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Friday, February 19, 2010


Settle down, students. It's time to reveal answers to this week's Choco-Quiz. Having perused your answer sheets, I realize that one of three possibilities holds true: (1) This was a very difficult exam, (2) I'm a lousy teacher, or (3) You're an exceptionally challenged group. We'll adopt assuption #1.

Okay, trade papers with your neighbor. Take out your red pencil, and here we go:

1) In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which character jumped into the chocolate river?
B Augustus Gloop! Great start! You all got it right! It's downhill from here, students.

2) True or False, studies show that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. False! Sorry, you all got this wrong. There's no scientific evidence that chocolate boosts sexual drive, but chocolate contains PEA (can you say "phenylethylamine?" I knew you could). PEA is an amphetamine that triggers the release of natural opiates in the brain. PEA levels dramatically increase during sex. But if you want a lot of PEA, cheddar cheese and salami actually have higher levels than chocolate! ..Ghiradelli vs. the O' Deli..hmm..

3) American women buy which percent of chocolate each year? D) 75% Very good, Rachel. We American women have no shame when it comes to chocolate. Do we?

4) Which country produces the most cocoa? C) Ivory Coast Very good, TS.

5) Who consumed 50 cups of chocolate a day to improve his sexual prowess? B) Montezuma

6) People eat the most chocolate (per capita) in which country? C) Ireland! At an average of 19.5 lbs per person, Ireland has the world's third highest per capita consumption after Switzerland (22.4 lbs) and Austria (20.1 lbs). The UK is seventh (17.5 lbs) and the US is 11th (11.6 lbs). You were on the right track in thinking of Belgium, Sarah.

7) Which European country first enjoyed the pleasures of chocolate? D) Spain

8) The French term ganache means D) Imbecile! Very good, TS. It's nice to know you can occasionally score a point by siding with the imbecile.

9) The best way to clean a chocolate stain short of eating it off (I agree with you about that method, Sarah) is C) Rubbing alcohol. Good job, Kristy. You've clearly cleaned a chocolate stain or two.

10) Last but most important of all, this one was meant to be a freebie. I think you must have been anxious to get to recess and declare a tether ball court, though. My sweet hug-a-boo nephew Jeremy is pictured eating Bob's Big Boy Hot Fudge Cakes (ingredients: ice-cream, chocolate cake, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate). Though he would certainly love Auntie Robyn's double chocolate cream cheese cake without any coaching, he is not yet of age to eat jello shots. Thus, his two favorite foods are B) chocolate and ice-cream. Congratulations to Kristy and Life for taking your time on this one (and getting the answer right, too)! Be it known that there are no alcoholics in my family under the age of 18! PS Did I mention that I really love my chocoholic nephew, Jeremy? Thanks for noticing how darn cute he is.

After recess, I'll announce the grades and winners. There were 3 top scores. * Bell rings * Class dismissed, and check the next post. Run along now.


  1. Sorry I missed entering the quiz! Very excited to hear that my country has the record for chocolate eating. I may have contributed to that record, just a little (who am I kidding?)

  2. Aww Robyn.. so sad to hear your students fared so badly in the test. I think these kids are not so interested in chocolates! How weird! You can find out if they are chocoholics or not..ask them to take this test
    or let them find out what kind of chocolate are they..very funny tests:

    Kids can make do with some fun! :)

  3. We still need you. We only wanted to prove the point that we as students still need you as our teacher. Shouldn't we get points for being thoughtful? I personally knew all the answers. (lightening cracking in the background)

  4. Wow I did not know a few of these and I was wrong about it being an aphrodisiac. I always thought it was... bummer

  5. yes, Jeremy is "cute"...but apparently he liked the cake too much 'cause he wouldn't share that cake with me. :(

  6. Woohoo, I got some right! *dance of joy*

    LM - In my world chocolate is an aphrodisiac, lol -- it's all in the mind...

  7. Tina, I definitely thought of you. You're in the college prep classes, so I haven't seen you on campus. (My kids are clearly a bit more remedial, but I do love them.) CONGRATS TO THE IRISH! I must go help you take more of a lead over there.

    DMC, great to have a true choco-visitor. I'm excited to check out all the delicious links. Thanks!

