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Thursday, May 20, 2010


My dear readers,
I was so greatly entertained by your comments in my last post that I've combined them into this very eccentric and highly perverse medley. Please enjoy, and have a freaky Friday - in the best of ways. Thank you for contributing to this, my 100th post.
PS I know, I can't believe it's only been 100. Call me slow and erratic, or don't use your phone. xo Robyn

Can you imagine doing the walk of shame from Baghdad? That’s like a really bad episode of the dating game, except without the long microphone. That socially inept guy is more of a milk dud with Asperger syndrome. It’s clear he’s an alien. Oh dear. So, for you, size DOES matter? None can compare to mine. I’d like to smack him for giving guys a bad name. Brutal x2. What happened to old fashioned wooing? He’s a dragonslayer, you know. Remind him of the Fatty Arbuckle scandal. He’s a Class A gumboil. Stamp “Stupid” on his forehead. It looks sexy on men. I wanna scream for you, Woman Superior. Did someone say M&M’s? You sussed him out, looking intently at the area of my forehead. Those d-bags with zero charm and charisma all seem to bank at the same Nigerian bank. If you can’t pay, then the date never happened. I’d buy you a muffin. Those losers sure know how to make a great first impression. Nothing is worse. I’m not going out with chicks with giant foreheads. Ew! Ew! Ew! At least Don Juan in the coffee shop has been laughing all through this nightmare. My summer needs to get more exciting. Are you sure he wasn’t suggesting S&M’s? I wanna scream for you. So dumb. I’m hating your hilarious and horribly tragic perils of on-line dating. Haha. Big smiles here.


  1. Thanks for the giggles! Needed that tonight. xoxox

  2. Sorry to hear about Friday Follow. I loved linking up.

    I have been hosting Follow Me Fridays at Trendy Treehouse for a while now. I would love to have you join in.

    Hope to see you there! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. They're not bad run together like that. Now you just have to practice saying them aloud in 30 different funny voices.

  4. I don't consider that slow and erratic. Let's call it measured and methodical. (slow and erratic is more like my style) Keep up the good work kiddo, you're doing great! (at least with the blogging, if not with the dating)

  5. 100 down, 1000 to go! Or something like that.

    What is it??? That thing in the picture.

  6. Brilliant idea for a post – and we were all inspired by you!
    Congratulations on your 100th post – keep them coming.
    (If I make that call, it will be to “quick & funny.”)

  7. Did you ever know that youre my hero? And everything I wish I could be...I can fly higher than an eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings!!

    wait...dammit,,does that mean I have to be the one that looks like Bette Midler??

    get out from under ma wing!!

    Love ya sis...this post was fun!! Kinda like what my bowl of Alphabits looked like this morning!!


  8. Ahahhahahhaaa! that was great!!!
    shabbat shalom :)

  9. YES!!! my comment is first. I think.

  10. Who would have guessed that a medley of our comments would make such a beautiful prose.

  11. LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Te mash up is an excellent idea. Really neat execution. Oh and just to make sure you stop by, and accept later (had I noticed this post before I would have commented as to how appropriate it is...) I picked you for the winner of the giveaway.

  13. Mar, come on back whenever you need a new supply of the giggles. xo

    Tara, thanks for finding me. I joined your following. :-)

    GB, I'm working on it, and I'm up to abotu 19.5 funny voices. Thanks. xo

    Definitely not with the dating. Thanks much, Ms. A. :-)

    Blase, I think it's a human being, but I'm not definite on that. xo

    Thanks Beth. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you do make the call. =)

    Seductress, aah shucks, love ya too. Glad you keep showering and smell girlie, given my space under your wings and all. It'd been pretty suffocating otherwise. xo

    Thanks Lisa Marie. Shabbat shalom! ;->

    Copyboy, yes, it was you who made that opening liner Bagdhad comment. Why the uncertainty? Take full accountability. It's classic. xo

    Cheeseboy, it is truly warmhearted and prolific. Isn't it? ;-]

    Thanks John! Love it when you drop by. xo

    Sarah, it really is rather hilarious. Isn't it? ;-}

    TS, you are the sweetest! I'll come on by. Thanks. xo

    Chocolate kisses and a peaceful weekend, all.

  14. Fun post. Glad you've made to 100. Good job on making it to a century!

  15. Happy 100th post. I have a feeling you will be reaching 1000 etc. Cheers!

  16. Very clever post!
    I hope there are many more posts to come.

  17. Congrats on the 100 and many more. Great collage.

  18. Brilliant concept! Very creative...
    love it!!!!!!

    And congrats on the 100..!


  19. Thank you, all you wonderful people.

  20. congrats on 100 posts! this was super creative, as usual, man, i'm pissed i missed out on commenting, i've been slacking on my blog reading and would have LOVED to have been part of this montage!

    you rule, robyn!

  21. The best kinds of posts are random nonsense. Congrats to your 100th post. Here is to another 100+ (toasts with glass made out of chocolate)