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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Centus, Just a Little More

Happy October! Here's another Saturday Centus, a little poem just for you. The Centus involves working with a prompt, keeping the piece within 100 words. This week's prompt is not a sentence, but the photo above. You may notice, as it's rather obvious, that my brain jumped from this big orange squash to, well, candy (i.e., not squash). It always does.


Just A Little More

The fairy princess is ready,

A glistening sight.

Time to grab that big bag

And fill it just right.

No apples or raisins,

Just candy galore.

And then, after that, a little bit more.

And more.

And, well, OKAY, just a little bit more.

Darkness increases, while the sleepies do too

So it's time to go in, and try just a few.

And just a few more.

And more.

And, really, just one more.

Charged from the sugar, I don't sleep okay.

How will I function at work the next day?



  1. I love this one. You encapsulated the experience perfectly.

  2. I totally love my kids candy! I definitely eat more than they do. This was fun!

  3. Great post.

    I will be a hot mess on Halloween. My kids soccer awards dinner is that night, I have to take my kids trick or treating, and the Pittsburgh Steelers play that night. I wonder at what point I will be drunk by.

  4. What a fun Halloween poem. I miss not having a child at home anymore to eat the candy lol. although we usually buy more than enough to hand out so luckily I do get to partake in some candy eating.

  5. aw, this is lovely.
    i wish Halloween was big here like it is over there.
    i feel like we're missing out on something.

  6. This one gets me in the mood for Halloween!


  7. Pumpkins do get us in the mood for Halloween and candy. Hummm candeeeeee! Hummmm I wonder if there is any left in my hiding place?? ~Ames :D

  8. Robyn, I LOVE it! What a clever woman you are!

  9. Halloween is my favorite! This clever poem definitely did it justice.

  10. I'm not in the candy begging spirit at all and will need more reminders like this. Yes, more!

  11. Haha, so what happens if some people put apples and raisins in her bag? Does she throw them out and play a trick?

    Funny that you're already looking forward to Halloween. It reminds me of the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David refuses to give a couple of teenage girls treats because they are past his age threshold. They write "Bald Asshole" on his house.

  12. Wonderfully captured!! I enjoyed it very much!

  13. Oooh a real sugar rush ... and some more! :o)

  14. I never liked the apples with razors in them, they hurt my teeth.

  15. This is really cute. I just love the Halloween season!


  16. That one brings the Halloween spirit!
    Such an enjoyable post, Robyn!!

    B xx

  17. Robyn, that could be the best Halloween poem I have ever read...the picture is pretty cool too. I'm ready!

  18. Wonderful Halloween poem, Robyn! You've captured the essence of trick or treating with such style and flavor! A delicious take on the prompt!

  19. That's really cute! I love the more, more, just one more part. So true!

    I wanted to thank you for the nice words you wrote on my blog about your thoughts re: my blog posts. I thbk all of yours are good, too!

  20. TS, thank you. Hope you score some good candy. ;0>

    Terra, as you should! You do make sure they cash in on your favorites. Right? Thanx !xo

    OT, I'd guess the drunken stupor has already started to set in. Am I right? [-;

    Viki, I do too, and I don't even get trick-or-treaters. Thanks. xo

    Margg, I'm sorry. It really is a lot of fun here. We're in desperate need of fun in the States. :-}

    Sue, I'm glad. Thank you. Enjoy some candy corn. xo

    Ames, is there any left? Where's the hiding place? Am I too late??? :-}

    Judie, thanks so much, and just a little more! xo

    Cheeseboy, thank you. I can't wait to see your Halloween posts. [-:

    Sarah, I'm always good for these types of reminders. No worries. xo

  21. GB, I like that. I'll have to find that episode. PS Yes, that girl doesn't take too kindly to apples and raisins. It's not a pretty sight. ;-D

    PJ, I'm honored. Thanks. xo

    Deborah, and then, just a little more. Really. Thanks! <-:

    PTM, amazing. We have the same dislikes. Cheers, and thanks for the laugh. xo

    Razzamadazzle, thank you. I do love Halloween time too. It's fun even without the candy - just not nearly as much. ;-)

    Chuck, and I'm sure you've read lots of them, and more. Thank you! I'm ready too. xo

    Tgo, thank you, friend. (-;

    Kelley, it really is about "just one more." Isn't it? Thanks! xo

  22. Ahh, takes me back to times of candy sacks, shaving cream 'n sugar highs.

  23. My tummy hurts...because I ate "just a little bit more". Aaack...candy and chocolate are my vices!

    Well written!!!

    Also wanted to thank you for hopping over to my blog in the "Little Hop of Horrors" Halloween Blog Hop this weekend.

  24. That is just awesome. I love that one. I can't wait for Halloween!!

  25. Super! I do miss Halloween and wish it was here. Although now the boys are grown up there's not much use any more.

  26. what a cute little fairtale story. A perfect halloween poem.

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries

  27. I love the piece and can totally relate to it.

    Thank you so much for stopping by at Marla's request and offering your kind support. I am very grateful.

  28. Me? Not quite ready for Halloween, but I'm always up for candy, especially chocolate! This well done piece reminds me of the days when my kids were little and I ate the good stuff from their Trick or Treat pumpkins! I wasn't into Skittles, but boy, I could scarf down a Snickers!

    Thanks for the memories..........cj

  29. Loved this poem, brought back all the fun (and tummy aches) of Halloween past. "And well, OKAY, just a little bit more" just brought a big smile to my face. Kat

  30. Copyboy, that's an interesting three-item combo you mentioned. :o)

    Marlene, I could never stop after just a little more. I know the feeling (the tummy ache feeling, that is). xo

    BabySis,thanks. It is such a fun holiday! <-:

    Ca88, sorry. It sounds like it might be a tough holiday now. I hope not, though. xo

    Tina, thanks so much. Great to see you here. ;0b

    Mami, I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xo

    cj, LOL. I agree. Snickers beats Skittles hands down. Thanks for dropping by! [-;

    Kat, thanks so much. And yet, knowing the tummy ache will occur, we do keep going for just a little more! xo

  31. Totally adorable poem. I can relate! And I never thought about it but they do like like a little field of orange M&M's!

    Thanks for the smile and clever word play!