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Friday, May 11, 2012

Is it Nap Time Yet?

Wishing all good mommies a glorious nap this weekend!

{Originally posted for Saturday Centus on 5/14/11. The prompt was "Hush little baby, don't you cry."}

Is it Nap Time Yet?

Hush little baby
Don't you cry.
Life isn't easy
I'm not gonna lie.

But you've yet to taste chocolate
Or visit the zoo
Skip rocks 'cross a creek
And play peek-a-boo.

You haven't chased bubbles
Or wiggled your nose
Counted your fingers
Or tickled your toes.

And you've yet to eat ice-cream
Or dash through the park
Catch your first spider
And hide in the dark.

Right now, though, you stink
And you're all full of crap.
So let's get you changed
Then mom needs a nap.


  1. The way that poem ended was just awesome! Yet another reason why I don't have kids.

  2. I love this poem so much Robyn, I have a feeling this is something I'll be reciting to my baby if I ever have one, I love the chocolate mention in it too. Thanks for reposting this, I wasn't around for it the first time.

  3. Bad mommies take naps, too – probably more than good mommies do. ;)
    And good aunties need naps as well.

    Your poem captures the joys (and other stuff…) of baby/childhood.

  4. Oh my goodness! I totally didn't see that last stanza coming! Best poetry EVER!

  5. What mom really needs is a nanny... and possibly a wet nurse too.

  6. You got me with that last stanza. Until then this seemed like a Hallmark card.

  7. LOL that cat approves of your rhyme and remember those poo filled diapers can make good weapons too..haha

  8. Are we twin sisters from other misters? 'Cause girl, we sure do THINK alike.

    I remember one mother's day about 6 years ago when our grandson was toddling. Keri, out daughter, and her family came over for Mother's Day and after dinner both Fisherhubby AND s-i-l laid down on couches and began SNORING leaving Keri and me to watch the toddler.

    Keri looked over at me and said, "Hey - - - I thought this was MOTHER'S DAY, so why can't WE take naps?!?"

  9. Well, that last stanza will eventually apply to me. Except I'll need to swap 'mom' with 'nurse.'

  10. That last line is a real gem!
    Now tell me more about this thing called "nap"...sounds interesting ;o)
    Have a great weekend.
    Blessings, Joanne

  11. Alex, yes. Diaper duty and sleep deprivation are two good reasons. Thanks.

    YW, thanks so much. You're always so kind.

    Beth, true. Bad mommies don't forget their naps. That's why this one is only for the good ones. And you're sweet to toss in the auntie thing. I take naps on behalf of good mommies everywhere.

    Beth, you make me blush. Thank you.

    GB, a wet nurse? Silly ape. I'm guessing you'd like one too. ;~)

    Stephen, LOL. I guess I won't send my resume to Hallmark.

    Pat, thanks to you and the cat for your approval and suggestion regarding the use of stinking diapers.

    Keetha, I think we are sisters and I'm honored. Can you go to s-i-l's place to nap in front of her this Mother's Day?

    MsA, I really appreciate your praise. A wonderful Mother's Day and nap to you.

    Al, we do end up back in diapers if we live long enough, don't we?

    Joanne, dear Joanne, my wish for you is that they'll all leave you alone for 40 (nah, make it 60) minutes to discover what this nap thing is like.


  12. "Mom needs a nap"
    You damn right! My kids are eight and 15. I have needed a nap for 15 years.

  13. Awesome and so true...first time visitor, new follower...
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Awesome verse.
    I have baby sit often, my younger cousins, then nephew and nieces. I empathise with the last stanza.
    Knowing you, chocolate has to make he grand entry somehow. :) Enjoy your weekend.

  15. And that thought absolutely terrifies my kids. Especially when I tell them, "Payback's coming. And mine will be SO much bigger."

  16. Had me fooled again! I thought that was really going to be the sentimental you! Not about poo...

  17. You know why that poor baby cried? Cause he knew he was stinky and hated the feeling of poo on his nether regions.

    Great poem! Made me laugh.

  18. Dawn, I thought of you when I decided on the title. I like how you write about just wanting a nap. Sleep, darlin', sleep!

    Katharine, great to meet you. Thanks so much for the visit and follow. Happy Mother's Day!

    Thanks, David.

    Rek, all my years of babysitting influenced this one. I hope you've been having a relaxing weekend.

    Ewww, Al! =) Well they best be prepared to suit you up in XXXL diapers.

    Chuck, yeah, guess I have a hard time being sentimental through and through.

    Ruth, you're right. I'd cry too. I'm sure I did. Happy Mother's Day.


  19. fantastic! you never fail to amaze me, robyn!


  20. Fun poem Robyn! Hard to remember the baby days, Orly comes back from her freshman year of college tonight!

  21. And it won't be nearly as cute (if that is even possible) as when they were infants. Don't you love it when your posts inspire all these comments?

  22. Yes, Al, I always know you'll keep us entertained. It's one of many reasons I/we love you. That and the fact that your kids - not blog friends - will be on diaper duty as needed.

    Carol and Betty, thank you!


  23. Haha very funny.. unfortunately pooey nappies are my reality...

    Good work Robyn! :)

  24. I loved this the first time around, too! You have such a cool writing style!

  25. You are so funny! Also, very talented. Great one Robyn...