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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

This piece stems from the prompt "Resolution schmezolution" as part of Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. My feelings about resolutions and cocoa haven't changed since last year, so I'm reposting. 


Resolution schmezolution

A year defined by destitution

Across the globe we witnessed strife

When will we learn to cherish life?

The i’s not capped with Pod or Pad

And dieting just drives us mad

We reach for more to sate the greed

When food and shelter’s all we need

So let’s be glad the year is gone

While we strive to mouth ye Auld Lang song

A new start is what the world needs

There’s just one thing I must concede:

I make no lists, for old time’s sake

And won’t scale down cocoa intake!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       A PERSONAL NOTE     ~~~~~~~~~~

Looking back at 2012 isn't easy. Events of the past year stretched my emotions to new depths. But I've also reached new heights, and I'm ending on a high with my first published book. Plus, I awoke every morning safe, warm, healthy, able to laugh, and with access to fair-trade chocolate. That's a lot to be grateful for. And so I am.

I appreciate YOU, too, and  can't imagine my life without this wondrous blogoverse. Thanks for your constant cheer, friendship, creativity and wit. 
I am especially grateful to those who consistently visit and comment. Whether or not I'd commented on their most recent pieces, they've been here post after post, and, in some cases, year after year...

Gorilla Bananas 
Pat Hatt 
Stephen and  

Thank you!!

Happy New Year to all my blog friends. 

May 2013 offer you safety, warmth, health, laughter, and abundant access to fair-trade chocolate. 

Embrace a new start.    


  1. Perfect attendance- that's neat. Happy 2013!

  2. I agree with your sentiments so I'll be a frequent visitor in 2013

    Love ya

  3. Well, ive missed a few but im pretty consistent i think..

    Happy New Year to you and sorry you had to go through troubles.


  4. Perfect attendance is an awesome award, even though I'd like to be honest and point out I may have missed a post or two during my June sabbatical. I love that piece of writing and really hope that you have a great 2013 Robyn because you deserve it. You've went through so damned awful things in 2012 but this is a chance to move forward and make the most out of your life and I know you're going to do it.

    On a side note I've been considering a top ten posts in 2012 thing for a while and your post on Mother's Day about what makes a mother was amazing and if I do get around to making a list it'll be near the top.

  5. This is such a wonderful poem that really focuses on what's important, including the cocoa! Thanks for this special award that makes up for all of the days I missed in school, not to mention points off for tardiness. I have learned a lot from you, and have definitely had more fun. Julie

  6. Happy New Year, Robyn. Let's hope a lot more people will be greedy for your writing! I'm sure you won't spend all the royalties on cocoa. Will you?

  7. Happy new year, hope a good one is had at your pad!

    Yeah 2012 I'm glad is long gone, and perfect for me the cat likes that at his sea!

  8. I'd come visit you no matter what, Robyn. As you said, year after year!
    None of us could do it without the support of others. And this group online is the most awesome.
    Make this YOUR year, Robyn!

  9. glad you survived 2012 Robyn and thanks for all your e comments. Had all time sake once in a Japanese restaurant, wasn't convinced xo

  10. That's such a great poem. Seriously, it is :) Have a great year!

  11. Happy New Year Robyn!! Sorry I missed your Perfect Attendance...I really tried but fell a little short. Enjoyed your verse as always. I even promoted the cause of fair-trade chocolate at my sisters house for prob, my brother-in-law works at Nestle's in Ohio!! oops...

  12. Ruth, I never did get a perfect attendance award myself, so it was fun to give it out.

    Teri, glad to have you in my circle. Love ya too.

    MsA, Happy New Year to you.

    Anthony, you are consistent, and I appreciate your friendship.

    YW, still, you're one of my most loyal and you're a great guy. Thanks so much for your support.

    EmptyNest, tardiness doesn't count around here. Thank goodness, else I'd lose a lot of points. You're a gem.

    GB, no. There won't likely be royalties to spend. But if there are, of course I will.

    PatHatt, Happy New Year and good riddance 2012.

    Alex, you always say the right things. Thank you.

    David, too spicy, huh? Thanks for the laughs.

    Ravena, thank you. Happy New Year to you.

    Adam, have a great one too. I appreciate your visits.

    Chuck, you gave it a good run, and I did consider you - were it not for the times you ditched class to chase skirt, go cruising with the seniors, and try to get someone to buy you beer at Al's Liquor. ;-]

    Have a wonderful start to 2013, my friends. Enjoy.

  13. Happy New Year, Robyn, enjoy the sunshine

  14. Happy new year Robin! 2012 was filled with high highs and the lows were awful. Here's to many blessings for all in the new year! Can wait to see your book!
    Blessings, Joanne

  15. happy new year!

    all the best in 2013!


  16. happy new years 2013.
    long time no visit your blog sir.

    if you still remenber me.

  17. I look forward to reading your blog always. You either make me smile, chuckle, blush or laugh out loud. It' a pleasure to know you through your words. Here's to an awesome 2013 for you!!!

  18. I look forward to reading your blog this new year!!

    Have a really wonderful New Year! :)

  19. Happy New Year, Ivan, Joanne, Betty, Mohamad, Yvonne, and Lexie. Mohamad, it took a moment, but, yes, I remember you. Thanks for coming back and visiting. You've all been long-time blog friends, and I appreciate you. Hope the year is off to a great start.


  20. Happiest of New Years my sister friend. :) May 2013 be your best year, yet. I am grateful we connected and look forward to more of your writing and your emails. :)

  21. Nicely done, Jayne.

    Happy new year!


  22. I think my favorite line was "the i's not capped with Pod or Pad" - it's so true. That and not giving up cocoa. :) Happy 2013, Robyn.

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