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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Diamonds, a poem in honor of the first day of school

Robyn (7), Bubbe/Grandma Rose, Dawn (8), Glenn-David (6), Jonathan (4), 7/73.

Bring back the days of simple things
Of diamond-shaped, sweet candy rings.
Truth or Dare, you dared not lie.
Tick-Tac-Toe, we'd always tie.
 The rich and poor got cootie shots
Wars were won, when they weren't fought.

Saturday cartoons were best.
Lick the frosting, ditch the rest.
We skipped to school without a care
And Underoos were fun to wear.

To see your friends, you went to class
And pulled your pants above your ass.
I was Van Gough with my Lite Brite
And Jordache had the fit that's right.

When talent mattered
Kindness pleased.
We swung on tires, hung from trees.
A rock was skipped and made a pet
Tails or scissors won the bet.

Bring back the days of simple things
Kaleidoscopes and cheap mood rings.
Gumby walked through any book.
How would he navigate the Nook?

Scary meant a horror flick
Not bullets sprayed by someone sick.
A touch was always warm and right.
Hope paved the way 
When days brought night.

Now, money talks and makes the rules.
So-called actors, obscene fools.
Bieber's stoned but Lohan's clean.
Disney stars, sinful and mean.

Reign in the days of simple things
The cherished gems a moment brings.
Through children's eyes
The time is here
For simple things to vast appear.


  1. Aw, so warm and nostalgic, and what a sweet photo :)

  2. Your own version of The Wonder Years and you're more articulate than Fred Savage, who did most of his communicating with facial expressions. 'Cootie shots' made me smile!

  3. Takes me back to my kids growing up!

  4. Robyn, I like it very much! It is sentimental but not sappy. Just really nice.

  5. Love this poem, so many memories and one question - What's an underoo?

  6. Oh. I love it and it reminds me of when I grew up, too. Great poem and memories. I totally laughed when Rhonda asked "what is an underoo?". LOL. Good times.
    Yes, we did grow up with Ward and June but as Gorilla Bananas said....The Wonder Years was awesome and so sums it up. However, your poem is much more descriptive of those times.

  7. That was great, Robyn. Yes, very nostalgic. Here's to Hot Wheels and Scooby Doo. (Heck with the Slinky though - never could get the damn thing to go down more than one stair.)

  8. What a great poem! Takes me way WAY back to my childhood :)

  9. Awesome poem!!! I was just telling my kids about Light Bright the other day and they looked at me like I had 2 heads. They failed to see how that could provide hours of entertainment back in the dark ages.

  10. Things were so much simpler back then. I think kids are overwhelmed now.

  11. So much more at ease back then indeed and great verse at your feed. Knew all those toys too, had a few. Be nice to go back to that time, but then I wouldn't be here to rhyme.

  12. I remember when my mom used to take pictures of our first day of school in elementary. We were so happy, then we went to school

  13. Great picture and wonderful poem. Like others have said, it reminds me of my childhood. Take care.

  14. Wow, this takes me back. I love this. Very nostalgic. I remember the days of Jordache and Gumby. It doesn't feel that long ago, either...

  15. Thanks, lovely people. So glad I've triggered happy memories.

    GB, they didn't hurt either.

    Rhonda, you're cute. It was probably a US fad for about one minute. They were underwear designed as Wonder Women and superheroes, I think. There was a commercial about them, "something super new in underwear." I didn't have any, just wanted some. Or not.

    Alex, I know. Slinkies looked so graceful in the commercial. Mine couldn't go down one step either. They must've used stunt devils in the commercial.

    MF and GB, it was a great show.

    JustKeepinIt, thanks. I saw that you can order them now. It was the best.

    LDiane, definitely. Adults too, if we'd only admit we are.

    Adam, it went downhill after the photo shoots.

    BnB, I can't believe it WAS so long ago. I'm glad Jordache is gone (I think) but Gumby's still walking thru books - in syndication.


  16. Rhonda, I meant Wonder Woman. She was an idol, so pretty. =)

  17. Schooldays! Such a treat!
    And filled with fun.
    Except when getting beaten
    by the nun.

    I think I'd much prefer your school, Robyn.

  18. I loved your poem. I think we all miss those easier times. Worse, I am not sure we appreciate them fully while we are living them. I remember just wanting to grow up so that I could do things like Drive. I should have appreciated my bike more.

  19. AWESOME poem. So true so true. How things have spun out of control. I long for the simple things that we got to experience when we were younger.

  20. I miss when life was much more simple, I just wish I could have appreciated it more myself, really lovely poem Robyn, as expected when I first started reading.

  21. Funny and sweet at the same time.
    Cute photo too - thank you for sharing.
    It goes so quick doesnt it.

  22. How I long for those days of mood rings and climbing trees. Playing hide and seek in the woods with my friends, not worrying about if we were going to get abducted being alone out there.

    Very lovely poem!

  23. Beautifully said. I often long for the 'old days' too.

  24. You have so much talent when it comes to writing.... Your poem is FANTASTIC!!

  25. I miss my mood ring. I still have it, but it got scratched so it isn't the same.

  26. Lovely, Robyn! Thanks so much for sharing it. :-)

  27. This is second time i read your blogs and got its a very useful information for me i know its a very difficult task to do comment but its a way to what you think and i think everyone can share own knowledge through blog so thanks for this your greatful posting.

  28. The days of yore. Loved them, and loved your poem.

    Well, I tried to access your blog through bloglovin' again and it still wouldn't let me pull up the comment form. So I had to come here the old fashioned way.

    And you know what? The LAST post it shows of yours in bloglovin is the Sunday horse (which one is different) post. I was surprised to find the others.

    Anyhoo...I'm here and enjoying it as always. Wonderful poem.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  29. So so much, all,
    I hope the week has been treating you well.

  30. Okay and good grief. I cannot see the image while I'm commenting. Do I pretend I can see the photo? Nah, hang on, I shall have to bring up your posting on another page. One moment please. You can sing a song while you wait........................

    Ta da! I'm back. Oh look at you in that photo. How cute. Ah yes, bring back Gumby and Pokey. Took squeezing rubber toys to a brand new level. Yeah, I know Gumby and Pokey were made out of clay.

    Bring back all those memories you mention. In the meantime, Canada is sending you Bieber on a permanent basis. Enjoy, eh!

    Gary :) x

  31. Gary, yeah, thanks for the reminder. Excuse me while I go lose my breakfast.

    LOL, I meant "Thanks so" much all, not "so so" much. But there's nothing wrong with "so so much" either, unless we're talking about Bieber.

    Be well.
    Keep a smile and a stash of cocoa.

  32. Oh you are amazing. I love this!! And how I wish we could go back to those days sometimes.

  33. I also love all of the childhood memories that this fabulous poem evokes! Cute family photo!


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