    Seductress, thanks for another angle I can try with the State. They're questioning my qualifications now more than ever.

    Lisa Marie, as Kristy says regarding chocolate being an aphrodisiac, it's all in the mind. Right Blase? I did teach you that during our private 1-on-1 time. Don't take it personally that Jeremy didn't share with you. He didn't share with his Auntie either. I love that kid! (Did I say that already?)

  8. My wife gave me chocolate for Valentines Day. I immediately wanted to have my...
    Anyway, it is too an aphrodisiac!!!
    I'm sure the roses from me to her helped.

  9. I am glad I made it here to read this. I really do have a strong chocolate craving frequently. But it comes with a desire to drink green tea at the same time. I eat only Lindt and only 85 percent and only with green tea my favorite is 99 percent but I can not find it in too many places. Now you have given me even more things to know about chocolate...

    Women seem to crave chocolate more - 75 percent? That is great to know.

    Thanks for the information.

    Tom Bailey -

  10. Sorry that I missed this I.Q. test, but I've not been too well lately. I would have loved to play along!
    I was reading you post about the red roses, and then I realised why I don't like roses...the wicked thorns! But then I remembered that I had a book about flowers and what they meant. To many, red roses are a symbol of love, but apparently, pink ones are a symbol of undying love! And red roses with white should never be mixed together because it symbolises Jesus's blood on white linen!

  11. IT, I agree. I'm quite pained to have to dispel that info on MY blog. I don't want to lose followers to the Life by Cheddar Cheese and Salami blog. Geeze. Let's all just keep believing in the powers of chocolate!!

    Tom, I'm glad I could teach such a worldly, intellectual man some new things. Green tea and chocolate are a great combo; I'm with you on that one.

    Alice, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I've missed you and need to pay a visit to the Wonderland too. Thanks for the interesting info on roses. I'll never look at a pink rose in the same way again. In fact, I'll be avoiding them altogher.

    Chocolate kisses to you all!

  12. In my defense I went with chocolate shots on the basis that you were specifically mentioning his love of you in combination with the dessert, and two I thought maybe it was just a shot glass of tasty chocolate.

    Oh, and I thought the aphrodisiac qualities chocolate is purported to have was more in the smell, like aroma therapy. Though I suppose if there was something to it every time someone went for a Hershey's bar they'd be walking around, er... yeah I can't think of a good way to phrase that.

    What can I say, I suppose this could be tantamount to sacrilege here, but I prefer marzipan. Generally inside of chocolate, but nonetheless.

    At any rate (bad as I did) It was quite an enjoyable quiz.

  13. TS, you're making it difficult for me to maintain an authoritarian stance here. You WERE the first one to turn in your exam (and with a beaming smile too). You ARE a star pupil. To top it off, you throw in my nephew's love for me. Hit me in the heart, why don't ya?..Nah, I'm not going to increase your score. Please don't dump this blog for "Life by Marzipan," though. PS You didn't do too badly, either. Final grades posted soon.

  14. Ganache means imbecile?!? :P It means cream too, no? Anyway, I learned something there: we have several synonyms of imbecile, here, but that one is a surprise!! I'll try to use it ;)

    I faiiiiiled that test. Wahhhhh!

  15. The natural opiates you referred to are Endorphins.

  16. Sarah, good query. My 'sources' indicate that ganache does mean imbecile - with a story about an apprentice who accidentally spilled scalding milk into a patron's bowl of chocolate squares. The patron called him a ganache/imbecile, and then enjoyed the mixture in his bowl. I can't find further evidence of this definition. It is a great word to use, say, with an annoying guy.

    KW, true, but natural opiates sounds so much more seductive than endorphins.


  17. I think you're wrong about the chocolate one. What about flavanoids in dark chocolate? I demand my test be regraded!!!

  18. Flava-what? I mean, I can say with great authority that my recent (very recent) research finds that flavanoids do help blood vessels expand and dilate. An aprhodiasiac? Is this what you're suggesting? Kind of a stretch, Copyboy. Nice try, friend.

  19. PS It's late. I just massacred a word. Let me try again: aphrodisiac. There we go.
    Grades posted after teacher gets some sleep.
    Run along now.
    Miss Robyn