect it has something to do with a deadline though and I hate, hate, hate writing anything where I have a deadline.

    Hopefully Jesus loves chocolate. Would you really want to go to heaven if there were no chocolate?

  3. If Jesus was around today, I'm convinced he'd be addicted to peanut M&Ms. Really.

  4. Thank you again for visiting my blog today, Robyn.

    I guess I need to start thinking of bad blogfests for the blogfest.

  5. Jesus may love chocolate, but putting raisins in chocolate is the devil. Nothing can kill a good chocolate like old people fruit.

  6. The blogfest in honor of Gary should be a lot if silliness and fun!

  7. Okay, I just signed up on the linky thing for Gary's non-blogfest blogfest. Should be fun! (And coming up with three silly blogfest ideas should theoretically easier than coming up with another post idea, right?)

    Of COURSE Jesus loves chocolate. Sheesh.

  8. That little girl has the right idea and already done the blogfest post, cheated too have like 8 in view lol

  9. Aww, that's nice of Diane.

    I love the idea of silliest blogfest ever, but I'm such a hold out on signing up for blogfests. Can I just stop by and sample? :)

  10. That should have just been filed under "cuteness" and/or "kids say the darndest things" and she should have rolled with it.

    Congrats on your hosting:)

  11. I have no doubt that Jesus would have loved chocolate. Can't live on bread and wine forever. Well, maybe He could but I can't.

  12. I'm with you on reality shows, sometimes they can't be that bad especially if they're uplifting. Looking forward to the blogfest too, I love the concept.

  13. I Miss Chocolate!!! It is like cocaine... well not that I have ever tried cocaine but... just guessing here.

  14. So excited for the Garyfest!!!

  15. Thank you, wonderful people!

    I think I'll market a bumper sticker: "Jesus Loves Chocolate". Ya'all in? We'll split the profits, after I purchase some chocolate.

    Theresa, I also imagine it's like cocaine, just not as dangerous.

    Keep a smile and a stash of chocolate.

  16. To be honest, I don't like blogfests either. lol

  17. I don't know Gary, although he and I seem to share the same thoughts on blogfests.

  18. I live it, and I bet Jesus does too. Chocolate and this post.

  19. Of course Jesus loves chocolate! High 5 to the little girl. High 5 to the forehead of her mother.

  20. The words "quickies" and "spunk on a stick" all in one post. I am blushing...

  21. Hey Robyn,

    Read and commented on your most informative article over at the spunkster's :)

    That photo of some guy named Gary, according to my sources, was taken by the blogger police. Then he got "tagged" and must stay within his curfew limits.

    I know he hates blogfests and I know he would probably go on a cynical rant about them. If he was here to comment.

    If I see him, heaven forbid, I'll let him know you think he's a nice guy :)

    I'm sure he would get the irony in an anti-blogfest.

    With that, this international man of misery, suddenly ends this comment.

    :) x

  22. Jesus never ate chocolate but that's not because he didn't love it. I think Joy should be re-named Killjoy.

  23. Are you sure it wasn't "House of Almond Joy?"
    Sometimes you feel like a nut...

  24. chocolate is the answer!

    blogfests sound like fun!
    big hugs, my dearest

  25. Chocolate is always the answer.

    Good job on the guest post. Lots of good advice. :)

  26. I will have to read that self publishing thing. I have an ebook to get out yet. It's an ecookbook, but I like to think it counts.
    Once the man goes back to work, maybe I will get my wits about me and I can think of some horrible bloghops. We shall see.

  27. I just read your post over at Diane's and was very impressed! It really does make sense to self-publish for many people. Hopefully, I will be one of them someday.