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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Starring YOU, Top 20 Blog Comments of 2012!

As 2012 comes to a close, Life by Chocolate proudly  presents a series of the year's highlights.  Today, we're appreciating YOUR funniest comments.  

Sorry if you don't see yours here. It was really hard to narrow them down. You've been making me laugh throughout the year, and I thank all of you for that.

For now, in no particular order, and taken out of context, here are your top 20 most hilarious comments:

1) Melissa Bradley said In the spirit of giving, I'll share one of mine with you: "I love all women. Just not fat ones, ones who are too tall or too short, if they talk too much, have hairy pits, legs or 'staches, if there old, there breasts are too small or sag, and if they don't like sex on the first date." I wonder why he's still single?

2) Joanne said...Mouth opened in shock, Furrowed brow, Empathetic nod, Chastity belt on back order.

3) YeamieWaffles "tyypo," really made me laugh, a typo about a typo is way too hilarious to me. Women time is the dreaded enemy in my eyes, it always comes out when you least expect it!

4) Teri Vonn said Robyn,“Men” time is not a “tyypo”, it is an example of the creative writing course from Wossamotta U. 

5) Anthony J. Langford said “ribald” and “trenchant” would be enough for me to think, Wanker!

6) Al Penwasser said That's a tough look to pull off: pubic hair on your head.

7) farawayeyes said Your comments block has given me more information than I ever wanted about lingerie and men and Beckman. YUCK! That guy, by the bras, I think I dated him once. Creepy! 

8) Pearl said And they are all named Amanda because the name tag only COMES in "Amanda".  :-)You're welcome.

9) Stephen Hayes said My wife chose celibacy for me. Isn't she thoughtful?

10) Empty Nest Insider said Mr. Salsa's sausage pizza would probably be delivered in 30 seconds or less.

11) John McElveen said Taking cold shower.

12) Rosalind Adam said Gagh! Firecracker with the tongue! Please someone, say something to get that image out of my head!!!

13) Alex J. Cavanaugh said Licking and chewing... That's it, I' m going home now!

14) Gorilla Bananas said Pizza with no string cheese? If Delivery Boy starts talking about his career in the adult entertainment industry...listen with interest.

15) Ms. A said Are you planning a trilogy... 50 Styles Of Pizza? 

16) Baby Sister said that's sad. Their poor kids don't stand a chance at being even slightly competent!!

17) Powdered Toast Man said I thought it [BDSM] stood for Body Doubles for Steve Mcqueen.

18) Kal said FINALLY someone is telling that Christmas bitch what I have been afraid to say. No longer will I be seduced by her shiny bells and naive beliefs about human nature. I feel so forced to like her just because she is pretty. I have seen her insides and Christmas is pretty ugly when you blow out the candles and turn on the lights.

19) Chuck said I think I saw this movie...starred Richard Gere right...Gigolo or something?? Sorry, continue with your story.

20) David Macaulay said sheesh Robyn - when you are in a restaurant with a toddler throwing knives at the other diners and then throwing a tantrum or running into the kitchens to terrorize the chef, you totally want a table for one. Give me a table for one right now. Yeah know what you mean re the hols, though, can be tough. It's the flatulent relatives that concern me the most.



  1. Now I am just completely heartbroken. Robyn, you didn't pick one of mine! I need to go find some tissue. D':

    Really, congrats to all the winners.

  2. Ruth, your momonet comment was one of the best. Since I'd given it attention previously (along with others who didn't make this list), I didn't add it again. It was SO HARD to narrow this down, and there was no way to pick only 10. Sorry. You're still one of my funniest peeps. =)

  3. Aw, thank you, Robyn. You do get some really funny comments. I don't know how you do choose.

  4. Hahaha... what a great idea for a post!

  5. I'm waiting on that trilogy. Let me know when it's out!

  6. Well, to be fair, brilliant comments was my major.

    Congrats on the book. Who knew you were so talented?

    ME, that's who.

  7. Wow, I feel so privileged!! Go me for being funny!! #20 had me cracking up.

  8. I pulled that BDSM comment right out of my ass. I didn't think it was all that funny but who I am to judge the judge.

    It must of taken you days to comb through all the great comments over this past year.

