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Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Minute

MONDAY MINUTE from Ian's daily dose of reality.
Ian asks the questions, you give the answers. Here are mine:

-Do you feel like I do?
Yes, we're both meshughenah.

-Is it appropriate to answer a question with a question?
Why must you ask?

-What's wrong with people?
Let's dissect the word. Shall we? First, you have "pee" or "pea." Next, you have "poll," "Pole," or "pole."
In any combination, it ain't pretty.

-What's one redeeming quality about pickles?
I've got 2:
They don't leave the toilet seat up, and
They don't require batteries. ('Scuse me while I re-designate this blog as "adult content only.")

-If you won the lottery, how much money would you give to your favorite charity me?
I'd give you your fair share. I promise.


  1. Great answers! Side keep Passover and all that jazz?

  2. hahahhahha!!!!!
    Are you getting ready for Pesach???? I have to do some shopping on Sunday!

  3. I never thought of a pickle that way....

  4. You just made me remember a (true) story, about a cucumber. Not a pretty story!

  5. Sorry to ruin pickels for you, IS. You still have those olives. xo

    Ms. A., talk about a cliff hanger. Do share! :)R

    Ian and Lisa Marie, I'm not doing much this year beyond avoiding obvious forms of bread and taking in a Tues night seder. All of the dietary rules drive me bonkers, so I ignore them. Enjoy the prep, and have some good pizza this week! Are you both hosting? It's lots of work, but worth it. B'shalom! xoR

  6. Hummm, this sounds interesting, I think that I may have to give Ian a visit! I have noticed him around a lot and he is one of my followers, but I never knew about these questions and answers thing...sounds like fun!

  7. I heard pickles have another redeeming quality - they always respect you in the morning.

  8. Cute post! Stopping by from Ian's Monday Minute, nice to meet ya!

  9. Alice, Ian's is always a fun blog. Hop on board!

    GB, true. And you don't tend to wake up to them with regrets. Does it work the same with bananas?

    Thanks for visiting, Shannon. Come back frequently and often.

    Thanks Anthony. I'm honored that you enjoyed this silly post. :)

    CB, I'm talking strictly produce, of course. ;)

    Cheers! Monday's almost over!

  10. I told Ian I'd give him nothin' Ha ha! You're much sweeter than me :)

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  11. :)

    Today I am enriched by the word meshughenah, for which I thank you.

    Tomorrow I shall try to work out what it means, thereby furthering the enrichment process.

  12. LMAO, I underestimated pickles!

  13. Ally, I'll be the one determining what's fair. So let's just say we're equally sweet.

    Uber, meshugenah is as meshugenah sounds: crazy with an edge.

    Kristy, smiles!