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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Alternative Temptation Matrix, A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock

The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words, based on a prompt. I encourage you to jump aboard. Just click on the graphic above. It's great practice, and I've met wonderful peers this way. Plus, Jenny's our favorite teacher. I'm continuing the sci-fi series, with apologies. This is a sequel to my last centus right here. The prompt is bolded, with a minor change from "began" to "begins." Enjoy.

Also, please forgive my reduced blog activity for a bit. I'm moving tomorrow morn and I'll have to get my desktop re-connected in my new home. Thank you! xo

"You stimulate the Milky Way," Natashialovarita continues, moonwalking across the Sirius Chamber floor.

Spock presses his jaw back into socket. "Abort!" He shouts.

Natashialovarita stops. Meekly, she steps back into her Lieutenant-Colonel-Nurse Practitioner-Phlebotomist-Maid-Assistant Janitor uniform.

"I simply intended to repay you for the other night, Spock."

"Unnecessary and rather repulsive," he declares, turning towards the Sirius Emergency Chamber Exit.

"Wait! Compensation begins." She saunters towards him and manipulates the Alternative Temptation Matrix (i.e., the ATM) to his left. The ATM machine begins dispensing twenties and doesn't stop.

Spock scurries to collect all of the bills, shoving them into his Orion belt.


  1. Can't wait to see what happens next week!

  2. Such imagination! You are going to make me a fan of sci-fi, whether I like it or not :) Paradise, watch out, you are not going to know what hit you!

  3. Wow this was good. Just when I think you can't top the previous Spock ones, you go and top it with another great one.

  4. Alex, I'm honored to keep you in suspense. I just hope I keep getting prompts that I can work with to continue this series. xo

    Marlene, thanks hon. ;0)

    Marnie, thanks so much. xo

    Kat, I hate to say this but I'm starting to like sci-fi too, in spite of myself. Thanks for your kind words. {-:

    OT, thanks so much. xo

  5. Hilarious and very clever...Great job !!!

  6. Ah atleast he was spared the torture of the jangling Asteriod belt....and some compensation that....wonder what happened to his Vulcanic Rage?....Mr Spock has gone "Meeky" mouse....
    Loved it ....coming back for more....

  7. Such a vivid imagination Robyn! I am sooooo laughing at this line
    "she steps back into her Lieutenant-Colonel-Nurse Practitioner-Phlebotomist-Maid-Assistant Janitor uniform"
    You are hilarious! Love it!

  8. This is a great one, Robyn. Loved it!

    Keep that sci-fi comin'!!


  9. Brilliant, darling!
    Can't wait to see what happens next.

    B xx

  10. Alternate Temptation Matrix - priceless!

    What's in store for poor Spock next week?

  11. Testing..1,2,345699..Please work, please work. I just got reconnected and miss you all. I want to get back to blogging. Please work. Please work. xox

  12. Hey Robyn,

    I noticed that I was on your blogroll. Thanks! :)

    However, I did something really dumb last night--I changed my URL. Big mistake. Just wanted to let you know that the link you have on your blogroll is probably now inactive. However, if you want to add my new link:, you're more than welcome to.


  13. Good luck with the move!

    This sci-fi stuff you do is soooo cool! I hope you get this comment!

    I told a friend recently about your writing. He was astonished that I was even reading sci-fi but I'm told him yours was actually great!

    Thanks for linking.