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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One More Day to Test Your Choco-I.Q.!

Okay students, take out your #2 pencils. Shut your books and mouths. It's time for a quiz. NO cheating.

In the comments section, list the single letter answers to the following 10 questions. You will have between 20 seconds and several days to complete this exam. Once I've received your tests, I'll list the correct answers. Ready? Too bad. Here we go:

1) In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which character jumped into the chocolate river? A) Veruca Salt, B) Augustus Gloop, C) Mike Teavee, or D) Violet Beauregarde.

2) True or False: Studies show that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

3) American women buy which percent of the chocolate purchased in America each year? A) 45, B) 55, C) 65, or D) 75%

4) Which country produces the most cocoa? A) Mexico, B) Brazil, C) Ivory Coast, or D) Trinidad

5) Who consumed 50 cups of chocolate a day to improve his sexual prowess? A) Casanova, B) Montezuma, C) Henry VIII, or D) Don Juan

6) People eat the most chocolate (per capita) in which of the following countries? A) U.S., B) France, C) Ireland, or D) Germany

7) Which European country first enjoyed the pleasures of chocolate? A) England, B) France, C) Italy, or D) Spain

8) The French term ganache means: A) Velvet, B) Globe, C) Cream, or D) Imbecile

9) What's the best thing to use for cleaning a chocolate stain - short of eating away at it? A) Club soda, B) White wine, C) Rubbing alcohol, or D) more chocolate.

10) Pictured above is my hug-a-boo nephew Jeremy. Without coaching, he has declared his two favorite foods are: A) Gerber's blended pork chops and applesauce [Note: said with a Southern drawl], B) Chocolate and ice-cream, C) caviar and anchovies, or D) Auntie Robyn's double chocolate cream cheese cake and jello shots.
Hint #1: See pictures above. Hint #2: I really, really love my nephew.


  1. 1)b though technically he fell in. 2)true 3)um... B? 4)I'll say C on the basis that it seems like it would be Africa 5)...D? 6)A... it's gotta be, just on the shoulders of Easter alone. 7)B... Maybe... 8)I gotta go D because that's too random. 9)A? 10) So D... Really cute kid.

    That was a real tough quiz. Google called out my name, but I resisted. I have no idea how I did.

  2. TS, you're an honest student and the first to turn in your exam. All the other students are hissing, jealous that you finished so quickly. I've gotta get them to stop trying to eye your answers. Stay tuned for the results.

  3. Okay, okay...let's see:

    1) B, although I read the book such a long time ago, I'm still hesitating on that one!
    2)True, of course!
    3)C , don't know that one
    4)B , that one either!
    5)C ?
    7)B, but I was going to say Belgium!:P
    8)C C C C!
    9)B, but just so you know, I would've gone with eating it off the shirt: nothing beats the power of saliva!
    10)D , your nephew really is cuute! (did he actually eat all that?!)

    Hope I'm going to winnnnn!!!:P

  4. 1. B..I was soooo jealous!!!
    2. True..sigh
    3. C..being a little cautious here
    4. B..and look at the women there!!!
    5. B..I liked the name!
    6. D..Only surpassed by gummy bears..
    7. D..guessing them because they had great hats
    8. A..Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    9. D..Just because it is the funnest answer
    10.D..He's too dang cute!!!

    Hugs!!!!!! I love you!!! I think you are the bestest teacher in the world (holding out apple and hoping brown nosing helps me win ;) )

  5. B, true, B, B, B, A, D, C, A, B

    I did it with a pen, is that okay? Dang, now I really want chocolate and have none :(

  6. Now I remember what things were like before Google.
    1. B (I think their names had something to do with it)
    2. T
    3. D, probably, and unfortunately
    4. A
    5. B
    6. D
    7. D -- define "enjoyed" -- I think the Spanish explorers found the Mayans drinking it, unsweetened and spiced -- not sure how pleasurable that is
    8. A
    9. A
    10. D -- can I have some of what he's having?

  7. That last comment was by me, Rachel Fish. It would appear my last name doesn't appear.

  8. B, T, C, B, C, D, D, C, A, D
    Do you grade on a curve? What do I get if I win?

  9. I'm more interested in helping that kid eat the cake, rather than answering questions.

    So, you're a teacher, huh? That's Cool, and kinda sexy. What would I need to do to get you to give me an 'exam'?

  10. 1) B) Augustus Gloop

    2) True

    3) C) 65

    4) A) Mexico

    5) A) Casanova

    6) A) U.S

    7) D) Spain

    8) C) Cream

    9) C) Rubbing alcohol

    10) B) Chocolate and ice-cream

    How'd I do? How'd I do?

  11. Thank you for finishing so quickly. Let's keep quiet so the slow-pokes, I mean, your peers can finish up.

    Little Seductress, I love you too, sweetie. Thanks for the apple. Next time, bring chocolate. Run along now!

    Sarah, he ate more than his share, with the help of his parents and Auntie Robyn. That was about 6 months ago, and he hasn't slept since.

    Life, pens are not okay until 4th grade, when you learn cursive. Sorry. You'll have to take the make-up exam.

    Rachel, I'm so thrilled to see you in class today! Someone been's home schooling. Let's catch up during recess.

    Copyboy, the early results indicate that I will definitely need to grade on a curve. I don't know yet what the winner will get, but it will be fabulous.

    Blase, do I need to take you back into the coat room again for some special attention after school?

    Kristy, you're in the honors' group, so you'll have to wait for the others to finish up. In fact, the short bus is pulling up now, so they'll just be getting started. Sorry. Be patient.

  12. i flunk the test, and according to #2 i should stop eating chocolates!

  13. I don't think I know any of the answers!

  14. Sarah and Ca88, let's turn those frowns upside down. Giving up is not an options nor is giving up chocolate. (PS I borrowed this test from the Advanced Choco-curricula. A little bit or tutoring, and you'll be there.)

  15. The answer to all of them is E)Montpelier.
    I accidentally found your blog. Can't expound on dating or children... it wouldn't be prudent... but laughter and chocolate both rock.

    BTW - I understand that Hersheyboarding is a new form of torture. For further info see Round Three HERE... better yet read the entire post. It's about kids... sort of.

  16. Cute pictures. I'm just going to stare at that cake for a while.

    Have a nice weekend.

  17. I would have included the question "Is it possible to emit a fart smelling of chocolate?" You should always include a simple Yes/No question to give the duffers a chance of getting one right.

  18. GP, I must say, that's a question I never would have thought of. Is that a mating ritual amongst your species? I can imagine that might be effective (amongst your species).
    Cheers and bananas,