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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Woman on the Verge of Paradise: to Profit in Paradise and Mojo in Chico, Here I Go!

                                                                                         Me at my Goodbye Party, 2/26/11

Sign reads "May you find Paradise to be all its name implies"

Thanks for joining me on the verge of Paradise, as a new chapter of my life unfolds. If you're new to Life by Chocolate, or just madly trying to catch up with your blog reading (Can we ever truly catch up?), this non-fictional autobiographical story begins here.


It really is all about boxes: thinking outside of them, packing them, and living amongst them. Well, for now. I depart in about 12 hours. In the meantime, I'm living with multiple boxes. They contain my essentials and semi-essentials, all non-toxic. Tomorrow morning, the movers will load said boxes onto their truck, and I'll trail them for the 170 mile trek to California's true North.

After that, it'll still be about boxes for a while.

Otherwise, if life is anything like my samplings of Paradise and Chico thus far, I won't be bored. My time there has already offered a slew of intriguing oddities: angry expressions about draconian measures, conversation regarding the virtues of cemetery sex, a mafia style meeting to assess my suitability as a prospective renter, a phlebotomist who covers her windows in plastic wrap for insulation, and more.

In the meantime, I got away from the boxes last night for one last Bay Area hoorah, my goodbye party at Speisekammer - Alameda's fine German eatery. For a while, I thought it would just be me at a formal line of tables spanning the restaurant's back room and ready to seat thirty guests. Yep, thirty empty chairs and just me at 6:30pm (start time), then 6:35pm, then 6:40pm. I was feeling pretty lonely until Anthony - the waiter- sat by me and said, "Sweetie, if they don't show up, I'll treat you to dinner." It was nice to have a back-up date. Um, no, no. I needed to remind myself what this was about. I want this party, right? Of course. I planned it for myself, after all. That was awfully sweet of him, though, and it was my last Saturday night in the Bay Area. Hm...

Good thing they arrived to avert my internal conflict, and they arrived in droves. Soon, I felt like the excited bride unable to fully give everyone their due time. It was a wonderful way to cap my nearly two decades in the Bay Area. Guests included my little friends like Jonah. I forgot that Jonah hates kisses. After I planted one on his cheek, he was very conspicuously - with the clear intention of inconspicuousness - madly rubbing my germs off  his cheek for the next thirty minutes. Little Eli was parading around, working the crowds like the toddler charmer he is, a wide smile and his left pant leg rolled up to his knee. Ben told me, "Next time I see you, I'll be 5. Now, I'm 4." "Little Gabe is all round," mommy Jenny said. "There's nothing not round about him." I looked at Gabe's rounded half-smile gracing his round face, which affirmed that mothers know best.

Friends from the Jewish singles scene, salsa dancing, and various work settings (I've had so many) helped me celebrate. My hairdresser, who did my wedding-do and also styled my hair before this party, joined us. I was gifted with a beautiful handmade necklace and many forms of chocolate. [I "needed" to sample much of it today, but I haven't yet needed to break into my bar designated "In Case Of Emergency."]

We toasted to my moving to Profit in Paradise and Mojo in Chico. That is, I'll be working for Nora Profit in Paradise, while living with Steven and Mojo in Chico. Steven tells me that Mojo is a sweetheart, a black tabby who doesn't spray. I'm already in love with Mojo, because: (1) he's named Mojo and (2) he doesn't spray.

I didn't want to bore you with details, but I don't want to end this post. That will mean saying "goodbye" to you for now. I need to pack my computer. The last of the big boxes are calling for my attention. I suppose I can't put it off any longer.

But wait, there's one more thing. As I was having the discourse with myself about leaving the Bay Area (see last blog post), I also told me, "You can't leave your blog community." Then, I said to me, "Okay now you are being way too silly" - with a gentle dope-slap to the forehead. "They're a virtual community. Hello! That means, they live all over. You'll actually be closer to your Canadian blog friends like Marnie and Kal, and your Northern blog buddies like IT and Pearl. Yeah, you'll be a little further away from some others, but they will stick around. (Fingers crossed.) In fact, they'll come along for the journey." And so I hope you will. Your support means so much.

Please forgive any delay or decrease in my blog activity. It will take a bit of time for me to get my desktop re-connected. I'll also start full-time employment on Tuesday. Still, you and blogging are a top priority. I'll see you from the true North. ...Now, to the boxes. Next, to Profit in Paradise and Mojo in Chico, here I go!


  1. Safe travels and I hope all goes smoothly for you. Good luck wiht your new job! :)

  2. Robyn, I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you, and that your boxes magically unpack themselves :0D!! I am excited that you are on this journey...and that you will now live a wee bit closer to! xo

    You look wonderful in your picture! I love your hair.

  3. That's a smile that would sell a lot of toothpaste! And Jonah could sell a lot of face wipes.

  4. Good luck and have an uneventful journey...of course eventful would have us all ears ...but I think "moving" & associated events are known to cause PRNS - Post Relocation Nightmares Syndrome...Take a deep breath and plunge right into the unknown...

  5. Good luck and safe travels to you! Kat

  6. Hey Robyn, if you didn't feel some stress at moving, you'd be a zombie! The stress will get sparkles of adrenalin flowing and you'll handle every aspect of the move with flair and dispatch. You're going where you want to be...there is no journey more powerful than that.