  9. Oh wow!! I can't believe my comment made this awesome list. You made my night. I love making people laugh and don't mind sharing the ridiculousness that comes my way. ;)

  10. I am completely flattered. Now I'm going to take a cold shower! Thank you for that!



  11. haha
    These are great Robyn - what a good idea!
    Glad to have got in there. The pleasure is all yours. haha No, mine.


  12. Ruth, as I mentioned, it was really tough to choose and narrow it down. But it was SO MUCH FUN.

    MJ, thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. I did too.

    MsA, you made me laugh again. I'll keep you posted on that score.

    Kal, aw, thanks. You clearly excelled in your major. xo

    BabySis, that was a good one. Yeah, especially the last sentence of #20. David's got a great sense of humor.

    PTM, is that where it came from? Eww. TMI. Yeah, it took hours, but hours of fun.

    Melissa, you always make me laugh, hon. I especially love when you share your dating snippets too.

    John, the thought of you taking a cold shower...well, excuse me while I take a cold shower. Wink.

    Anthony, haha. You were right the first time. The pleasure was all mine. And there was at least one other comment of you that I was thinking of posting - something about sniffing knickers in the women's lingerie section. But I don't need to embarrass you by spelling it out.

    Keep a smile, my friends. You keep me smiling!

  13. Did you really review all the comments since the start of the year, Robyn? Only a school teacher used to grading papers would attempt such a task! What about the comments made between now and the end of the year?

  14. Thank you so much for including me... and for reminding me about that awful mental picture. Now I've got to work at getting it out of my head all over again. Aaaagh!

    Sorry you're having to work over Chanukah but happy holiday all the same :-)

  15. Oh yeah, Melissa wins! PTM's was also great. And did I really say that?

  16. Sugar! I must get more witty. I really must. Hope you are surviving all the rain up there and congrats in the new book!

  17. What a great idea! One of these is funnier than the next LOL. I'm sorry for Stephen Hates but his comment totally cracked me up. Poor guy!

  18. haha great list, what is even funnier to me as I remember reading many of them. I guess the cat better step up his game too.

  19. I love this list and I'm so happy to see that I've been added into it Robyn, thanks so much for the privilege, all these comments are awesome though and they all made me laugh. Al in my mind is probably the funniest commenter of all time, I'm sure you already know how funny he is though without me saying.

  20. GB, I really did. And comments between now and Jan 1st, well, when do the Mayans say the world will end?

    Rosalind, you're welcome and I'm sorry!

    Alex, yes. It was in response to my Halloween Erotica poem. Don't play innocent with me. Wink.

    Bossy, nah, your wit was in full force and recognized with your Valentine's special. I just haven't re-highlighted those poems.

    Julie, I have the same response to Stephen's.

    Pat, sorry. A couple of yours were almost there.

    YW, I could do an entire post of Al's comments alone. I easily had 3-5 to choose from for this one.

    Thanks, all.
    Keep smiling.

  21. oh wow - it really did star me. Great idea, posting comments. Why did I never think of that xox

  22. Thanks for the honor of including me on your list. I just wish I could remember what I was responding to.

  23. Awwwwww, Robyn, I'm touched.
    But, don't worry, I'm taking medication for it.

  24. Thanks for including me on the list and I am sooo glad you did not include any verbal comments from our in person conversations, libel anyone?

  25. David, your flatulence comment was such a great one to end (<-no pun intended) on.

    Stephen, it was one of my posts on why I choose celibacy.

    Al, are you sure? Can you get a stronger dose?

    Teri, don't worry. I won't blog any of that stuff. I'm taking notes for a book.


  26. Cool way to get twenty comments Robyn...very cagey. Just kidding, I now have to know the context for my comment...coz otherwise it just confuses me (unless you are seeing another Chuck on the side :))

  27. You certainly get some interesting comments!

  28. lol, omg....this is great stuff!
    Thank you for sharing..
    I think I just snorted coffee..can you really do that?
    so fun and yes, Congrats to all the winners!
    @>------------so fun!

  29. This was so much fun, and it was so nice of you to include me on your list! I'm in good company, and I always look forward to your entertaining stories. Thanks Robyn!

  30. Chuck, you were suggesting Delivery Boy is a gigolo. I should've listened to you.

    Charmaine, I do. I love my blog friends.

    Ella, yes, it's been done before and will be done again. I take it as a grand compliment. Thank you!

    Julie, my pleasure. I'm very appreciative of our connection.