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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday Follow, Silly Quote, Happy Weekend

Happy Friday. Happy Friday Follow thanks to One2Try.

You never know until you know, but then you still don't know. You know? - me

Enjoy all the flavors of a great weekend.


  1. Ah - i know..

    Happy weekend to you!!!


  2. I completely know...I think! :)

    I am a new friend from FF. Come by and say hi and become a follower. I'd love to have you!

  3. HA! I never understand quotes. This wasn't easy either... hehe
    Have a great weekend too!

  4. That quote is too deep for my feeble brain to understand.

  5. Who knew???

    I thought you did!

    Weren't you running the whole thing?

    I'm confused..

    But you knew that!

  6. I heard the whispers....
    Happy Friday Follow!


  7. Yes, you are deliciously special. :) Have a happy weekend, girl!

  8. Oh, yes, indeed I know!

    Have a deliciously special weekend. ;)

  9. Oh boy, I just don't know, you know...

    Happy Friday!

  10. Oh no!

    That is on a need to know basis, you know?


    Well now you know.


  11. Do you know I like you all? That I do know. And I really like chocolate too. We are know that. Isn't it good to know there are somethings you can know. You know?

  12. Forgive her, Lord, she knows not what she knows.

  13. Happy Weekend to you too! You know???

  14. Wherever you go...there you are!

    Know what I'm sayin'?

  15. Ms. A, me neigher.

    TS, being going straight ahead.

    Thanks Anthony.

    Joni, thanks! I'm in your pack now too. You know?

    Mr. Stupid, clearly you actually do get it. It's all a big question mark, afterall. You know?

    Sorry Cheeseboy. I know what you mean.

    IS, I didn't know I was in charge. Did you? Crap. Sorry. You know I send hugs all the time, right?

    IT, it's definitely tentatively good that you kinda thought so.

    Thanks Evelyn. I dropped by with a follow too.

    Thanks Doc. No twister this weekend, for sure.

    You're delciously special too, Marlene. How sweet. xo

    Thanks Denise. I've dropped by.

    Beth, it's good to know someone else knows.

    ABAO, so glad someone with Obama in his name is in the know too.

    Babygirl, yes, I do know, hon.

    Tgo, good point, maybe kind of absolutely.

    VKT, you're a big person to admit it! (Unlike the rest of us).

    Thanks Ca88!

    GB, I always appreciate prayers in my honor.

    Betty, thanks. I know you know I wish you the same. You know?

    Blase, you never know who's right behind you. You know?

    Know that I SO like you all!
    Chocolate kisses,