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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hang on Little Tomato

Dear Life,

You suck. I mean, where's the give-and-take? Why must I always be holding on for you, dear life? Perhaps you could try holding on for me for a change. You haven't exactly been a walk in the park. Well, that is unless we're talking about Central Park in the pouring rain at dusk on, say, a Monday, and I accidentally step in dog poop, and the dog owner is a creepy, smelly guy who asks me for money and date. As I was saying, or about to say in my typically tacky yet eloquent, sincerely loving fashion, a lot of people I care about are holding on for you too these days. I'm hoping some of them are reading this. For everyone who's been holding on for dear life, this song is for you. (Please hold on for 1.15 mins or so before the singing starts. It's worth it. You are worth it.)

I thank you for this one, dear life. Thank you for my friends in bloggyland too and for the cacao plant, and for sunny days, and for cute boys. I'm talking about the dreamy ones who go for the other girls and shatter my heart into a bazillion tiny sharp edged pieces, and - hey - you're slipping away again! Hold on, would ya?!


  1. Don't ask me why, but this post and the song/video made me all teary-eyed. It's like you were speaking to me. I've been feeling so crappy over the past few months. I have a blogger friend, Michelle, her baby was diagnosed with a form of cancer. Two bloggers, Lisa and TS, are dealing with the aftermath of flooding, I hope I'm not outing everyone right now... I just mean, everyone's got their bs to deal with. Thanks for posting this Robyn. Really.

  2. I know you don't wanna hear this right now.

    Count every single wee blessing you have...

  3. Very appropriate for the way I've been feeling, too.

  4. I’m hanging on to the vine - hoping I don’t fall off and get squished.
    Love this song!
    May your “sunny some day” find you soon.

  5. The song was lovely. Great post. Actually, very true. Life will throw many challenges at us. Surviving it is an adventure.
    I didn't say that. Found it somewhere on the Internet... hehe

    Have a good day!

  6. It did not take many words for you to make a perfect post, but you did. I need a "Hold on little tomato" t-shirt to wear to the hospital. It says a lot without saying anything...Does that even make sense?

    Love ya lots!!!

  7. Those 'dreamy ones' don't know what they are missing.

  8. It really sucks when we fall into the dark abyss, eh? Someone once told me that hell was actually earth....some days I believe it.

  9. Ally, I was thinking of those 3 - and others-too. Thanks. xo

    Gillian, yes, getting back to counting does help. (I like counting M&M's myself.)

    IS - This was for you, hon! So glad you came by. I love ya lots too, bloggy sis.

    Mr. Stupid, the internet can meet all our needs. Well, not ALL. Thanks for the comment. You really don't seem stupid at all.
    PS You're really cute too.

    Thanks DDG.

    Marlene, I like that. Reminds me of an awesome episode of Twilight Zone.

    Hang on all you little tomatoes!
    Chocolate kisses,

  10. Hey the next dog poop guy could wind up being a dreamy, Jewish never know. So is life.

  11. Maybe we're just in the taking phase of life and the giving is yet to come... ever the optimist aren't I? Or maybe just sarcastic optimism...

  12. I loved that song - made me feel sad and happy all at once.

  13. the song has an old world charm. lovely indeed.

  14. Cute boys, eh? Well, their toe-jam is probably just as yucky as the non-cute ones. Maybe life would be simpler for women if they could fall in love with a man's feet.

  15. I'm obviously really tired, because the word tomato makes me giggle in a ridiculous fashion. As does the question, "Why must I always be holding on to you, dear life?" This made me smile. I love cute boys, I just need more of them to complete my summertime fun. I also liked the song. :)

  16. Wonderful post, Robyn! Your thoughts mimic my own (well, except the cute boys part anyway) and the video was an elegant and very appropriate choice of soundtrack. As a little tomato myself (albeit wrinkled), I loved it.

  17. Love this post!
    I've left you an award over at my site!

  18. Copyboy, yeah, but he'd be gay. There's always something.

    Alice, wow. Thanks. I'll go check it out!

    Babygirl, are there more cute boys in your part of the world? I'll have to make a visit.

    Thanks Tom, from one wrinkled little tomato to another.

    Lindzena, thanks! Tomato is such a silly, endearing word. That's why it works so well in this song. Are you monopolizing all the cute boys? They are most useful during the summer. ;->

    Kristy, I call myself a realistic pessimist.

    Thanks Sarah and Kitty. It is such a classy song that brings up all sorts of sweet emotions.

    GB, you never fail to bewilder me, in a good way. x

    PS all,
    I didn't know how much I'd need this post for myself today. It was a crappy day. Your comments (and the award from Alice) really help me hang onto the vine!

  19. Love that song. For some reason it reminded me of "When Harry Met Sally" which, in turn, reminded me of a whole different era of my life...

  20. Hi,

    I came by via Alice in Wonderland to congratulate a fellow recipient of our prestigious award! I'm glad I did!

    Mind if I Tag along. Great great stuff here!

    Love it,


  21. I love this!! We all seem to be just hanging on from time to time!!

  22. This Ozarks farm chick know that life sometimes throws ya a curve and ya just gotta hang on for dear life, but what a ride baby!!!

    From the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a fabulous weekend!!!

  23. another great great post.
    life can and does suck at times. But it's also a roller coaster of highs and lows. people just have grab onto the highs and cherish them. I was gonna say more, but you already know my story...

  24. Hey Robyn!!:) There's good, there's bad..that's how life is! There's always some good..

  25. Doc, I can see a connection with "When Harry Met Sally." That movie and this song are very nostalgic.

    Thanks Gayle, and it's great to have a new blog friend.

    Nezzy, I LOVE it when you drop by all the way from out yonder in the Ozarks. Your energy always perks my spritis. Have a fabulous weekend yourself.

    Thanks Pat. Yes, I don't think people really know pleasure without really having known pain. Trauma really helps give a perspective and appreciation for one's blessings.

    Thanks Sarah. I love the sun, but I still hope I'll see your sweet smiley face on your blog again too.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and keep hanging onto the vine, my little tomatoes.

  26. Robyn - you always seemed quite upbeat to me. And the dog poop is a metaphor for the happiness just around the corner.... or at least I think it is???

    And yes, Mr. Stupid is actually quite genius.

  27. Cheeseboy, yes, that's exactly what I meant by the dog poop. Hard to believe you're the only one who picked up on that. ;0) You and Mr. Stupid are both genius (and so cute in your profile pictures). xoRobyn

  28. One of these days you'll catch it.... And hold onto it.... And the sun will always shine.... And the chocolate will always taste sweet!

  29. i haven't stepped in poop lately, but i DID step in gum, on my way into the bookstore.... there was no grass in sight, so i rubbed my shoe, obsessively, on the concrete outside because i HATE the way a shoe with gum on it feels when it sticks every time you take a step.... but i shouldn't be complaining when there are FAR worse things that COULD be happening to me....

    p.s. chocolate fixes EVERYTHING people!!!! stock your house (and pockets) with chocolate!!!! ;)

    what a lovely post. thank you for sharing!! =)