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Thursday, June 3, 2010

These Things I Know About the BDFH

1) BDFH (blind date from hell) is a redundant term.
2) I won’t have one ever again. I swear.
3) The next one I have will look like this. I swear. (Note: You’d swear too if you had to date this guy.)

4) He might offer to pick up the tab if I order tap water.
5) I like a slice of lemon with my water and will therefore bring a quarter.
6) While he boasts about his doting mother, I will fantasize about more pleasant activities (e.g., getting a root canal or styling Justin Bieber’s hair).
7) If and only if he looks like this, he will try to kiss me.
8) If and only if he looks like this and tries to kiss me, I will barf on his face.
9) Then, he will look the same.
10) I do the BDFH thing for entertainment purposes only.
11) Your entertainment, not mine.


  1. We all sincerely thank you for this great sacrifice you are making the sole purpose of our entertainment.

  2. Nice photo of gurning! Such talent. I don't even have to do that to be ugly.

  3. I've never been on a blind date.....guess I should consider myself lucky, eh?!

  4. Have you ever considered trying a blindfold date? It might be scary at first, but at least you could use your imagination.

  5. Never Been on a Blind Date. But if he looked anything like that guy I think I'm Lucky! :)

    Following you now from Friday Follow!

  6. LOL too funny! Stopping by from Friday Follow - I am your newest follower. Have a great weekend! :o)

  7. that's it Robyn, take one for the team! we need the entertainment... hahaha

    blind dates are not not for the weak

  8. Too funny. Remember the days before the internet when people would just introduce you to awful friends and cousins. Hmm, not sure which is worse.

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  10. and he probably has a gorgeous picture online to get a date, right?

  11. BB, you are somewhat sincerely welcome.;0>

    MsA, I don't believe you. xo

    Mar, yes. You should. (-=

    GB, great idea. But who would be wearing the blindfold? xo

    Thanks Amber, and welcome! I'll return the follow. =-}

    Trac~ thank you! I'll be over to return the follow asap. Welcome! xo

    Baygirl, that's how much I love you peeps. Have a good weekend. ;-}

    Ally, good point. It's all pretty grueling. xo

    Kim, welcome to Life by Chocolate! Thanks! I'll return the follow asap. [-:

    Sarah, yes. You are so right about that. That's their strategy. Oy. xo

    Have a good BDFH free weekend, all!
    Chocolate kisses, Robyn

  12. Too funny! I am your newest follower!! =)

  13. I would like to thank you for your contribution to all of your readers amusement. You are a doll! LOL

  14. I just popped over from Java's Follow Me Friday and had a great laugh at your Blind Date blog. Too funny.

    I had a horrible blind date experience once myself wherein I got stuck on a river cruise without any way of escaping the date for 4 hours!! AWFUL!!! But funny in retrospect as I actually found myself looking longingly over the side of the boat into the muddy water and considering how quickly I could swim to shore. :D

    I'm following you now & look forward to reading more of your blog.

  15. Hi, I'm visiting (and following) from Follow Friday 40 & Over. Thankfully I've never been on a blind date! Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. Yes from Friday follow 40, hope you have some good blind dates!

  17. That photo just looks painful.
    I don't think I've ever had a blind date.
    Just think what I've been missing! :-)

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  19. I met my husband on a blind date over 15 years ago. I would have to say mine worked out just fine.

    I am a new follower thanks to Follow me Friday, and i look forward to reading more of your blog.

  20. this is too funny. i need to read more of your stuff, so i'm following you :)

  21. Haa Haaa!!

    LMAO--but I would be terrified of a Blind Date now.

    Wear do you put the stick.....OH as IF!!!!!!!!! Could you imagine FEELING that face to get a LOOK at him? Sorry--this was mean!



  22. The picture on this post is hilarious...I'm still laughing!!! Can't wait to read more! Following from Follow Friday. Nice to meet you!!

