My Story, Yours Too.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Dance to Forget, Part I. ~ with thanks to the Eagles

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

It wasn’t an easy journey, but I made my way solo with the grace of a kindhearted klutz.

Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air

Fueled by deep raw loneliness, I pressed on toward the finish line.
Up ahead in the distance, I saw shimmering light
Prince Charming might be there.

This dream became more real with a string of boyfriends who finally entered the picture.

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

One by one, each exhausted me with ever increasing levels of neediness and histrionics. So I decided to go solo again. I needed a break, perhaps permanently.
I had to stop for the night
That’s when we met.

There she stood in the doorway; I heard the mission bell
Our shared laughter was fantastic. He was my destination. This I knew.

And I was thinking to myself, 'This could be Heaven or this could be Hell'
When I came home from our first date in tears, though, I figured either I was already in love or he was just a big jerk. be continued.I promise. Please come back.


  1. I just hate it when people leave me hangin'! I'm not gettin' any younger ya know!

  2. Darn you with these crazy hook posts. I'm stuck waiting to see where this is going! Brilliantly done of course. I love when you break it down with songs.

    Fantastically funny picture too!

  3. Would love to see where this goes. The pic's very funny!:)

  4. So far so good. I am craving the next part.

  5. .......will be here.....wink...hugs....

  6. Hummm, "Hotel California" never was one of my favourite Eagles songs, but I'm wondering where this one is leading!
    I love these posts!

  7. I LOVE THIS!! Now you have me biting nails waiting for the rest!

  8. Love the picture on this one!!!

  9. Why is it that I find myself singing through your blog post?!

  10. Oh I adore that song!! Eagles forever! Yay!

  11. Damn, I hope this turns out well...

  12. I play this song over and over--Wonder what that means!

    Great stuff! Just great!


  13. Great song, I am definitely intrigued - I hope it has a happy ending! xox

  14. I wil be awaiting the next installment, humming all the while....

  15. Since when do you beg people to come back?!? You know you have absolutely no need to do that!;) I loved how you said "he was my destination"'s so wonderful..!:) NEXT!!

  16. I'm intrigued! Love this! Looking forward to the next installment. Great song choice.

  17. Ahh- that song just brought back memories of college parties!! :)

    Im your newest follower from Friday Follow! Would love for you to stop by my blog and follow back! Have a great weekend!

  18. I appreciate all of your comments! The song is amazing and very deep. I always thought it was bright and cheery until I really studied the words. Very profound. Coming from LA, I can really relate.

    Forgive me for being a bit behind on the commenting these days. I'll be by soon.

    Casey, thanks. Will drop by and return the follow.

    Hugs and chocolate kisses,

  19. Wait!?!?! Was he a jerk? Were you in love? Come on Robyn! What's with the cliffhangers?