My Story, Yours Too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Miss Robyn (red-faced and panting): I am so sorry! I tried to stop them. I really did. But they bulldozed their way into the classroom. They were in the dressing room (together) since Valentine's Day and overheard me talking about the test. Oy, I am especially embarrassed in front of my Jewish students (Rachel, Copyboy..). Everyone, I'm a nice Jewish teacher, I am. It's meshughenah, it is. Here's our diaglogue and the results:

Millie (left): Did somebody say sex?
Miss Robyn: No Millie. That's test. Test. It's similar but different.
Millie (left) and Gertie (right) together with obvious disappointment: Oohh.

Miss Robyn: Alright, let's get on with it. The Nun Better Award for the highest Choco-IQ goes to 3 girls.
Gertie: Excuse me, Miss Robyn, did you say "get it on"?
Miss Robyn, with increasing irritation and embarrassment: No, Gertie, I said, let's get on with scoring. I mean, let's just do it. Er, here we go.

Millie and Gertie eye each other up and down, clearly distracted and highly aroused.

Miss Robyn, talking quickly given the opportunity: Our star pupils are LifeBeginsat30ty, Rachel (our beloved home-schooler), and Kristy!! CONGRATULATIONS girls. Please come up and receive your award (this token picture of the Nuns).

Audience applauds, whistles, and screams loudly! Principal enters the classroom, concerned about the raucous. He appears to know these nuns. The three tip toe away towards the dressing room.

Miss Robyn: Our next top students are Invisible Seductress-
Millie and Gertie, upon hearing Seductress' name turn their heads in synchronicity: Love her!
Miss Robyn: AND TS Hendrick. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! You get B's and lots of chocolate gummy bears! TS was first to return his test and received the highest(er) score for the boys. Quite brave to compete with girls in the field of chocolate.

Miss Robyn: Our third set of students get See's. (Really good chocolate, if you don't have these where you live or even if you do). Copyboy and Sarah, that's you. Congratulations!

The rest of you did fail.

*Bell rings.*

Class dismissed.


  1. I failed???! :(
    Congrats to the star pupils.

  2. Woo-hoo! I got an A!!!

    Me likey chocolate...

  3. Wow, did I really win?! That's so awesome! I think it was just luck!

  4. DDG, sorry. All you turned in with a page with doodling. I see a picture of a girl and boy under a tree. Hey, what are they doing?

    Copyboy, Mazel Tov to you and the JewCrew!

    Kristy, keep enjoying a choco-celebrate.

    Life, don't be so humble. I suspect you come from a long generatio of choco-lovers.


  5. A "B"! That means I'm still slightly smarter than the average bear. Awesome.

  6. Good work, IS and TS. Stay on the college-prep track. I know you'll go far.