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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Less Words Wednesday, Head Shots

Dawn (5) and Robyn (3.75) playing Hide-'n-Seek (maybe -?) without a highly sophisticated game plan.

Have a simple Wednesday~! xo


  1. Just one word : "adorable"...reminds me of when we were kids. ;)

  2. You don't look that cheerful, Robyn. Did you prefer hiding or seeking?

  3. totally cute old pic! you've got some good ones. I wish I did...

  4. I would NEVER find you hiding there

  5. If you covered your eyes,, you were completely invisible,, remember,, kid hiding rules 101.. I wish it worked as an

  6. Copyboy, SirT, Oilfied, BabySis- thank you, friend. xo

    songsnwords, it's always great to see you here. Thank you. ;-)

    GB, I know. I think my sis must've been kicking me during that photo shoot. xo

    Thanks Beth! [-;

    Pat, I am very grateful for it. Thanks. xo

    Baygirl, LOL. Good one. But, what if I covered my eyes? ;-}

    TIS, exactly. Very good point! xo

  7. first reaction, chuckle and think it's cute. rose

  8. Well, that is pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

  9. Of all the bad photoshopping you do, THIS one freaked me out the most. It's frightning because I know there is a puppet show behind those curtains.

  10. I love looking back at pictures from my childhood. You must have smiled when you saw this one again :0)

  11. That would be a terrific Halloween costume!

  12. Thank you, Rose, Marlene, and Cheeseboy. xo

    Kal, you're right. There's a couple of ventriloquists too. Talk about freaky! ;0)

    Marnie, yeah, I just wish I was smiling IN that one. xo

    Blase, you always sneak up on me like that. (-:

    Gayle, thank you. xo

    Sandra, glad to see you here! Yeah, it would be a fun bodyless-person-costume!

    Well thank you, AlphaZa.