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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chocolate Bar Talk

Cliff Bar: Pour me a Quik one, Toots.
E. Clair: Sure thing. What’s shaking?
Cliff Bar: Nut ‘n Honey. Well, actually, you know that Kit Kat I was mixing with? She broke it off. Said she met some tasty Big Hunk. E. Clair: No kidding!? She’s a goober for leaving such a nutritious, rich one like yourself.
Cliff Bar: Yeah. She kept complaining that I didn’t give her the organic thing. You know? Fudge! I can’t help what I’m made of!
E. Clair: Oh my Godiva! I mean, it’s not like a Big Hunk can give her any real organics either.
Cliff Bar: Yeah, I suspect that dud’s pretty tightly wrapped. She says he’s into those 3 Musketeers. Guess that’s her thing too. She wanted me to try an m&m once, but I’m more wholesome. ~Sigh~
E. Clair: Some babes just like the dark ones. I bet he ain’t even 40%. What a Cad!
Cliff Bar: I do miss sharing kisses. You know? We all need a fix.
E. Clair: Fudge, yeah! But I’ve been stale for so long, I wouldn’t know a whatchamacallit if it melted on me.
Cliff Bar: Your filling looks pretty fresh to me, tart.
E.Clair: Hmm, are you suggesting you’d like a sample?
Cliff Bar: Sweetie, I’d like more than a sample of your creamy insides. E.Clair: Well, then, shall we do some trick-or-treating? You know, in costume?
Cliff Bar: Oh, E! Just show me your neighborhood, and I'll do the knocking, babe.


  1. That is just genius. I love the clever candy pun posts!

  2. You are a silly, silly woman. :-)


  3. BRILLIANT!!!! I just laughed out loud at "Oh my Godiva!" ROFL!!!!! GOOD ONE!

  4. Okay, they have this thing now called medication.. lol..
    very funny.. what the hell?
    So these chocolates walk into a bar and...


  5. Best dirty talks from sweet innocent things ever! Brilliant!

  6. Super creative. You are exploring new cascades of chocolate writing.

  7. Oh that is just hilarious. I laughed so hard. Well done. ;)

  8. Unlike Miss Clair, Kit Kat is quite a hard lady. Have you heard of Milky Bar? One of the few Caucasian chocolates.

  9. I knew Cliff was cheating on me! Now I have proof!

  10. Thanks, Allison. :-]

    OT, glad to make you laugh. xo

    TS, thanks a lot. Glad you like it. {-=

    Noelle, I appreciate it. xo

    Pearl, I try. :o)

    Marlene, smiles right back at ya. xo

    Ivana, thanks for the note and visit! [-;

    Anthony, I know lots about meds. xo

    Sarah, lol. Thank you! ;-b

    Cheeseboy, yeah, there's so many ways to work the chocolate angle. xo

    BabySis, thank you, friend. (-;

    GB, I prefer the more politically correct chocolates. xo

    BB, I'm glad you got the news, even though it's hard to - well - swallow. (Excuse the pun.) ;-}

  11. I wish I could be half as clever as you are.

  12. That's a lot of chocolate references in one post!

  13. Oilfiedl, thank you. I'm sure you're well more than half. xo

    LaughingWolf, tank ewe. :-)

    PTM, they aren't mutually exclusive. Right? Try a chocolate Nicole. xo

    Alex, I try to get in all the chocolate I can on a regular baisis. [-;

  14. That was hilarious!! I loved it. I could see that popping up all over the internet. Good stuff!