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Monday, March 15, 2010

Rapeling and Creative Blogs

Can you GUESS WHO THIS IS?! [Neither can I.]
My friend Pat Tillett has bestowed upon me a Creative Blogger Award. Pat's writing is filled with rich life experiences that range from painful to glorious. He's a fun read and, moreover, a good man.
Per the drill, here are 5 things you do not know about me:

1) I'm afraid of heights.

2) I once went rapeling off of a 180 foot cliff. Once.

3) When I was about 150 feet up, my hair got caught in the harness.

3b) I was scared.

3b plus) I couldn't lower myself any further.

4) The guide controlling the ropes shouted up to me: "Robyn, do you trust me?"

4b) I lied and said "Yes."
4c) I got down safely and don't remember how.

5) I'm afraid of heights.

Here are 5 others I'd like to recognize for their creative blogs:
1) IT - such a character! He's always entertaining, and he's adorable too. Check IT out.
2) The Japing Ape I've met lots of silly apes before, but this one is the silliest.
3) AsBlackAsObama This California family man is quite skilled at combining fun and fascination.
4) Invisible Seductress She's hot. She's sassy, and we're going to compete in the dwarf olympics together. Never mind that, Seductress needs a few more followers to hit 100. Help her get there.
5) Alice in Wonderland Alice does it all: poetry and prose, humor and pain..She does it all beautifully. Her blog is truly a wonderland.

Okay, go about your creative business, one and all.


  1. I guess that was a compliment... thanks, for the compliment that is. Awards mean extra work.

    BTW - dunno who your rock climber is... rappelling is pretty awesome once you get over the idea that you are almost free-falling and that someone else has your back.
    Yeah, I don't much care for heights either.

  2. I know it, IT. It's like getting a chain letter. The guilt of not following through festers for days or decades, and you live in fear of something horrible happening. Or worse, you might be shunned by other bloggers. I really did mean it as a compliment, though. I'll still think you're cute and keep following if you don't follow through. Re: rapeling, I'm over it. Yeah, so over it, I don't need to do it again.

  3. thanks for the nice words Robyn. I can tell you how to get the award if you want it.

  4. Many thanks, Robyn. I don't mind being the silliest if I'm also the hairiest.

  5. I am honored and in my uni-tard practicing for the Dwarf Olypmics, is it supposed to look LIKE THIS????? REALLY????? Is this a freakin camel toe? HOW???????? ( I think I just ruined the HOT portion of your lovely compliment,,,crap)

    Thank you so much, I think you just made my year!!!!! ;} HUGS

  6. Cmon we all know that rock climber is you, right?

  7. Congrats! (Oh, you look great in that photo!)

  8. Wow, that's really Pat up there? I'd be scared to death!!

  9. Oh Pat, you've been outed! You do look a bit different since this photo was taken.

    GB, as far as hairy silly apes go, you're the hairiest too. xo

    Seductress, all we need is a good coach, lots of chocolate, lots of olives, and 2 other little people to fill in for us. We can surely do it!

    Ian and Betty, you're close. But I was down on the ground taking the photo of Pat. Ally figured it all out.

    I adore my silly blog friends. I look up to you all too, from the ground that is.


  10. Wow, thank you so much for the shout!
    Gosh, I don't think that I would trust anyone in that situation...brave girl!
    You've heard the saying "My life is in your hands", well I certainly wouldn't want to have a disagreement with the person holding the rope!
    Yes, I am a coward!

  11. WOW! You have soared to new heights! Great pic, and congrats on the well deserved award!

  12. I'm scared of heights too and I would never have the balls to do what you did! x

  13. 4b: Sometimes it's good to fake things. Whatever works!

  14. i tried free fall once and it was scary, but in general i love roller coasters. haven't tried rock climbing yet. and yes, you are special.

  15. Alice, you're worthy and welcome.
    Alice, CB, & Kitty, I was sooo much braver in my 20's. Now, I'm afraid of ski lifts or even step ladders.

    Seductress, we can surely find some athletic dwarfs. They won't be as cute as us. Then again, who is? :)

    Blase, yes, faking does help some times. But I'm sure SB doesn't ever have to. ;->

    Thanks Sarah. Free fall?! That's pretty darn brave of you!


  16. Thank you for the recognizing my blog Robyn! Sorry I'm so late! I've been so busy!

    I could never hang of a 180 foot cliff! You're amazing! The highest I'm willing to go is atop the two or three story roofs I have to climb up on for work....

  17. Thanks ABAO. That's about the extent of my bravery too (a couple of flights of stairs.) I was much more courageous in my 20's. :)