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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Operation Freedom: Dropping the Bomb

I wrote this piece in 2003. At that time, President George W. Bush declared a swift war on Iraq for a variety of reasons that he surely couldn't pronounce: they had "weapons of mass destruction" (a 2005 investigation found this unfounded), the Iraqi people needed saving from their evil government (thus war was needed), Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were threats (we still haven't located Osama, though rumour has it he was spotted performing karaoke at an Egyptian bar with Elvis), and etc. Of course, at the same time, my love life wasn't doing victory dances either. I mean, this is a purely fictional piece paralleling the global catastrophe of war with the microchallenges of a dear friend's heartbreak.

"You're not the one for me," he declared. "It's a blessing I've realized that now. I'm saving us both from getting more serious. You'll be fine. Better off even. It's just a temporary pain."

Loosening my grip on the telephone receiver, I moved in closer to my Tv screen. As the man I loved was cutting me out of his life, the President was declaring war on Iraq. "We'll spare lives, prevent future attacks, end their evils, and save the civilians of Iraq. We're gonna preserve this great nation and all it stands for. God bless America!" He was saving us from otherwise inevitable horrors and, perhaps, the end of life as we know it. It's a good thing, something to celebrate!

I suddenly felt my heart eclipse global demise. I'll never again experience the tender hopefulness of his touch. We won't fight playfully for use of his car's cupholder on the next roadtrip. No more chances to gloat over a scrabble victory. We won't share laughter about silly things, have tickle fights, or heat up his Volvo's backseat at the drive-in. It's for the best. We're both free to date other people. What a good thing!

Numbness overcame me. The world will never be the same. Families from all walks of life will never again know the security of a daily routine. Too many hearts will be pierced by interminable pain. Hatred, torture, brutality, murderous rampages, a blood stained earth. "It's for the best. It has to be done. We have to act now. It's a truly good thing!"

I shrunk into the nightmares of the moment. We won't walk on the beach hand in hand again. We won't talk for hours about nothing in particular and everything important. We won't lay meditatively in each other's arms. We won't share stories about childhood escapades, recite love poems to each other, or revel in dreams of our happy future together. Thank God I have my freedom! It's for the best!

Damn you for single-handedly stealing it all away! Damn you for demolishing something untainted. Damn you for crushing my heart and soul and dreams in the name of righteousness, in God's name even, in the name of what's best for me! Damn you for killing off all things good in the perverse name of some greater good!


  1. Would I be correct in thinking 2003 holds bitter memories for you?

  2. life can change so fast with a tragedy. alot of hurts, fears, losses.God Bless

  3. Were you a fly on the wall when my last boyfriend broke up with me? Except that was 2004...

  4. Tragedy and Bitter Memories are always fast to strike. It can be hard to live even if they are gone.
    Have a good day...

  5. It's always the sad times we remember with such clarity. I often find that they are blessings in disguise...unfortunately I figure this out years later.

  6. He was a poopy fart face for leaving you. Yeh, I said it. And seven years later there is still a war and he is sill a poopy fart face. Somethings never change.

  7. I love Cal's take on this one....a poopy fart face, indeed!

    It's obvious you were just TOO GOOD for him, honey.

  8. Ms.A, lol. No, it's my girlfriend's heartbreak. This was fictional. :) xo

    Rose, what a beautiful comment. Thanks! :-]

    Ca88, I bet they all share a script. The next victim is hearing it right now. Damn him! xo

    Mr.Stupid, thank you. You're so good with words! {-;

    Marnie, I have a hard time getting to the blessings place. That's the challenge of life, I suppose. xo

    Cal, love it! THANKS! I mean, I'll tell my girlfriend he was and still is a poopy fart face. She'll feel much better. :-D

    Marlene, aah, thanks. xo

    Chocolate kisses,

  9. Heartache is the loss of a potential future with that person, but this is a blessing in disguise if he's not the one for her. Some chocolates and lots of wine may cheer her up.

  10. Poopy Fart Face...I love it. Some people have BFF's and then there are PFF's :0))))))))Anyone who breaks up via text or phone is indeed a PFF. Many moons ago I was in a relationship where it ended on the phone. As upset as I was, I also lost respect for the guy as he was clearly lacking some serious kahunas.

  11. Losing someone we love is so very hard not matter what the reason is! Beautiful!!

  12. Loss seems to always stick with us so much longer than joy, at least some losses.

  13. "I'm saving us both from getting more serious."

    It sounds as if you were already plenty serious. Didn't he know?

  14. Very poignant. Just as poignant today as it was in 03.

  15. Awww, this is so sad. What a jerk, much like Bush.

  16. Just get it off that pretty lil' chest of yours, Robyn. Don't hold back.

    I'm going to find you a good man. Be patient.

    GWB did the most harm for our Nation than any other president. He was a religious wolf in sheep's clothing. He met his agenda...capturing Sadaam.

  17. Very well written Robyn.. it was true but also sad.. i really liked it.. yes, i see a lot of criticism on the net of yr current man at the top..but i just think of what came before..what a joke he was..
    good story Robyn!!

  18. Sarah. You're sweet. Thanks for your kind words - for my friend. :-)

    Marnie, thanks for the added laughs! PFF's indeed! I suppose I'm lucky it was too long ago for him to end things via Facebook! xo

    Gayle, thanks and hugs. [-;

    MMH, so true. Loss never gets lost. xo

    GB, yeah, he's a weirdo. I know how to pick 'em. I mean, my friend does - despite her brilliance. She needs help. :->

    CB, thank you! xo

    Ally, thanks. It really wasn't so bad, as he was quite insignificant..almost as insignificant as Bush's brain cell (<-note: word is singular). (-:

    Blase, thanks, but not the pretzel boys in the mall, okay? Nor their daddies or grandpas. True about GWB. His combination of stupidity and evil further destroyed this country and much of the world. xo

    Anthony, thanks so much. Right, people conveniently forget what a monstrous mess George W. created (or furthered) before Obama stepped into an impossible situation to clean up. I wish he'd end the war, though. So much for a swift victory. :->

    Thanks, all,
    chocolate kisses,

  19. The timing of it all is the amazing thing.
    I'm glad you are over the "break up" part, now I wish we could get the war part of it over with as well...
    great story Robyn!

  20. Thanks Pat! Yes, when, oh when, will it ever end? That's what they said throughout the war in Vietnam.