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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How Far Have We Gone?

How far we have gone
How much movement we’ve made
When text isn't a book
But a means to get laid

And those who offend
We simply unfriend

How far have we gone
How much did we gain
When a tag is for photos
And a tweet, the inane?

When we “like” a good joke
Say “hey” with a poke?

How far we have gone
To go viral we aim
Gotta increase the numbers
And stay in the game

How far have we gone?


  1. I'm thinking you should post this on Facebook, but would that make you a hypocrite?

  2. Crazy isn't it.

    I refuse to tweet.

    I refuse.

    I was one of the first on facebook...and that is ENOUGH...


    How far have we gone?

    Problem is, we are still going...

  3. This makes me feel so guilty about using technology Robyn because despite the fact I send texts, and tweet, and blog and Facebook I know we've gone too far, and just like "Not So Simply Single," says we're moving even further, it's scary in all honesty, thought provoking post Robyn.

  4. So far that many have forgotten how to make friends away from the Internet.

  5. “Yes!” to the first four verses.
    And the last one? Too far – I think we’re at risk re: losing our sense of human connection and what it means to be a friend.
    Well done.

  6. MsA, yes, and further by the nano second. Right now, for example, facebook is down. Millions are wondering how they'll survive.

    GB, I think I'll do that. Right now I'm wondering how I'll survive. See above.

    NotSoSimply, yes. We're still going at at record speed.

    YW, no need for guilt. You're an exception. Your humanness shows through everything you do virtually.

    Alex, that's the ultimate problem. We hone skills at being virtual, not human.

    Beth, yes. You're so good at summarizing. Thank you.


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  8. We have gone so far that people would rather text than actually talk to a person. And, wasn't that the biggest complaint years ago when businesses started using automated answering machines. People complained, "I just want to talk to a PERSON!" We've come a long way, baby!

  9. Yep we have gone way to far, that no one knows how to interact much in public anymore.

  10. In my opinion...we've gone backwards. Great poem Robyn!
    Blessings, Joanne

  11. a text is just a means to get laid - haha you have to start posting those texts

  12. Text to get laid?
    Man, who would believe?
    What can I say?
    I need something different to read.

  13. Cool poem Robyn.. funny. but very true... Sums up many things about our frivolous networking...

  14. Facebook has become the evolution of Fight Club's "single serving " friend observation.

  15. Oh, this cracked me up. It's so true!! And so very sad. I don't tweet. Facebook is enough for me.

  16. Have we gone too far?
    I have two emails.
    I have two Facebook accounts.
    I have two hideous blogs.
    I also tweet.
    And now I play Words With Friends both as Al and...that other guy.
    I really should talk to people more.

  17. Too far! I still love my books, mail that comes from the postman, human contact and real dates. :)

  18. I'll tell you how far we've gone. We've gone too far...
    Nice poem Robyn!

  19. Awesome post. Vocal communication delivers more information than just text. Face time with our group is one of the biggest reasons I keep showing up.

  20. Thoughtful prose - I like it. Sometimes feels like we've gone too far but as long as people take responsibility for their actions, there is no reason that we have to keep going down the wrong paths. W.C.C.

  21. Fantastic poem, and you know what Robyn? I could totally picture this as a SONG!
    Yep, Robyn's gonna be famous. FAMOUS , I tell you.
    Have a great weekend, my friend!!

  22. Loveseat, thanks so much. Great to meet you.

    Darlene, how ironic that we were all complaining about an automated voice. An actual voice, at that?

    Baygirl and Al, let's just say "Text me" does not mean "Kindly write a family friendly biography about me."

    Pat, yes. It's true.

    Joanne, I agree, the movement has been in the wrong direction.

    Anthony, I'm glad you like it. Your praise means a lot.

  23. Chuck, that's an appropriate comparison. We'll see what happens to the servings down the road.

    BabySis, fb is enough for us all. I still tweet the inane though.

    Yvonne, I still love all the same. Except real dates? Please define. =)

    Pat, yes, and further we go. Thanks.

    Teri, thank goodness for our group. It makes the writing thing a human thing.

    WCC, nicely worded. Thanks for your sentiment.

    Dawn, you're too kind. I wonder who's singing this in your imagination. Tell me it's not Bieber.

    Thanks, all, for proving virtual communications can be meaningfully human.

  24. i have an account on twitter, but i rarely go there, also, i've deleted my facebook account as well.

    funny poem robyn, but so very true.

    big hugs!

    plus: have a great weekend!

  25. This reminds me of an adult version of Dr. Seuss! Great rhythm, and flow with a message to boot! I've never tweeted, and rarely text, but it is a different world out there. Julie

  26. 5 STARS!!!!!!!!! Love it Robyn--Love it and you!