  7. Hope everything move related goes smoothly.

  8. Of course we are coming with you!!! Now where are our snacks???

  9. Good Luck with your new adventure, I look forward to hearing about it when you get settled and everything of course! Change is a great thing! :)

  10. What a kindhearted waiter. I would have pretended I didn't know the friends to get a free meal.

  11. I think I see a little irony.
    Most folks commute down the Skyway to Chico for work... except for all of the old people. They stay home.

  12. I will be waiting in glorious anticipation until you are back to blogging again and we can see a picture of da Mojo.

  13. Thinking of you!! Hope you are settling in nicely.

    Too funny....I've been watching the Bachelor this round (too much fun watching a bunch of stupid women fawn over one idiot)...and one of the girls (that he let go last week) is from Chico! She was the only one with a brain left, too! Maybe you'll meet her...heehee...hopefully not, though....her family owns a funeral home. Egads.

    Enjoy all that chocolate you got as going away pressies. YUM. Chocolate. They must REALLY like you. xoxoxox

  14. Watch out, men in Chico. Your names and unwise conversations just might appear here!

  15. Robyn, have a safe move and we will be excited to here from you on the other side. I am sure you are excited and anxious, in other words very alive at the moment...enjoy it!

    Sounds like the party was great.

  16. OK--You crossed the line--that I Blog with!!!!

    Sorry! Bye. "AS IF" you could ever move to far!

    Just takes longer for the hop, ping, route--whatever--to get there.

    I mean it still takes only SECONDS to keep up with those you love!

    Blog on--From Anywhere! I'll follow!



  17. Good Luck on your journey oh Diva of all Jewish women.

    Starting over, while unsettling at first, will be the best thing that ever happened to'll settle.

    Fresh starts, new adventures...and maybe some hot sex somewhere out there! :)

    I'm praying for ya my sister from a Jewish mister!

    Good LUCK!


  18. Good luck with your new job!!

    Safe travels!!
    Take care.

    B xx

  19. Robyn, I am excited for you! You are entering a whole new phase of your life. Actually, I'm a little jealous!!

  20. Awww, be safe. I know how difficult it is to leave and start somewhere new, but I believe it is going to be wonderful for you! Can't wait to hear how everything is when you settle in! *Many hugs*

  21. Aw, I am fighting back the tears! I am so excited for you! Your party sounded just lovely! I am sure they will all miss you so much!
    Much love
    gi gi

  22. HEY HEY HEY ....It's stuffy in this box with your about some air holes next time you move us.

  23. Good luck with the move!! I hope your computer aka us, survives the trip. :)

  24. Was that smile BEFORE or AFTER the champagne? Whichever, it was probably a blast.

  25. Good luck with the move. I look forward to hearing all about your new life.

  26. Yes my friend you are stuck with us. Stuck. We aren't packing any boxes, thinking inside or out of them or venturing very far...bummer.

  27. Woohoo, I'm back. Well, I've been back. I responded to you all personally about 5 times. The comment wouldn't post any of those 5 times. Something's wrong with my connection in Paradise. From home, I'm good. Thanks for joining me and for your kind support.

    Terra, I'm glad we're stuck together. Thanks. xo

    Ca88, thanks. I'll keep the news coming, now that I'm back. ;0)

    Al, it was before and after the wine, but I smile when I'm sober too. xo

    Baygirl and Babysis, thank you, friends. <~;

    Gigi, you're so sweet. Thank you. xo

    Frisky, thanks hon. I appreciate it. ;o]

    Judie, I'd be jealous too were I still in the Bay Area looking for that nice Jewish man in the diamond district. xo

    Betty, thanks dear. (-:

    Lisa, sis of Paradise and the Jewish mister, I appreciate your sass and support. xo

    John, LYMI many times over. Thanks. =o}

    Chuck, phew. I'm blogging from the other side. Great to be back and be here. Thanks. xo

    Sarah, I hope your warning forever spares me from stupid boys. Well, so far, so good. (-:

    Marlene, I hope the Chico gal doesn't win, cuz this Bachelor is really strange. Don't ya think? Thanks for all the good thoughts. xo

    Kal, I took some pics of Mojo, and me and Mojo today. Stay tuned. [-:

    IT, I'm loving the lack of traffic. Having lived in LA and the Bay Area, there is NO traffic here. The work commute is really nice. I love driving by the canyon. xo

    Cheeseboy, I knew I should've consulted you about that dilemma. xo

  28. Jd, thank you. I agree, change is good. I'm welcoming it - so far. ;0)

    BB, they're in the cabinet, but Mojo's been nibbling at the marshmallows. I hope you don't mind. xo

    OT, it was pretty smooth. Stay tuned. Thanks. {-:

    Marg, what a beautiful comment. Thank you. xo

    Kat, thank you. =o)

    Rek, great advice and acronym (PRNS). xo

    GB, thanks. That's a good niche for Jonah. I'll have to suggest it to his parents. {~:

    Marnie, thanks for it all. I've actually been unpacking at the speed of light and am almost done. I like unpacking much better than packing. xo

    Yvonne, thank you. =-]

    I hope you're all well. I'm so glad to be back! xo

  29. Thinking bout you-we're all going through changes! I am sending hugs and lots of prayers for the best time ever!! <3

  30. Of course we will be around. Hell, I live in Australia, so it would'nt matter if you moved to Alaska! Though I'd be worried you would'nt be warm enough.. lol
    Nice photo of you too..Alcohol..mmm, that'll keep you warm.


  31. Safe travels. You have such a lovely smile. It is definitely contageous! I suspect you will bring joy to wherever you go!