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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Centus, Campaign Platform

Jenny Matlock

Thanks to Jenny Matlock, we have a fun writing option each week. Jenny offers a prompt every Saturday. The task is to include the prompt in a piece that does not exceed 100 words (not including the prompt). This week's prompt is bolded below. Enjoy, and have a peaceful weekend!

Campaign Platform

In closing, my friends, I will do everything within my power to bring about peace and harmony. My plan for ridding the universe of evil requires just one simple tool: a hammer.

If I had a hammer, my friends, I’d hammer at the meanies.
I’d hammer at their kneezies, and
All over their hands.
I’d hammer at their noses,
I’d hammer at their toes-es.
I’d hammer at their groins,
I’d hammer ‘til they're knowin'
That it’s about love between my brothers and my sisters
a-a-all over this la-a-a-and.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh.

Vote for me. I'm about to buy a hammer.


  1. Oops. Make that Pete Seeger. I started second guessing myself and checked...

  2. Leave it to you to put a twist on it!
    good one Robyn...

  3. LOL, I liked it. Way to change the song with a topical twist.

  4. My 1st visit I take it you like chocolate loved your take so much

  5. Of course, this prompt is from a song! Great take!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's SC Week 23

  6. Good one, an uplifting take on that hammer!

  7. Be careful with hammers, as it can mean the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor.

  8. Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes would laugh their butts off as loud as I did! Fabulous!

  9. I should teach this song to my first graders.

  10. Oh I love me some Pete Segerish ballading.

  11. Robyn, very creative. Get a good hammer.

  12. Sue, thanks. I really had no idea who sang this. Thanks for the research. :0)

    Pat, you mean this isn't what Seeger had in mind? Thanks, friend. xo

    Viki, thanks. I never quite 'got' the actual song. This one, I get. ;-}

    Tracy, welcome! Thanks so much. PS Yeah, I kinda like chocolate. xo

    Thanks Anna! Best wishes to you too. (-=

    Bookie, thanks, and I appreciate the visit. xo

    Oilfield, that's very wise advice. Thanks for the input! (Who wants to stop at a mere misdeamenor?) ;->

    PJ, I sure hope so. I'd prefer that to being struck by lightening or a hammer. xo

    Cheeseboy, I'd love to see that vlog! I think they'd like it, especially the kneezies and toes-es parts. ;0)

    Cheryl, thank you. Me too, I'm learning. Thanks for coming by. xo

    Terra, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. <-:

    Ivana, thank you, new friend. xo

    Chuck, I will. It's gotta be real sturdy. ;-]

  13. I'll buy you a hammer if you can start with the tea party.

  14. You're too funny. I was humming that song in my head while I was reading your poem.
    Funny thing, I told my hubs I only have two takes on this prompt. One is the song and other was the story about mom. Good thing I went with the story about mom. Hee hee. Very good Robyn!~Ames

  15. what a funky folk singer you are.

  16. Sweetie, I can just see you with a guitar and a head-band! Good job!!

  17. What a wonderful parody!


  18. Always loved that song!! Now I can't get it out of my head:) GREAT job!!

  19. I’d hammer at their toes-es ... I loved this, great SC LOL :o)

  20. A slightly different take on the song there then! Great idea!

  21. Great job, Robyn. Awesome!
    Love it!

    B xx

  22. thanksfor your post, very good. saw your comment on my post re crying. crying, we are human and not nec. weak. thanks rose

  23. Bet they are scared shitless when the hammer-woman aka Thoria passes by....Happy hunting err...hitting. ;)

  24. The "Ooh ooh ooh ooh" is the icing on the cake. I'd like to hear you sing it.

  25. Sarah, it's a deal. Sarah P. will be first. xo

    Ames, thanks. This was my only take on the prompt, so I had to go with it. :0)

    CB, I try. Sort of but not really. xo

    Judie, lol. I'd be wearing my tie dyed shirt too. [-:

    Razzamadazzle, thank you! xo

    Gayle, sorry you can't get it out of your head. Perhaps you could do some hammering.;->

    BabySis, glad you liked it. xo

    Deborah, thanks! {-:

    jfb, thank you for visiting and commenting!xo

    BettyM, I appreciate it. =)

    Margg, thanks. xo

    Rose, thank you. Hammering and crying are both therapeutic. [0=

    Gautami, game on! We're a force to be reckoned with! xo

    Songsnwords, let's hope they're scared shitless,cuz I'm a little nervous myself. ;0>

    GB, thanks. I'm not a singer, but I could hammer at the same time to drown out my voice. xo

  26. Interesting blog - funnily enough I have just been blogging about chocolate

  27. Thanx for teh follow Robyn - I mean I write about things other than chocolate bars but I think the meaning of existence can be reduced to three things, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!

  28. Very clever. I had the song stuck in my head the entire time I was writing mine. I think I prefer your version :) Stop by, mine is about chocolate! Kat

  29. ROFL! Could you hammer at my "kneezies" for me, you know, work out a dimple or two?

  30. i laughed and laughed and laughed! thanks for this precious centus. even made me forget my broken wrist for a moment...........cj

  31. CJ, so glad I brought you laughter. Thank you! xo

    Mar, no, I couldn't knock your kneezies. You're not a meanie. Here, I'll hand over the hammer and close my eyes. :)

    Kat, it's still stuck in my head! Oy. xo

  32. I laughed. I thought. I laughed some more. I went to find my shoes so I could go and vote for you and then, alas, I realized it was just a story.

    And I was enthralled in your cleverness and vision.


  33. Hope your hammer achieves its purpose and gets all those noses and toes-es :-)