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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Nine Nice 'n Naughty Nincompoops (and one hot cowboy), A-Z Challenge

He's been bragging about size, people. So I told him, I said, "Look dude, if it's that big, Nine Nice and Naughty Nincompoops are going to have some fun on your head."

"I've no problems with size," Trump said. "You'll see. You'll say 'President Trump,' you're gonna say. 'You have no problems with size. Your head is so huge.' You'll see. 'President Trump,' you'll say, 'We can't believe how big you are. The Muslims in Mexico will pay for it too! I'm gonna make 'em do it!"
As needy as she is naughty, Martha had to return:

Hello, I'm Martha Stewart. I've longed for my days at the stony lonesome. You see, Big Bertha was in the cell next to mine. What's more - Martha fans herself - a very Naughty Prison Guard took charge and covered me from time to time, when I slipped him a few thousand dollars. My hot and Naughty Prison Guard really worked the circuit - if you know what I mean. *Wink.*

Sorry again. Never again, folks. Let's hope.
Keep a smile.


  1. Poor Martha, both needy AND naughty.

  2. Knowing Martha, it will be many times again.

  3. Sadly there is even more room INSIDE Trumps head. Much more. The naughty ninety-nine could party inside those echoing caverns.

  4. Trump's head is an endless void, but filled a bit much better now.

  5. An improvement to his present hairstyle :)

  6. I just caught up on your A-Z posts and I am scarred for life. Martha is bad, Trump is bad, but both of them together? *shudder* I'll be hiding in my bed. Wake me up when it's over.

  7. Hi ,
    All the best for the Challenge:) Looking forward to read your posts during April.
    Stopping by today as part of the #AtoZChallenge Minion Activity :)
    @sneha_sasi from
    Life As a Potpourri
    Am a Minion for Holton's Heroes

  8. You never know what is going to show up on Trump's head!

  9. Martha needs to be on Trump's head. Um I mean, oh forget it the picture is already in my mind.

  10. naughty bed head at this point. And Martha is stealing the show. Quite the weekend romp!

  11. Nice 'n Naughty.
    And the only one without a shirt on is a dude.

    1. But did you see Caitlyn? Rumor has it she posed shirtless for this one, Al.