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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Making a Splash in Jamaica

Please enjoy the following excerpt from my novel, Woman on the Verge of Paradise, due for release some time in the future.
Perched on a sun-warmed spot of stone overlooking the cliffs at Pirates' Cove, Negril Jamaica, I was privy to an influx of magnificent sights. While this “no worries” isle boasts resplendent scenes, one specimen instantaneously claimed top of my list. A seasoned diver, he leapt from steep cliffs and floated downward in elegantly angled positions, landing with equal grace and poise in the welcoming ocean 40 feet below.

Returning from his fifth magnificent dive, the man arrived on land and began strolling past me but halted. He turned to eye me and I reciprocated. I couldn’t help it. He appeared a delicious chunk of dark chocolate sculptured by Michelangelo, radiating sun rays from the most intimate of crevices and dressed with black spandex for public viewing.

“Hi, I’m Donovan.” He extended a hand.

“I, hi, I’m Robyn.”

“Come with me.” Like a puppy in heat, I pranced behind.

Focused on the subtle shifting of his tight buttocks, I followed as Donovan led me down a metal ladder into an underwater cave. We landed in an active, chilly ocean, sheltered atop and along the sides by dark stone walls that opened up to a glorious view of the fading blue sky streaked with yellows, oranges and reds. The waves nudged me, as I fought to secure my footing. Donovan planted himself in deeper water and I inched closer to him amid brief flirtations.

“No husband or boyfriend?”

“No, I came here alone, just to get away. The last one was crazy.”

“Did you make him crazy?” He teased.

“I don’t think so. I mean, I’m sure I didn’t.” Probably.

By this time we stood facing each other, little room in-between. With waves crashing against the rock, sun resting in the backdrop, and the titillating grazing of our warming bodies, Donovan’s juicy lips savored mine. I relaxed into the dreamlike moment, enjoying his luscious kisses and the touch of his fingertips moving gently up and down my back.

A sudden surge of rough waters ruthlessly forced me off-kilter, tossing me back towards the cave’s walls. My forehead crashed against sharp-edged rock. It hurt. I don’t remember incurring a concussion so I probably did...

P.S. Psst, Donovan is the man I have my hands on in the top right corner of my blog. (I didn't have a photo of us together, so I got creative.)


  1. How unlucky to get hit on the head when you're enjoying luscious kisses! These things always seem to happen to nice girls in novels. Still, I enjoyed reading about the foreplay!

  2. Well, that was crappy timing!
    I guess I'd be a chunk of homemade vanilla ice cream, radiating an albino-like glow...

  3. Wow mother nature doesn`t want you to get any. Geez, you know you are screwed, not in a good way, when lol

  4. Well Dang!!! That totally sucks and like Pat said... Not in a good way.

  5. Oooooohhhhh dark chocolate is full of all kinds of thangs that are supposed to be good for ya!!!!!!!

  6. You guys look great together!

  7. I thought this all sounded too good to be true up until the waves came. Yep, that's more like real life.

    Also, I've never had someone make eyes at me that led to a paradise makeout session. Usually it leads to me awkwardly walking away because she (or he) is staring and weirding me out.

  8. Hahaha. Your timing is lousy.

    That wasn't a romance. That was Real Life;)

  9. This sounds just like my first encounter with Mrs. Chatterbox---NOT!

  10. This post made me laugh a lot haha, this must have been quite the experience, it's strange the hands that fate sometimes deal us but I guess everything happens for a reason though.

  11. Love this excerpt from your novel, I bet it's a fascinating novel!!

  12. Mother Nature was trying to tell you NOT to go into caves with strangers!

  13. Sounds like an intriguing story.

    Love it!


  14. Pbbbt, what's a little concussion? Back to the chocolate kisses, woman! Gotta get those priorities straight.

  15. GB, especially when the novel is a non-fictional account of my love life (i.e., celibacy).

    Alex, haha, you'd still look good, I'm sure. [I'm albino too.]

    Pat and MyJourney, I'm sayin'. Smiles.

    JustKeepinItReal, if only I'd gotten the full taste.

    Ruth, thanks, but he could make Joan Rivers look hot.

    BnB, that's how it goes for me too around here. But in Jamaica, when I traveled solo, and with all the men desperate for American citizenship, and/or hot for tourists...well, it was a fun trip.

    Robin, yes. Real life, just my luck.

    Stephen, you weren't diving off of high cliffs in tight spandex?

    YW, I don't generally believe that everything happens for a reason, but I'm starting to believe things happen to me for the sake of good stories.

    Optimistic and Nas, thanks so much.

    PatT, well then, Mother Nature should've have made him so delicious looking!

    Susan, you give the best advice. Thank you.

    Thanks, all.
    Keep a smile with a side of chocolate,

  16. The girls of this world all deserve a Donovan now and then.
    Your writing inspires me Robyn xx

  17. Hi-ya. I finally put a review up on Amazon for your book. Hope it helps sell a book or two for ya.

    Happy weekend!

  18. Don't ya hate underwater sexus interputus ? xo

  19. Robyn, Glad you had fun in Negril, Jamaica. I visited Rick's cafe near Pirate's Cove on the same cliffs.
    Jim made one dive and afterwards I gave him lots of kisses in relief that he survived.

  20. When you describe him appearing as a hunk of sculpted chocolate, how the hell did you not take a bite out of him right then and there? Some chocolate lover you are ;) hahaha

  21. Theresa, chocolate like that needs to be savored. I was expecting more time to do so. Damn waves.

    Terri, he dove off of that cliff? That's impressive.

    David, it's incredibly frustrating. LOL. Cute response. Thanks.

    Susan, I adore you. Thank you kindly.

    Lisa, yes we do. I'm flattered to provide inspiration. Thank you, Lisa.


  22. What a hunk of man meat! lol
    Great writing Robyn - I was hoping he was going to get to your cave haha

    I really think you should try to get this into the hands of Erotica/Romance publishers - at the least - there is a strong market for this and I'm sure you could get it out there if you tried. It would make you feel better about it wouldnt it?
    Anyway, just a thought...
    ps loved it! and funny though not so funny ending.

  23. But Anthony, it's more like anti-erotica. Maybe I can start a new genre? Subtitle of my book: Celibacy in Suburbia and Across the Globe.


  24. "like a puppy in heat" LOL! I loved reading the excerpt - you're a riot! :-)

  25. Can't wait to read the rest. You had me at: "He appeared a delicious chunk of dark chocolate sculptured by Michelangelo, radiating sun rays from the most intimate of crevices"

  26. Hey Robyn,

    Finally and still needing a clone, I have arrived to thrill you with one of my eagerly anticipated comments. Yes, I'm so humble.

    So the dude returned, "from his fifth magnificent dive" and no, I'm going to refrain from some silly innuendo.

    I like your um in-depth writing, Robyn. Donovan would be a lucky dude. And we wont mention that "tossing" is a bit of a British euphemism for....

    What next, you head banger. Coral sex?

    Oh yes, it's kinda obvious that Donovan couldn't be confused with Donovan the singer.

    Must go now and continue my search for a clone or a cloning machine.

    Gary :) x

  27. This sounds like a wonderful dream where you woke up right before the best part, or in this case you were knocked out cold. That must have been pretty frightening at the time.


  28. hi robyn

    sounds like an intriguing story.
    love your writing style.
    just inspiring!

    have a blessed sunday!

  29. Oh how rude!! Stupid waves...nasty luck!!

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