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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Moment of Auntie Moments

Hi. I've missed you and am back with some snippets of discourse between me and my nephew...
Jeremy: You live in Paradise? 
Me: Yes, well Chico. It's very close to Paradise.
Jeremy: No, you live in Paradise. Paradise is far. Is it more than 40 miles? 40 miles is far. One finity is bigger than 40.

Jeremy: How old are you?
Me: 45.
Jeremy: 45? That's a lot.

When showing me how to play Angry Birds, Jeremy asked: "Are you good at knocking stuff over?"
I responded, "All the time, sweetie. All the time."

Upon watching me attempt to play Angry Birds, Jeremy decided (accurately): "You're not very good at it."

At an eatery, Jeremy told the waitress: "I want chocolate milk."
With great pride, I announced, "That's my nephew."

In the car en route to his T-ball game, Jeremy said: "Auntie Robyn, Robyn is your second name."
I responded, "You're right, sweetie. 'Auntie' comes first." 

Throughout my visit, we smothered each other in kisses and hugs, played "Tickle and Tackle" (I made that one up; it's played as it sounds.) and couldn't stop laughing. I already miss my five year old love bug.


  1. Hope you post some updated photos of that curly haired cutie pie!

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. So glad you had so much fun, you make me miss mine now.
    Chocolate milk, was a harp playing winged fairy hovering around when he said that? :)
    yes, the little ones knows sure know our weaknesses and point them out without a hint of diplomacy.

  3. You were right to be proud that he asked for chocolate milk. It's great to have a nephew who takes after you!

  4. "45, that's a lot." That line almost made me spit out my morning coffee Robyn, this guy sounds like such a cutie.

  5. You two are hilarious together! And forty-five is NOT a lot...

  6. Well, if “ finity is bigger than 40,” then 45 is definitely “...a lot.” ;)
    I used to call my boys “love bug” – and occasionally still do. They don’t seem to mind – or do they just tolerate it? Nah, they love it! ;)
    Glad you had a great visit – but how could you not with that little guy?

  7. LMAO oh I love the minds of kids haha they just say what pops in.

  8. Sounds like it was a good time for both you kids :) I think you may have grown younger during his visit.

  9. Sounds like you two are having a grand old time. We all need children in our lives to keep us young.

  10. He sounds lovely. And don't worry about 45 being old, I've been told 38 is really old!

  11. He is one Blessed lil dude to have Robyn for his Aunt!

    Love ya and feel better!



  12. MsA, I had camera issues (camera user-klutzyness issues) as usual but do have a few photos that I may post at some point.

    Rek, thanks. The hardest part is missing them, isn't it? The choc milk was delivered immediately. I envisioned the waitress as a harp playing winged fairy upon its delivery, too.

    GB, well thank you. I agree. Wink.

    YM, he's hilarious and sweet and all things good. I'm glad you didn't spit your coffee out.

    Faraways, thank you.

    Alex, phew! THANK YOU. Agreed, 45 is NOT a lot.

    Beth, thank you. I like how you combined his statements about numbers. It makes perfectly entertaining nonsense. I'm glad we both have love bugs in our lives.

    Pat, true. I was jotting down practically everything he said so I wouldn't forget any of it.

    Chuck. I like that. Yes, let's say I'm younger than "a lot" after my visit.

    Stephen, I wholeheartedly agree. I'm lucky to have that spunky gem in my life.

    Annalisa, 38? Nah, if you ask me, you've got a lot of years to go before you hit a lot. Then again, so do I. [We'll just talk amongst ourselves -sans kids- about the age thing.]

    John, thank you. You are the sweetest. This cold is a mean one; I don't like it nearly as much as it likes me. LYMI xoxo


  13. This has got to be the cutest post EVER!
    I think I have to change my name to
    MOM, can I have.....

    My husband has a cute nickname for me too..."Hun, where'd ya put my...."
    Blessings, Joanne

  14. Your post made me smile though it seems all my nieces and nephews are past the point that they would appreciate the kiss smothering. Still you took me back to happy times and fond memories. Thanks! W.C.C.

  15. When we went on family vacations my mom taught me how to order chocolate skim milk just like her. Jeremy sounds absolutely adorable, and is very lucky to have you for his "cool aunt!" Julie

  16. You are cracking me up girl!

    Love being an auntie! It rocks!

  17. Good thing your nephew didn't ask me MY age. I would have had to tell him it's written in Roman numerals.

  18. haha - that's so cute...

    Kids, you gotta love em..

    Glad to hear you have a nice relationship with him..


  19. oh little boys little boys little boys! They're amazing. Love the dialogue, Robyn!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  20. I'm so glad you had a chance for a love tank refuel! Hope the next one isn't too far down the road!

  21. Ahhh. Little kids are the best. :) I'm glad you had a good time!!

  22. It's just so sad that they grow up to be teenagers... I speak from experience!
    It's nice that the two of you obviously love each other!