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Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Summer Home

I wish I knew where I took this picture, but I don't.

It's a short stroll from my apartment. The waves crash feverishly against the shore. Yet it lifts me to a calming, mezermizing serenity. I sink into the grains of sand, where I can just be for hours on end. I contemplate it all and realize nothing. Something about the rhythmic explosion of water crashing onto the land flips on a switch in my head that opens up a world of worlds, a universe in which to enter unconsciously yet knowingly. I hear the waves, but I don't hear them. Instead, I hear my voice, the voices of family and friends, the voice of an Energy greater than it all, and bitter voices too: those who hated or seemed to hate me, those I hurt or think I did. They are all with me, as I am contained by the warming grains of sand. They are all with me, taking me back to places I've been, being with me here and now, taking me to places I have yet to go, or not go. It all comes together in this time and place. I only moved here to be closer to the ocean. I didn't know I was coming home.



  2. Ah, the picture and the sentiment are both wonderful!

  3. I feel this exact way when I am on my home town beach :) There are no words to describe the level of peace.

  4. Sounds like the place where you and I should be holding hands and things of that nature...

  5. There is something so calming about water. It's pure bliss. Your picture shows this.

  6. sun + water + mountains = paradise, indubitably

  7. That place looks like a place that is a cool place.

  8. Beautiful photo...beautiful piece of writing.

  9. Isn't it great to have such beauty on your doorstep? I like to gaze at hippos frolicking in the river.

  10. I LOVE the beach! (even my sound machine is set to "ocean")

  11. My dream is to live close to the beach - I love the sound of yours!

  12. That is an awesome picture. Can I steal it and claim it as my own? I will give you 3 bags of M&M's for it.

  13. What a great shot! Don't you love it when you take a picture that you're so proud of? And such lovely words to go with it. You are a very strong writer!

    You did bring me soooo close to 200!! :) I appreciate it!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  14. We all need a place to call home ~ a place where you can forget all the troubles that plague you in the day and lie in peace and comfort with the beauty of nature that surrounds you.
    You're lucky to have such a pretty place to call home.

  15. Rose, thank you. xo

    BB, I appreciate it (the beach and your comment) ;-]

    Life, yes. There are no words. xo

    John, thanks. It was with a disposable camera, no doubt. {-:

    Blase, you make me blush. Or is that sunburn? Now worries, I use sunblock SPF 1500 or so. xo

    Marnie, thank you. Yes, and I'm lucky to live so close to it. ;-]

    Baygirl, it's likely the Californian coast. Come on over! xo

    Cheeseboy, yes, the place I can't place is clearly a cool place. {-:

    Mar, thank you kindly. xo

    GB, that would be quite a sight. Do they wear tutus and dance on their toes? Lovely images. <-:

    MsA, it's the best. Isn't it? xo

    Ca88, I can't imagine if I didn't have it here. I love it. Come on over with Baygirl. ;-b

    PTM, sure, but make that 3 points and 3 bags. Nah, I'll settle for 1 point and 4 bags. xo

    Thanks MaW4D. I'm hoping and assuming you'll get the big 200 today. Or perhaps you're there. I'll say 'Congrats!' now regardless. (-:

    DDG, yeah, I need to remember that whenever I need to remember that. Thanks for the reminder. xo

    Enjoy nature's gifts plus some chocolate this week!

  16. Wow,,, amazing!!! <3

    I made cake,, come have some!!

  17. I feel I've come home when I'm at the shore. Nice piece of writing.

  18. so beautiful, robyn. i am so jealous that you get to live near the water. i esp. love the last two lines.

    p.s. i broke down and had some chocolate last night. cramps were my excuse. black and green's organic milk chocolate, dee-lish!

  19. Very beautifully written, Robyn. And the pic is lovely too. I understand and share your kinship with the sea.

  20. Hello - new follower here, and what a lovely picture I surfed in on. Wow - that is the sort of pic I would frame somewhere so I can smile at it every day.

  21. It looks very beautiful. The waves are always special to look at. Great post...:)

  22. Seductress, I'm still on my way with chocolate cake. Oh, it's only half a cake now. How did that happen? xo

    CalGirl, thank you. It's why we stay in CA. Isn't it? :-)

    Ally, I appreciate your compliments. I haven't had black and green's organic milk choc. Now I must have some, just to be in sync with you and my followers. It's only right. xo

    T-go, thanks. I do believe it's our state's most redeeming feature. <-;

    Jayne, thanks for finding and following me, and for your compliments! Hope you're getting some sun wherever you are. I'll be right over to return the follow. xo

    Mr.Stupid, thank you, wise guy. That's not wise-guy as in wise-guy but wise guy as in a guy who's wise. :-D

    xoChocolate kisses and hope for sunny days (but not too sunny, else the chocolate will melt. Should that happen, think: hot fudge),

  23. We are soul sistas, sniff, sniff, sniff, my beach, my waves, my sand, sniff, sniff...

  24. I pray that one day that I too will have such a view...or at least it's a place i can go on my lunch break.

  25. The picture is so beautiful ..I wish I'd been there to see that scenery for real!:)

  26. Beautifully written..

    nice shot too..
    its good to have something of the natural world so close to home.