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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sundays in My City: For The Safety of the Wildlife And You.

UnknownMami hosts a lively worldwide party on Sundays. Through her blog, you can feast on amazing sights across the globe. We're visiting another park today.

Despite its appeal, this one's named "Genetic Resource Center." I can't explain its sci-fi-like name, but we're in South Chico on a beautiful day. I hope you enjoy.

Some people (e.g., authors promoting their How To workshops or books) say that everyone can and should write a book. I firmly believe that two groups should never do so: (1) people who write signs for the public and (2) the men who've written personal ads that I've spotlighted on my blog. These subsets should not attempt to write a book or sign or personal ad ever again. "FOR THE SAFETY OF THE WILDLIFE AND YOU." Incomplete sentences irk me.

Excuse my mini-rant that ends our leisurely stroll.

Thanks for visiting. Have a safe and peaceful week!


  1. Beautiful park. Odd name. And the people who write the SyFy craptastic film scripts shouldn't write a book either.

  2. Birds and bees and all the flowers and trees.. hello Summertime. Remember that one, Robyn? I'm having a Coke right now!

  3. I am not so good at following the directions of poorly worded signs but perhaps the thought of a rattlesnake would keep me to the path. Another great place to explore.

  4. “We ask that you do not handle or disturb them.”
    Like I would ever knowingly handle a rattlesnake – or any other kind of wildlife! Wildlife is only sweet & adorable in Disney movies. Even Bambi look-a-likes give me pause when encountered in nature.

  5. The park is beautiful, and looks like a great place for a photo hike.

    I have to laugh at poorly worded signs like that, and have to wonder if no one proofread it before approval.

  6. I do love a good rant at times too. Beautiful images.


  7. love the park and your photos.

    looks like a beautiful walk through that place. thanks for taking us along.

    big hugs!

  8. The park really doesn't suit the name of the place one bit which is extremely strange but the area itself is so beautiful Robyn, I'm truly envious that you got to do this walk, amazing photos.

  9. That's a nice place. I love walking through nature and forgetting the concrete jungle for awhile.

  10. Alex, some of those film scripts are truly embarrassing. It angers me that people get paid to write that stuff.

    GB, yes, I remember that one. It's a good one. I hope you enjoyed that Coke. It's the real thing.

    DelKing, rattlesnakes do evoke fear. All the sign needs to state is "Beware of rattlesnakes."

    Beth, LOL, good point.

    Tara, I imagine that, not one, but several people proofread these signs before approving them.

    Molly, I'm glad. I often can't help myself.

    Betty, thank you. Glad you enjoyed.

    YW, it's a truly odd name, isn't it? It almost detracts from the park's beauty.


  11. I definitely agree with you on the ad posters!

  12. I thought just to be ornery I would make my entire comment full of nothing but fragments.

    Then I realized I don't even know HOW TO WRITE nothing but fragments.

    It would take MORE WORK THAN ANYTHING just to TRY to write that kind of a comment.

    So you're getting a boring run of the mill one after all.

  13. Robyn ... you never fail to make me laugh! Quite a gift some days, I assure you! :) That looks like a gorgeous park. One of my goals, in starting back to water aerobics, is to be able to enjoy walking, in beautiful out door spaces, again some day! In the meantime I love the pictures!

  14. Awww, what a beautiful stroll it was! I love the first picture. It reminds me of taking the path unknown.

  15. I gather they are lacking in recources at the Genetic Recources Park? ~Ames

  16. Wish we had a place nearby that was like that. Sans bad sign of course.

  17. What a nice looking park!
    That sign reminds me of the signs you see in Asian countries. They are printed in "EngRish!"

  18. Really? Do they really need to add "other wildlife" after rattlesnakes? That's all I would need to see before I decided that I'd be safer in the car.

  19. Thanks, MsA.

    Keetha, I always like your run of the mill banter.

    Beth, thank you. I'm honored.

    Yvonne, it was really tranquil.

    Ames, I reccon so.

    L.Diane, I wish you did too. Sorry you don't.

    Pat, signs like that serve more for amusement than info. Don't you think?

    Al, damn straight. The sign would be a lot more effective if it just read "Warning: Rattlesnakes!"


  20. But I love your mini-rant that ends our leisurely stroll. :)
    -Yours in proper grammar and usage

  21. I fear for the future when grammar is so easily ignored. By the way, I've nominated you for The Beautiful Blogger Award.

  22. A beautiful walk for a peaceful walk and some stories to churn.
    I loved your exceptions to the writing club.
    Have a great week ahead.

  23. Ha! I definitely agree that those guys you've highlighted in the past should never, ever write a book. Never. Actually, maybe. It could be a comedy book!

  24. Beautiful--like my friend!

    Love ya back more sweet gal! I agree with the book writing exclusions! Sorry I've been absent, but they say Abstinence, I meant Absence makes the heart grow yonder...or something like that!

    Hell- just put me down for reason #777!

    But I do Loves ya!


  25. Dawn, thanks, darlin. I put extra care into making sure my grammar and spelling are okay when I'm mocking others' grammar and spelling. Sometimes, I get it right.

    Mami, I like that. It means my heart is in great shape.

    Emily, thanks so much!

    Rek, thanks, my beautiful friend. I hope you're having a great week too.

    Kelley, that's a good point. The humor would be off-the-hook. Thanks for stopping by!

    John, you are so silly. And wise about abstinence. I loves ya much too.


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  27. Haha - maube the 'author' had been bitten by a rattly and it was his last message to the world..

    I agree, some people should never write books. In fact, MANY!

    Here's to yours, when it comes.. and it will..