My Story, Yours Too.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Comment Collage Starring YOU!

Dear Sillies,

Thank you for all the laughter. It's desperately needed and greatly appreciated. For you, a collage of some of your recent comments. Who knew you had so much to say about undies and other miscellany? I did, and I'm proud.

Be good to yourselves. 

Stay cool, hot, and silly.

I love you.


Birgit said Sextilis sounds like a dirty combo mambo and we have an extra Saturday, Sunday and Monday to do it. I love boxers...they are such a cute dog..Oh not about dogs ok...Granny Panties and I wear them proudly because, in the end(hahahaa) they are still taken off quickly by hubby. As for G-String...I am just not into ass floss.
Pat Hatt said lol I make fun of such things but haven't gotten confused by any lately. Alex J. Cavanaugh said Underwear is evil.

Sherry Ellis said What about bikinis?

Debra She Who Seeks said You are a Philosopher Queen. These are Questions For The Ages.

Jeff said Maybe it's time for someone to do a remake of the Moody Blues, "Isn't Life Strange".

Geo said There aren't enough esses for that outside Mississippi.

Elephant's Child said On the underwear question my preferences for wearing them or looking at others wearing them are very, very different.Mistress Maddie said I best get lucky...with something soon...this pandemic is wrecking havoc honey.

Geo.  said I must go lie down now, but Happy Sextillis!

Janie Junebug said I can create a fantasy teacher. R's Rue said Yum. Connie said This year just keeps getting more and more bizarre. Birgit said Ahh to be a dirty little girl In School which I would have done with my one high school priest. He was so good looking and tried to engage students. All I thought was to take the white thing off his neck and feel his thighs.

Annalisa Crawford  said oh boy are his Victoria Sponges delicious!

Ruth said I picked a bangin' post to visit on.

Joanne said Better to approach with alcohol? 

Infidel753 said Maybe that's why the Romans had so many orgies. jono said Not going to tell you what's behind the zipper unless you show me yours. L. Diane Wolfe said Thongs!

Joanne said Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's - and I'm thinking of Markie Mark's big undie ad in Times Square.

Shady Del Knight said I say we salivate... I mean celebrate, and agree to meet back here 823 years from now to do it all over again.


  1. I keep saying I'm going to do one of these. Then I see I haven't. Codfanglers I say!!!! I have to make time.

    1. Yeah, it takes a bit of time to collect and arrange them, Mistress. But it's well worth it! You'll laugh hysterically throughout the process, I promise. xo

  2. I think Shady summed it all up very well!

    1. It makes for the perfect ending, right Alex?
      Thanks for chiming in and for stating clearly that underwear is evil.
      You are very wise.

  3. you have such a great batch of friends here. I am proud to be included. And you are the one who leads us on (and astray). Thanks!

    1. Ha. I love having a following that giddily visits all the weird places I point at, and that does this so colorfully. My sillies are the best, and you're among my most loyal best. Thank you and you're most welcome, Joanne.

  4. Oh wow...I am in here twice...thank you. I realize I have my brain in the gutter

    1. Please don't uplift that gutter brain, Birgit. I couldn't survive without the madness, and I couldn't NOT include both comments.
      Love ya.

  5. There can never be enough comments about undies.

    1. Never, Debra. Never shall we get to the end of the undies around here. =)

  6. Replies
    1. I think you have a goddess-like figure, Diane. I only wear thongs as flip-flops.

  7. Lots of great lines!

    1. It's a fun-filled one, because my Sillies are the best (and quite knowledgeable about undies).
      Thanks, Sage.

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