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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living the Dream, A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus keeps us challenged in fun and interesting ways. This week, we're assigned to write a piece in exactly 100 words, including the 5 words of the prompt (bolded below). 

Please enjoy. Jump aboard, if you haven't already, and visit other centus posts here.
Living the Dream

I’m living the dream, man.
But don’t get me wrong.
I work real hard
Dude pass me my bong.
I’m up before noon
Then act like a fool.
It’s a stretch for me, bro. 
Do I look like a tool?
The babes aren’t too smart.
But they’re stacked like IHOP.
When I just wanna nap
They whine “Dontcha stop!”
The lights are too bright and shiny and stuff
At eight grand per show
This work’s way too much...
*Bleep* they send me to Rome
I don’t even speak Dutch!

Say, wanna puff?

Reality TV -
‘Nuff said. It’s real tough.


  1. Reality TV? Is there really such thing? Reality for me doesn't involve a camera, filming my every move.

    Good job with the prompt!

  2. Are you vacationing in Amsterdam? Great post!

  3. Your poem is appropriately edgy. It makes me want to dig out my bong.

  4. You could definitely write rap lyrics for a living, Robyn! I like the bong line. George Clooney said he drunk the bong juice, so it's topical.

  5. Can you enlighten me on bong? can take my pennies and cents and go make a spoof of reality shows.

  6. Forget to mention, outstanding verses!

  7. Loved the rhymes Robyn, you have a serious talent for writing, something I'm sure you've hurt time and time again.

  8. You captured it – “reality” it’s not.
    I call it “Cringe TV.”

  9. LOL that is why if I want reality tv, I'll cut my screen out and stare through it, much better than watching that junk, great verse too.

  10. MsA, true. Reality TV is a twisted concept in and of itself. Thanks.

    Bluegrassnotes, thank you and thanks for stopping by.

    Karen, good one. Amsterdam sounds pretty dreamy right now. Then again, it's probably best for my brain that I stay put in No. Cal.

    Stephen, some of those bong things are pretty. I'd use one as a planter, maybe.

    GB, Clooney said that? Must keep a person young looking, in addition to being topical. Thank you.

    Rek, I wish I could enlighten you. I can tell you that I believe it has to to with - whispering - marijuana. It's a pretty glass bottle and they come in different colors, I think. ;-) Thank you!

    YW, I always appreciate your comments. Thank you.

    Beth, it's highly cringe worthy. The part that disturbs me most is the $ they make for being their idiotic selves.

    Pat, yeah, I'd rather stare at a hole in the wall or TV screen.


  11. I'm not much on watching relity TV but this sounds like a dialogue I may have heard in the wild 70's!~Ames

    P.S. Welcome back to SC

  12. I know people like that who aren't on TV
    Very creative use of the prompt, I really enjoyed it.

  13. Pass to the left--cough cough!

    Love ya and this was 5 Starz!!!!!!



  14. Reality TV is just so wrong. You make sound better than it is!

  15. Takes me all the way back to The Real World. Wasn't that the first of these lame reality TV shows?


  16. Crazy!! I've never fully understood reality TV but it's like a train wreck, isn't it? Once you look,you can't look away. Fun rhymes.

  17. Ames, too bad this dialogue left the 70's, meandered through all subsequent decades, and found a spot in which to thrive forever (er, we hope not) on reality TV.

    MiracleMommy, that's true. I know them too. I bet they wish they were paid millions for being themselves. Thank you.

    John, I just moved back to your left again. So hand it over, would ya? Thanks. Wink. Love you.

    Alex, thank you. Yeah, reality TV does well to illustrate all things wrong with this world.

    Sue, yes, you reminded me of that one. I got hooked on little snippets. And it's spiraled downward from that deep, dark starting point.

    Anita, that's a perfect analogy. Thanks.


  18. Are you vacationing in Amsterdam?
    ha ha
    Karen's comment made me laugh!
    Reminds me of my brother being banned from there, ha ha!

    Hi Robyn :)
    You of course made me laugh!

    Happy Sunday!
    lots of love
    gi gi

  19. You have mad poetry skilz, my friend! :)

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  21. You've been chatting it up with the kids at my work?


    That was brilliant though! :O)

  22. I swear I posted my blog on smoking before I read yours on smoking. Great minds?

  23. Your poem nailed it, Robyn. I always wonder what thde Reality Show types will do in old age, when they have to depend on things like their MINDS. And they probably won't be smart enough to eat chocolate!

  24. Hahhahaa Funny! I think we had similar characters in mind, yours sound like the one my protag poofed away. Well done, and a fun laugh!

    If you have a moment:

  25. Good grief, girl. You're a funny poet! I hope the hay-ell you know it!!

  26. Lol. That was clever. Was that for one of the Jersey Shore peeps?

  27. Lol there is someone at my work that constantly says "Living the Dream" this made me giggle :)

  28. I confess to liking a few of "reality" shows, but most are far from reality. My FAVORITE is Flying Wild Alaska. Have you seen it?
    Great poem Robyn! This puff is for you...

  29. You did a great job of capturing a particular reality show that may also include a little GTW! Dancing With The Stars is more my speed! Julie

  30. Julie, thanks. I now know the term GTW. Not that I needed to learn it; I've never lived the dream. I also love DWTS. American Idol too. It's the talentless ones (people and Reality shows)that disturb me.

    Pat, me too. See above. I haven't heard of the Alaska one, but I've been to Alaska and imagine the scenery is impressive.

    Cest, if someone told me that, I'd be tempted to end their dream by "accidentally" tripping them or slapping their face. Good thing I'm not violent...and nobody's said that to me.

    Search, thanks. I have.

    BabySis, yeah, those Jersey Shore-ites endured a Roman holiday disguised as "work." Do you think they realize by now that Italians don't speak Dutch?

    Hay-ell, thanks, my friend Dawn. Glad you liked it.

    Judee, we were floating on the same puff of smoke with this one.

    Terri, too. What's going on with us nice, respectable gals?!

    Margaret, true; at some point, they will be old(er) idiots. Then what?

    Ducky, whoosh, thems some kids you work with. You have my blessings!

    Beth, thank you kindly.

    Gigi, Amsterdam banned your bro? That's too funny! Good thing for him one can live the dream here too.


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    Happy Thursday, everyone.

  35. Hey Robyn, this was perfect.

    Absolutely, totally perfect!

    I really, really, really (three really's...really!) loved what you did with this!