  23. What a picture! Hey there! I am new to your blog and have become a follower! I look forward to reading your blog! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  24. It's a selfless thing you do for our sakes. Bless you for your dedication to our entertainment.

  25. THAT would be enough to make me swear off dating permanently! Just found you through FF40+ and now following. Love your cheerful view of life!


  26. Yep. This is the same guy I was about to write about on Gay Dating 101. Apparently, he's bi!

  27. That guy has skill I tell ya!!! LOL...thanks for the laugh.

  28. Hi Robyn!!!

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  29. Shanna, welcome! I'll be over soon. Thanks! :-)

    Lydia. Thanks, hon. I do what I can. That's why I'm on the verge myself. xo

    RoM, that is the GREATEST story! Thanks for sharing, and for following! Welcome. I'll reciprocate shortly. {-;

    Linda, welcome, thanx, and I'll come by!xo

    Kim, could it be worse? Is there such thing as a good blind date? At any rate, thanks for joining life by chocolate! Welcome!;-]

    John, it does look painful. I didn't think that was possible. I still wonder if it's a real picture. And you're not missing anything. Just look at his face again. xo

    Nice to meet you too, Angela! Thanks for the follow, and I'll always join a foodie pack. I assume chocolate's involved, yes? :->

    MamaHen, thank you! I'll hop over.xo

    TS, I know. I know. I'm eternally focused on my followers, not my loneliness and desperation. {~;

    Beth, thank you! I'm glad to make a new 40+ friend and will come on by soon.xo

    Jason, he swings both ways, huh? Well, with a mouth like that, we shouldn't be surprised. LOL. =-]

    Marnie, thanks and you're welcome. He is rather flexible. xo

    Hey, Java. I'm so grateful to have found your blog. I've made lots of new connections through it today alone and am thrilled for that. I'll hop over again soon! THANKS!

    I'm so excited the scrunched face dude netted me so many wonderful new followers! It seems he's good for something.
    [Thanks dude, and sorry I barfed on your face. Did you clean it up yet? I can't tell.]

    Chocolate kisses and hugs to you all (except the scrunched face dude)!

  30. I had a blind date to my junior prom...had just broken up with (my now husband) and we didn't go together. It was Terrible! Then I had to do it again...and go to his!! Yuck!!

  31. I've never had a blind date in my life, thank God!
    I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop Friday. Have a great weekend!
    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  32. lol.... Blind date, schmind date! That fella looks like marriage material! Imagine the money you'd save on toothpaste....

  33. BDFH? I had actually never heard that term before, but now I finally have a description for EVERY blind date EVER, except like two. I'm utterly paranoid of blind dates. Especially cheapskate ones.

  34. That guy scared me. I guess I will have a nightmare today! BTW, hilarious post. You make me laugh all the time...:)

  35. Checking back to see if you have a new post, noticed your new pic! Very pretty! :)

  36. Wow that guy is freaking scary. I would crap myself if he came at me asking for a smooch! Especially since I am a guy.

  37. Who's that HUNK?!?! Is it selfish of me to say that I'm really grateful that you date guys like this for my own personal pleasure of reading about it?

  38. Gayle, that is truly yucky. Glad it all ended well. xo

    ThisMom, thanks! I'm a new follower too. :)

    ABAO, good point. Not good enough. xo

    Lindz, I made the term up. I felt I had the right to do so. May you never have one. [-;

    Mr.Stupid, sorry for your nightmare. I'll replace the image soon, hopefully. You always make me laugh too, silly guy. xo

    Ally, aren't you glad you came over? ;-}

    Jerry, lol. May that day never come. xo

    Sarah, be selfish all you want. I do this for you and my followers. [-;

    Chocolate kisses and real smiles (with teeth),

  39. Daddy!!!!!!!!!! hahaha glad he's made a name for

    yeah, id demand a photo upfront...lolz


  40. Funny post. :))
    Before we get to meet the right one, we have to deal with a lot of BDFH...

    Im your newest follower. Glad to meet new people and read new blogs. Hope you could follow back, drop by, and say hi!