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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paradise, Where One Man's Trash Can Be Yours Too

Paradise, CA  1/20/11

At closer look, there was no chocolate. So I left.


  1. Ha ha ha!! You funny girl! (Pssst...I'd have left, too!)

  2. Looks like a bear trap...a very sophisticated bear trap. Or it could just be trash.

  3. Was there a severed head in the box? If so RUN!

    I don't know about this place Robyn.

    Norman uh I mean Michael, free trash for the pickin's and no chocolate??

    Do they at least have a Wally World there??

    Do I need to drag out the atlas so I can look up this place and maybe lock in the GPS cordinates just in case?:D ~Ames

  4. LOL, Mar and Chuck. Thanks. xo

    It wouldn't hurt, Ames. Thanks for having my back. No Wally World, but they do have community Patriot meetings - you know, for those who want less government. ;0)

  5. You always make me smile and laugh. Usually all around the same time.

  6. It looks like the beginning of a crime scene. lol No chocolate? The nerve!

  7. DAMN!!!
    If there was chocolate, it may well have been a trap by the locals...

  8. It looks like the place that Robin Hood and Maid Marion had their first date.

  9. What an incredible scene. Love those tall trees, but stay safe my friend.

  10. Very funny...

    I have some chocolate...some homemade walnut fudge my Mom sent me...and a bar of dark chocolate which is an essential part of life, always in my refridgerator.

    Come to Maui and I will share!


  11. That's not fair. You could have taken those almost anywhere in the foothills where trash pickup is optional.

  12. what'S free?...the can or the tree....maybe some one won garbage cans at the local fair(if they have one there)... ;)

  13. OT, same to you, my friend. xo

    Yvonne, I know. Maybe someone stole the chocolate before I got there. ;0)

    Pat, that's true. Good thing someone else snagged the chocolate before I got there. xo

    GB, Do you think there was some indecent activity going on there? Looks that way. [-:

    Sarah, it IS really beautiful there. xo

    Lisa, Maui and chocolate? What an offer. I'm looking into flights right now. =~>

    IT, they clearly opt out of pick-up duties around there. xo

    Rek, good question. It does look like that beautiful tree is up-for-grabs. [-:

  14. Somehow I think the owner got lazy and didn't want to spring for a garbage bag. No chocolate? I would have left too ;0)

  15. What? Free trash in Paradise? Lucky!

  16. oh yeah free garbage...seriously though, our sanitation workers went through a period where they searched our cans for treasure each week before they dumped them in there trucks...someone tattled on them and it was only mildly creepy to look out the window and see people digging in your garbage...ewwww

  17. I am glad you captured this :) You are too funny!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend :)
    gi gi

  18. Happy weekend, everyone.
    PS Stay away from free trash.

  19. "Star Trek convention coordinater"
    Okay, I am a Trekker and a geek, and that one scares ME!

  20. Alex, I agree. xo

    Anthony, yep. That's Paradise for ya. ;0)