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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hallbark Greeting Card, a Saturday Centus

Our beloved Saturday Centus teacher, Jenny Matlock, has asked that we use this romantic image as inspiration for a Hallmark-ish Valentine greeting. The heartfelt message must not exceed 50 words.

I hope my contribution brings Hallmark down once and for all, in favor of a new line of Hallbark cards. You know, for dogs. Enjoy. Maybe. If not, who created this post? Darn hackers!

A Hallbark Creation

I’m a sad lowly mutt from Pom Beaitch

With a fetish for dressing in kitsch

They say “Dawg, your singing is pitch!”

Yo, I ain’t no looker, and I ain’t rich

But I really want you for my



  1. Very good..."Hallbark Cards" and blame on those "darn hackers" Love it !!!

  2. You wait right next to that phone Robyn! :D This was too funny!!~Ames

  3. I have a friend who has pugs and she will die when I show this to her! Too funny...and nice verse.

  4. Heehee!! I love it!!! You crack me up!

  5. Maybe you should start Hallbark cards!

  6. That poor dog! But your heartfelt sentiment is precious! :)

  7. Oh my, this was really good. Perhaps your best yet.

  8. Robyn, Hallmark called and said the job is yours if you want it!!

  9. Folks would buy Hallbark, especially if all of the cards were this witty! Have you found a new career???

  10. Hahaha that's funny. I would buy this card, not just for someone else, but just for myself.

  11. Is this poem about Randy Jackson from AI? Either way it's funny.

  12. Your poem is perfect for that picture. I laughed so hard I was breathless when I saw that photo!

  13. Nonna, so glad you like it and were so quick to comment. Thank you. xo

    Ames, it hasn't rung yet. I'll give 'em til the end of the day on Monday. Thanks. ;0)

    Chuck, I'm so glad you're passing this on. I hope your friend's dogs find it helpful. Keep me posted. Thanks. [~:

    Marlene, thank you. Smiles. xo

    June, that would be fun. Then again, I'm not sure I have thick enough skin for all the barking customers. =o)

    Beth, he really does look pathetic, but in an endearing way. xo

    OT, thanks so much. {-;

    Happier, thank yo. I mean you. xo

    Judie, woohoo! Did you get a salary quote? What does my vacation package look like? Is it a union position? =-]

    Nancy, thanks. I'm not sure. This business is for the dogs. Thanks. xo

    Loveable, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it's always good to see you. {~:

    Cheeseboy, it does have Randy's influence. Thanks. xo

    Alex, yeah, Jenny did a wonderful job finding this prompt. Glad it made you laugh. =o]

  14. I would definitely buy one...halbark or any bark for that sake....fab :)

  15. Bwahahaha! Hallbark! I loved your card. Perfect use of this silly prompt. Kat

  16. Pom Beiatch...I bet that place is better to hang in than where I'm at now!
    Aren't you so clever!

  17. I wish I was as talented as you. All I can write are limericks. And bawdy haikus. Very nicely done!

  18. clever and funny...way cool ;-) Peace and blessings and much love...

  19. I need to find that costume! my pug would be awsome

  20. Oh my gosh. This is just hilarious!

  21. I want to borrow it for my card to a friend. There are some similarities there between her and the dawg...

  22. Dang...I want to be puggie's valentine too!

  23. Rekha, thank you. I wish I had a dog to give this to. ;0)

    Kat, thanks. Jenny did really well with this one. xo

    Sandra, I haven't been to Pom Beaitch, but it does sound exotic. Or, at least, intersting. Thanks. [~;

    Thanks BabySis. xo

    Al, can't wait to see your limericks and bawdy haikus. Thanks.=o)

    Deborah, I'm glad you enjoyed it. xo

    Jeff, thank you, kind man. All the good things back to you with chocolate. [-:

    Baygirl, you'll need to post that one. xo

    Betty, glad to make you laugh. =~]

    Jo, thank you. We both had fun with this one, yo. xo

    Sarah, that's a bit scary, but feel free to borrow it. Let me know if she barks at you for it. <o:

    5thsis, he is endearing, isn't he? xo

    Haze, thank you for the comment and visit. =}

  24. Robin,


    Darling, I think you are my sister from a Jewish mister! Seriously, you are such a hoot!I like your idea, let's declare tomorrow national chocolate day! I think that is brilliant!

    Anyway, I am NOT stronger than you! I just give up sugar one day at a time. It's my daily choice. At 51, I feel better when I am not on a sugar high, and then dumped on my ass after the sugar wears off. That is so painful for me. You see, I can't eat just one piece of chocolate. I will eat a one pound box of See's candy in two days. (or can I be honest and say a day and a half)

    Sugar causes inflamation in our bodies. Inflamation causes all sorts of disease, like arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease...the list is long.

    I was so inflamed, seriously! My whole body ached all the time from all the crap I was ingesting, particularly sugar. This is why I decided the pain of the sugar was greater than the joy I felt eating it. (I don't know if that makes sense)

    I just re-joined the Italian American club of Maui, and today they met at the winery in the mountains of Maui. We had a chocolate buffet, and I indulged in a couple (4) different tasty chocolate treats. Once a month or so is not gonna kill me. Pound and pounds every day of the stuff will.

    What I know about life is that I can't ALWAYS or NEVER do anything. I got rid of that mentality, or I will drive myself crazy. So just for today, I allowed myself a chocolate plate of goodies to participate in the celebration. Was it worth it? Not so much. I have gotten more pleasure out of my dark chocolate bar I keep in my refrigerator for emergencies. I am not craving the sweet anymore. It has been 5 1/2 months of abstaining from sugar and wheat, and I lost fifteen pounds and feel sooooo much better. (I eat like a pig, and lose weight, who would of thought?)

    Okay, kick me off my soapbox, I am rambling.

    Have Valentine's Day Robin! I will be thinking of my soul sister in Paradise and toasting my singleness with you!

    Lisa xo

  25. inspired verse, Robyn...yeah I think it's not easy to chill with kids. One can drift very quickly into anality. David.

  26. Lisa, you have me in stitches again, sister! I am inspired by you, though. I do feel the (bad) effects of sugar/chocolate on my body and completely understand. I'm just not there yet, but I admire you. You're also right not to abstain altogether. Abstinence (in any realm) only causes misery. Big hugs for a happy chocolate day in Paradise. xo

    David, thanks. Hope you have some anality-free moments on V-day. ;0)

  27. Bow WOW, love the hallbark.

  28. LOL! You had me at "Hallbark!" Simply brilliant!

  29. hahah - That dawg is hot!!!
    I might turn...


  30. Oh girl!

    I'm reading these on a dreary Arizona winter weekend and laughing my butt off.

    This was really hilarious. My husband thinks I'm crazy cuz I keep calling him in his office and reading them out loud to him.

    Guess I should just make him read all the links!

    Thanks for being such a good sport AND totally rocking this prompt.

    You are a gem!

  31. Dear Robyn,
    Sorry that I am late with my comments. I am working backwards trying to visit everyone that I have missed earlier.

    Thank you for your kind words about my Hallmark-post. I really like yours. I think Hallmark should consider your idea for a new line of canine-cards! Doggies have the right to a love-life, don't they?

    You put a smile on my face!
    Best wishes,
    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's SC-wk 41 Canine-Valentine