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Saturday, June 19, 2010

To The Engel Dads

Left: Dad and me, 4/67 Right: My brother, Jonathan, and Jeremy, 3/08
~Father's Day greetings to the Engel Dads ~

Dear Dad,
I'm beginning to think that some people appreciate my sense of humour, and I believe I have you to thank for it. Otherwise, I cannot explain my tendencies towards sarcasm, cynicism, offensiveness - but only when it's directed at the truly offensive, and self effacement - though certainly never justified. Thank you for passing the humour gene onto me, dad. It helps.
You are nothing if not resilient! May the excitement of recent times subside, so you can move towards full recovery and healthier days.

Dear Jonathan,
You are a natural at being a great dad. I'm proud of you, baby bro. In case it wasn't crystal clear by now, you are dad to my favorite kid in the universe. You picked a great life partner too.
Thanks for all you've been doing to support dad through the rough patches.

Happy Father's Day, Dad and Jonathan!
Enjoy Engel family time.

With love,


  1. Love ya blog sis..And I am grateful to your dad for such a wonderful person he set loose in the world!!

  2. What a good idea Robyn, I wish I had thought to include my brother the way you did.

    Very sweet post. Love the photos, your bro and dad look so much alike.

  3. Oh Baby! What a sweet and wonderful post!

    Happy Father's Day!

  4. i'm sure yuor dad and bro would go over the moon on this one :)

  5. So loving! Obviously tenderness and appreciation run in the family. And the photos are beautiful.

  6. What great daugther you are. I loved reading this post.

    BTW, I can't help but notice how much your brother looks like your dad!

  7. Ally and Marnie, they do look alot alike, and Jeremy and I look alike - except I lack his beautiful dimples and curly curls (plus his youth, and - well, I'll stop now). Thank you. xo

    Anthony, thank you. I hope you had a great day and weekend in the land down under. :-]

    Seductress, love ya too. Hang tough! xo

    IT, thank you! They do have a lot more money than I. Then again, I think they went out of business, so ever mind! <-:

    John, thank you. xo

    BB and Pat, thank you. I hope it was a nice day and weekend - though I know these holidays can be a mixed bag of feelings (for me as well). ;-b

    ~J, thank you, kind lady. xo

    Cheri, that's sweet. Thanks. I hope you had a great day with your two guys. (-:

    Margaret, how kind of you to say. Thanks! xo

    xoChocolate kisses,

  8. The pictures are beautiful (your nephew is so cute!! I know, I already said that before!)

  9. What sweet, sweet tributes!!!! (And yes, you are funny!!!) :)

    P.S. I love chocolate. What kind of nut doesn't LOVE chocolate?!!!

  10. Thanks Sarah. It's ok to keep saying how cute he is. I do it all the time myself. :)

    Gayle, thank you. xo

    Marlene, phew, I'm relieved for ya! Thanks. :)


  11. Very sweet. Everyday on this day I lament that I am not a father myelf. Not my destiny I guess. But I think I would have been great at it.

  12. Very nice, R. I got to talk to my dad today for a long time and I sent him a card prior. I hate that they live as far away as they do.

    One day I hope to be the one being said Happy Father's Day as well as being the one who says it.

  13. Thanks Cal and Geoff.
    Virtual hugs,